Boese Timelines
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Julius Boese and Boese Family

The timelines below are the basis of unwritten histories!
Julius Boese Timeline
August Boese Timeline
Gustav Boese Timeline
Boese Naturalization records
Julius Boese Homestead records
August Boese Homestead records
Julius Boese  See Photo.
1825          Born, Landsberg, Germany [Richard Krebs records].
1826           Born, Koenigsburg, [children’s census records, Esther Boese history]
1854          Married to Catharine Kreager [Krebs]
1856           Daughter Johanna born [Krebs]
9 Oct 1859     Son Gustav born in Shonviese, East Prussia [Erich Boese, son]
1863          Daughter Martha born
1866          Moved to Russia [Krebs]
Jul 1866     Daughter Bertha Elizabeth born [1900 census]
21 Feb 1869     Son August Herman born. Death certificate says born in Odessa.
Jan 1872     Daughter Minna or Minnie born. Census says born in Kiev.
1874          Wife Catharine died
1876          Married second wife, Pauline Poelke, possibly daughter of Karl Poelke and Amalia Buccholz.
Aug 1877     Son Emil born. Krebs history has birth as 1877. He gave his birth in the 1900 census as Aug 1874. Listed as age 7 on the 1886 passenger list.
Sep 1880     Daughter Annie born. 1900 Census gives birth as Sep 1880 but she is listed as age 4 on 1886 ship list.
15 Jul 1885      Daughter Mary Theresa born. Age given on ship list 1886 as 7 months.
21 Jun 1886     Age given as 60, farmer, arrived New York ship Polaria, with wife Pauline, age given as 65, dau Auguste ae 15, Bertha ae 19, Minna ae 13, Emil 7, Anna 4, Maria 7 mo. [See passenger list.]
1 Oct 1887     Notice of intent to become citizen, native of Germany
Apr 1888     son Albert H. or Harry A. born [1900 census]
17 Jun 1896     Application for Homestead, over 21, Application #8649
1900          Where is he in the 1900 Census?
10 Sep 1901     Naturalization final, sealed 12 Sep 1901, application filed 1 Oct 1887 in Lake Co., S.D.; witnesses Aug. H. Boese and G. F. Schlechter. [See signature.]
11 Nov 1901     Homestead final; Testimony of claimant; Julius Boese ae 75, PO Sykeston, born Germany, settled land about 25 Jun 1896, house 18x20; barn 16x20, 80 acres breaking, value $500, widower with two children. Witnesses John Wohl ae 32, Amandus Achterberg ae 26. [See signature.]
23 Aug 1902     Homestead approved [See summary of homestead]
Jul 1903     Died (Julius Böhse (father)) [Germantown Baptist Church records, hereafter GBC.]
Julius Boese Descendants
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August Herman Boese  [picture]
21 Feb 1869     Born in Odessa [from death cert]
10 Nov 1889     Letter for August Boese read in church meeting, [GBC]
22 Mar 1892     Naturalization papers denouncing allegiance to King of Prussia.
22 Mar 1892     Homestead affidavit; single over 21, settlement commenced 1 Mar 1892, value $125.
29 May 1892     Augusta Broschat received into membership, Germantown Baptist Church.
20 Aug 1892     Married (August Böse) to Augusta Broschat in the schoolhouse in Germantown; witnesses Wm. Achterberg and Karl Broschat. [GBC]
1 Jul 1893     Son Walter E. born. [Died 16 Jul 1914 Merced Falls, Merced, California]
28 Jul 1894     Homestead final proof; ae 26 of Cathay, on land since April 10, 1888; house 24c24, barn 24x42, granery 24x24 4 wells, 200 trees and 130 acres under cultivation, value $1135, lives with self, wife and one child. Witnesses William Achterberg 51 of Cathay and Joseph Deitz 29 of Cathay. [See homestead summary]
12 Nov 1894     Homestead final   [See signature.]
26 Feb 1895     Daughter Ella born, Germantown; died 16 Dec 1898. [Cemetery records of ND]
20 Sep 1896     Son Willie born, Germantown, died 26 May 1898. [Cemetery records of ND]
26 Dec 1897     Daughter Lina born, Germantown, died 10 Jun 1898. [Cemetery records of ND]
1898          Three children buried; Willie b. 20 Sep 1896 died 26 May 1898 (20 mo.); Lina b. 26 Dec 1897 d. 10 Jun 1898 (6 mo); Ella b. 26 Feb 1895 d. 16 Dec 1898 (3y 10m).
19 Apr 1899     Son William Franc born. Birth given as Apr 1899 in 1900 census, some family records incorrectly give birth as 1901.
3 Mar 1900     Elected President of Youth Group GBC
9 Jun 1900     Wells Co. ND Census; born Feb 1869, ae 31 md 7 yrs, born Russia, parents born Germany, emigrated 1886, farmer. Wife Augusta b. May 1873 5 children born 2 living, born Germany, parents born Germany, emigrated 1892. Walter E. born July 1893; son William F. born April 1899.
3 Jul 1900     Son Edwin H. born
26 Oct 1901     Son Fred G. born [death certificate]
2 Dec 1902     Daughter Alice born
30 Dec 1903     Elected Secretary of Sunday School [GBC]
9 Mar 1904     Daughter Freida E. born
4 Feb 1905     Church in Startup, Washington requested membership letters for August and Auguste Boese from GBC.
26 Jul 1905     Daughter Laura Margaret born in Startup, Washington
27 Nov 1908     Son Paul Herbert born [birth certificate]; 7 a.m. father August Boese residence near Lodi, ae 40 b. Germany, farmer; mother Augusta Proschat ae 35 b. Germany; this child #8, 8 now living.
1910          Lodi, San Joaquin, CA Census; August H. ae 41 b. Russia, vineyardist; Augusta A ae 36 b. Germany; Walter E. ae 16 N.D. worked in grapes 2 mo.; Willie F. 14 N.D.; Fred G. 8 N.D.; Alice 7 N.D.; Freda 6 N.D.; Laura 4 Washington; Paul 1-6/12 CA [also Mary Broschat sis-in-law, 29 Germany; Emil F. brother 33 b. Russia laborer odd jobs; Bertha sis-in-law 26 Russia; Verna niece 5 N.D.]
??          Secretary and treasurer of Lodi Hardware Co., Inc. with brother-in-law, Max F. Folendorf, who was president. [Max Folendorf history]
1920          Lodi, San Joaquin CA Census, 516 E. Pine; August H 50 Odessa Russia immig 1886, naturalized 1893, own home free, Carpenter House; Augusta A. 47 b. Koenigsberg, Germany; Alice L. 17 N.D.; Freda E. 15 N.D.; Laura M. 14 Washington; Paul H. 11 CA.
14 Apr 1928     Death of Augusta in Lodi [cert]; born 11 May 1873; died 14 Apr 1928; removal of uterus (apparently cancerous for several years and myocardial failure 2 days); born Germany father Fred Broschat mother Amalia Stabbert, both born Germany. But 17 Apr 1928 in Lodi. [death certificate]
3 May 1929     Married Albertine K. Streibel [cert]
4 Feb 1944     Death in Lodi [cert index]
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Gustav Boese  [picture]
born 1858     From history sent by Esther Boese, unknown who wrote it.
9 Oct 1859     Born, according to son Erich
abt 1882     Married to Auguste Poelke
1883          Son Arthur born in Russia, died 1907 [Passenger list]
22 Dec 1884     Son Louis Walter born in Russia  [Passenger list, 1900 census says born East Prussia]
21 Jun 1886     Age given as 27, worker, arrived New York on ship Polaria, with wife Auguste ae 24 and son Arthur 3, son Louis 6 mo. [born 1885??]    [Passenger list]
9 Apr 1887     Son Hugo born, Madison, South Dakota [1900 census]
11 Apr 1889     Son Leo born in Lake Co., S.D [birth index] father Gustave Boese, mother Augusta Pelke.
1891          Baby boy born and died. [family records]
1891          Wife Augusta Boerse [sic] admitted to State Hospital in Yankton for “first attack” duration two months. The admission warrant says she has 5 children, the youngest 6 months old. [See notes of her hospitalization.]
3 Nov 1894     Naturalization application [See signature.]
12 Feb 1899     Wife Augusta died in fire at State Hospital in Yankton. Buried with 16 others who also died in the fire. Buried in common grave, #38. [State Hospital Cemetery] [See webpage about Hospital Fire.]
17 Jan 1900     Naturalization final, born in Russia in 1866 emigrated to New York in June 1887, renounced Emperor of Germany, witnesses Karl Radke and Rudolph Fiebich.
9 Jun 1900     Wells Co., ND Census; born Oct 1859, widower, farmer, born Germany, parents born Germany emig 1886 owned home free, farm; Louis b. Dec 1884 b. Russia parents born Germany emig 1886, in school; Hugo b. Apr 1887 S.D. in school; Leo b. Apr 1889 S. D. in school,
11 Jun 1900/ 23 Mar 1901   Homestead Papers. [See signature.]
12 Mar 1901     Married Wilhemenia Rappuhn (widow) [marriage cert. Esther Boese] no children
1907                  Son Arthur died after being dragged by a team of horses.
    19??              Moved to California, Lodi area, became a carpenter.
12 Nov 1914     Married Mary (Maria) Broschat [cert]; Gustave of Lodi ae 55, divorced, second [third?] marriage, b. Germany, farmer f. Julius Boese m. Catherine Kruger both b. Germany; Mary Broschat of Lodi ae 34 single, first mg, b. Germany, housekeeper, father Fritz Broschat m. Amalia Stabbart both b. by Max Leuschner pastor of Baptist Church, Lodi.
30 Aug 1915     Son Erich Herman born [letter from Erich Boese]  [family picture]
10 Jun 1918     Son Arno Samuel born [birth certificate]
1920          Lodi, San Joaquin, CA Census; 529 E. Locust; Gustave 60 Prussia, carpenter, House; Maria 39 Prussia; Erich H. 4-4/12 California; Arno S.; 1-6/12 CA
21 Feb 1923   Daughter Aimee Marie born, San Joaquin County, California [birth index]
10 Jul 1923    Daughter Aimee died, San Joaquin County, California  [death index]
23 Jan 1924    Son Arno died, San Joaquin County, California [death index]
27 Nov 1924   Son Elmer Reuben born, San Joaquin County, California [birth index]
16 Feb 1938      Death of Maria in Lodi [cert index]
30 Sep 1942    Death of Gustav, Modesto, California
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Summary of Naturalization Records from State Historical Society of North Dakota
612 E Boulevard Ave; Bismarck ND 58505-0830 received 28 Oct 1999.

Julius Boese, final 10 Sep 1901, renounces Emperor of Germany, application filed 1 Oct 1887 in Lake Co., South Dakota. Witnesses Aug. H. Boese and G. F. Schlechter. [Signature]

August Hermen Boese, application says was born in Russia in 1866, emigrated to New York in June 1887, renounces King of Prussia, 21 Oct 1887 in Foster Co., N.D. [no final papers] [Signature]

Gustav Boese, born in Germany in 1858, landed in New York in Jun 1886, renounces Emperor of Germany, 2 Nov 1894, Wells Co. Final 17 Jan 1900 [same page also has 1901, index had 1900] witnesses Karl Radke and Rudolph Fiebich. [Signature]

Emil F. Boese, application says born in Russia in 1874, landed at New York July 1886, renounces Czar of Russia, 26 Mar 1896 in Wells Co. Final 31 Oct 1900, witnesses Friedrich Meyer and Aug. H. Boese. [Signature]

Carl Poelke, application 13 Jun 1901, renounces Emperor of Germany. Born in Germany in 1860 arrived New York Jun 1887.  Final 22 Sep 1906 Foster Co., witnesses Michael Doering and Christian Albus. [Signature]  [See also passenger list.]
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Julius Boese - Summary of Homestead Papers. These consist mostly of printed forms with information inserted in the blanks. This information is underlined in the following summary. These are not links. [See also plat map.]

Homestead for NE Quarter of Section 8, Township 145; Homestead application #8649.

1 Oct 1887 “Julius Boese, a native of Germany,” makes intention to become a citizen and renounce all “allegiance to Emperor of Germany.”

17 Jun 1896 Application for Homestead. “I, Julius Boese of Wells County having filed my application No. 8649. . . . do solemnly swear . . . That I am above Twenty One Years of Age. Have declared my intention to become a Citizen of the United States.

24 Jun 1896 Received of Julius Boese $18 for the land. [two pages with this information on it.]
Also Application #8649 for Homestead

3 Jun 1901 - Homestead Notice of intention to make final proof, scheduled for 15 July 1901, with two of the following witnesses; John Wohl, Griffith Lewis, Adolph Funk, Amandus Achterberg, all of Sykeston, N.D. Notice to be published in the Cathay Bee.

5 Jun 1901 - Certificate as to Posting of Notice in Land Office at Bismarck, N.D.

10 Sep 1901 Certificate of Naturalization, for Julius Boese, sealed 12 Sep 1901.

11 Nov 1901 Affidavit of Publication, with copy of notice published 6 Oct, 13 Oct, 20 Oct, 27 Oct, 2 Nov, and 9 Nov 1901.

11 Nov 1901 Homestead Proof, Testimony of Claimant, Julius Boese age 75 yrs, P.O. Sykeston N.D., Not a native born citizen, born in Germany. Settled the land about June 25 1896. House 18x20, Barn 16x20, well, 80 acres breaking, Total value $500. Living on the property Myself and two children - am a widower. Broke 10 acres first year, 80 acres in all [cultivated], Raised crop thru four seasons.

11 Nov 1901 Testimony of Witnesses: John Wohl, age 32 yrs, P.. Sykeston, N.D., Julius settled 25 Jun 1896, I help him build his house, settler is a widower, 80 acres in all, raised crops thru four seasons, House 18x20, Barn 16x20, well, 80 acres breaking value $500. Amandus Achterberg, age 26 yrs, P.O. Sykeston N.D. same information.

16 Nov 1901, final certificate and final proof papers do not have the same date for reason of the necessary delay in transmitting said proof papers from the Clerk of District Court County Judge U.S. Commissioner at Sykeston, N. Dak. to this office. Received of Julius Boese $8, for North East Quarter of Section 8 Twp 145 N Range 69. Containing 160 acres. $1.00 Testimony fee received. Number of written words 665. Rate per 100 words 15 cents.

Homestead approved 23 Aug 1902, Patented 11 Oct 1902. [Julius died in July 1903.]
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August Herman Boese -Summary of Homestead Papers. These consist mostly of printed forms with information inserted in the blanks. This information is underlined in the following summary. These are not links. [See also plat map.]

Homestead of W½ SW¼ Section 15 and W½ NW¼ Section 22 Township 148, Range 69; Homestead #6327.

     22 March 1892, Homestead Affidavit. August Boese “having filed my Homestead Application NO. 6327, do solemnly swear that I am single, am over 21 years of age, full citizen papers sent with these papers. . . I am now residing on the land I desire to enter, and that I have made a bona fide improvement and settlement thereon; that said settlement was commenced March 1st 1892 that my improvements consist of House and well and that the value of the same is $125.” This application was received at the Land Office at Bismarck on 26 March 1892.
     Included in the file is his certificate of citizenship, also dated 22 March 1892. The application of “August Herman Boese to become a citizen of the United States” is also included, with Wm. Achterberg and Friedrich Meyer attesting their acquaintance and knowledge that he has “resided withing the limits and under the jurisdiction of the United States for five years last past, and for one year last past within the state of North Dakota, and that during the same period he has behaved himself as a man of good moral character, attached to the principles of the Constitution of the United States, and well disposed to the good order and happiness of the same.” “I August Herman Boese do swear that I will support the Constitution of the United States of America, and that I do absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure, forever, all allegiance and fidelity to every foreign power, prince, potentate, state or sovereignty whatever, and particularly to the King of Prussia whose subject I was. And further, that I have never borne any hereditary title, or been of any of the degrees of nobility of the country whereof I have been a subject, and that I have resided within the United States for five years last past, and in this State for one year last past.”
     On 25 March 1892 he paid $14 “being the amount of fee and compensation of Register and Receiver for the entry” of the land. There is another receipt, exactly like this one dated 26 March 1892 for $14.
     On 28 July 1894 “I, August Boese, of Wells Co. N. Dak. . . . do hereby give notice of my intention to make final proof to establish my claim to the land above described, and that I expect to prove my residence and cultivation before the Judge and Ex-officio Clerk of the County Court, for Wells County, N. Dak. At Sykeston, N Dak, on Nov 3rd, 1894 by two of the following witnesses: William Achterberg, Andrew Deitz, Joseph Deitz, Christian Burgstahler.” [all of Cathay, Wells Co., ND. Note dated Aug 7th 1894 “the above application will be published in the Fessenden Advertiser, printed at Fessenden ND which I hereby designate as the newspaper published nearest the land described in said application.”
     Final affidavit filed 3 Nov 1894. Included is Testimony of Claimant. Form with 13 questions about periods the land has been occupied and cultivated. August Boese ae 26 of Cathay North Dakota. “I am a naturalized citizen of the United States.” He says he has been on the land since “April 10, 1888. I established actual residence at same time. House 24x24 ft. Barn 24x42 ft. Granery 24x24 ft. 4 Wells. 200 trees and 130 acres under cultivation. Value $1135.” He lives there with “Self, Wife & one child.” The land has been cultivated as follows: “I cropped in 1889 15 acres in 1890 45 acres in 1891 80 acres in 1892 80 acres 1893 80 acres 1894 100 acres and summer followed balan[ce]. . . . It is prairie farming land. . . . I have not made entry or filing for other land than this since Aug 30, 1890.”
     Two witnesses gave testimony on his behalf on 3 Nov 1894, namely William Achterberg, 51 of Cathay, and Joseph Deitz, 29 of Cathay. Their statements place the value of the property at $1200. They both say it is 130 acres and that crops have been raised on the land for the last six years.
     Also filed on this date was a Non-Mineral Affidavit stating that to his knowledge there is no “gold, silver, cinnabar, lead, tin, or copper, or any deposit of coal; that there is not withing the limits of said land, to his knowledge any placer, cement, gravel, or other valuable mineral deposit.”
     On 5 Nov 1894 the Affidavit of Publication included a copy of a newspaper clipping of the “Notice of Homestead Final Proof.” This had been published on 28 Sep, 5 Oct, 12 Oct, 19 Oct, 26 Oct, and 2 Nov 1894. The publication fee was $5. Affidavit given by G. L. Rice, “editor of the Fessenden Advertiser, a weekly newspaper of general circulation.”
     12 Nov 1894 he paid $4 “being the balance of payment required by law for the entry” to the land. Also was a “$0.75 Testimony fee received. Number of written words 500. Rate per 100 words 15 cents.” This day was also filed the Final Certificate, Number 3101 in the Land Office at Bismarck, North Dakota. Dated as approved on 4 Feb 1895, Division C, Patented 4 March 1895, Recorded in Vol 8 p. 383. Also on that date E. A. Lamb certified that “a notice, a printed copy of which is hereto attached, was by Register posted in a conspicuous place in my office for a period of thirty days, Register having first posted said notice on the 7th day of Aug., 1894.” A “Special Certificate” dated 12 Nov 1894 states that “the Receiver’s Receipt and Register’s Certificate for this case (August Boese) do not bear even date with the final affidavit and proof (November 3d 1894) because of the delay in transmitting the papers in the case from the Clerk of the Court at Sykeston North Dakota, to this office. Dated Bismarck, N.D. Nov 12th 1894.”
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