Victims List
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Names listed as given in the Press and Dakotan article. Differences given in cemetery records of the South Dakota State Hospital, Utica twp, Yankton, South Dakota, given in curved brackets { }. Information from family records given in regular brackets. [ ]

Boerse [Boese] , Augusta [Poelke] of Lake county.
Erickson, Julia of Meade county.
Flynn, Margaret {Maggie} of Hamlin county.
Gossage, Lucina of Hamlin county.
Hurley, Mrs. {Adeline} of Potter county.
Johnson {Jensen}, Christina {Christine} of Codington county.
Kampani, Mary of Brown county
Keen {Keene}, Louisa {F.} of Codington county.
Kroning {Knoning}, Jane {Jennie} of Pennington county.
Lindberg, Caroline of Brown county.
Lokken {Loken}, Ella of Codington county.
Lynch, Maggie {Margaret} of Union county.
Olson, Jacina of Hamlin county.
Plavitz {Plavetz}, Kate {Katie} of Bon Homme county.
Stolphe {Stolp}, Elizabeth of Davison county.
Swensen, Gaini {Glani} of Kingsbury county.
Tennison, Martina {Martia A.} of Lawrence county.


Farley, Emily
Heiberger, Miss
Joslyn, Miss
Madson, Margaret
Murphy, Carrie
Murphy, Nettie
Nesby, Miss
Palmer, Irma
Ponsin or Poncin, Mary
Post, Mary

Augusta Poelke Boese was born in about 1862 in Russia, of German parents, Karl A.Poelke and Amalia Buchholz. She came to America with her husband Gustav Boese or Böse, and her two sons, Arthur age three and Louis age six months, on the ship Polaria. They arrived in New York from Hamburg on 21 June 1886 and moved to Lake County, South Dakota. She had three more sons: Hugo born in April 1887; Leo born 11 Apr 1889; and an unnamed son born in about 1891 who we thought died as an infant. But when Augusta was admitted to the hospital in September 1891, this child is listed as being 6 months old. The judge noted in his committment papers that "We think she may be cured in 3 or 4 months with proper care and treatment which she cannot get here." However, 7½ years later she was still there, perishing in the 1899 fire. Her treatment was for insanity with a disposition to filthy habits and destruction of her clothing. The notes at one point say she walked around in circles. She also spoke very little, speaking little or no English. [See full abstract of notes.]

Elizabeth Schmidt Stolp was born about 1833. She and her husband, Christian Stolp, had four children: Jacob, Johann, Elizabeth, and Marie. The family came to America from Rosenberg, Russia. They arrived in New York on June 4, 1879 aboard the ship Gellert, and then settled in Davison County, South Dakota. Christian Stolp died on January 12, 1899, exactly one month before Elizabeth. [Information on Elizabeth submitted by Kelly McCarley, Elizabeth's gg granddaughter.]

Julia A.[Albray?] Thompson Erickson was born about 1854 in Wisconsin. She was married in 1875/6 in Wisconsin to John Erickson. He went to the Dakota Territory before 1880, settling in what is now Meade county, South Dakota, in the Morris Creek area, filing his homestead claim there. Julia and their two children went to join him in about 1882, along with Julia's father, Nels or Nils Thompson. Nils died in September 1893 in this area and was buried in Piedmont Cemetery.

Julia was committed to the Yankton Asylum Hospital in 1894. Records indicate she had lost a baby during childbirth in 1892 and soon after she started acting in a crazy manner. She had supppressed menstruation, and the feeling now is that she had postpartum depression.   [Information submitted by Ruthi Barth, Julia's gg granddaughter.]