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Friedrich Broschat and Broschat Family
Confusing the issue of their names, is the practice among German families to use the second given name. The brothers Carl Friedrich Wilhelm and Johan Carl Wilhelm went by Friedrich (or Fritz) and Carl, respectively.

Friedrich Broschat Timeline
Carl Broschat Timeline
Friedrich Ludwig Wilhelm Broschat Timeline
Johann Gottfried or Friedrich Niemann or Neumann Timeline
Naturalization Papers
Friedrich Broschat Homestead

Carl Friedrich (Fritz) Wilhelm Broschat
13 May 1848     Born in Moritten, East Prussia [history] son of Ludwig Broschat and Caroline Neumann.  Lived also in Pronitten and Fritschienen.
[5] Jan 1865     Baptized into Baptist faith, had been Lutheran. [history]
16 Dec 1869     Inducted into German Army. Fought in battle for Metz on 14 Aug 1870, and on Aug 31 and Sep 1, 1870 fought in battle for Noirseville (sp?). Received Iron Cross for heroism, but no record of time and place or description of action for which he was decorated. Discharged from army 15 Sep 1871, placed in a reserve unit on 10 Oct 1872, discharged from reserve unit 1 Nov 1882.
1872          Married (Friederike) Amalie Stabbert. They had 8 children but only 4 lived to be adults.
11 May 1873     Daughter Auguste born, Koenigsberg [GBC] baptized 22 May 1887 Aleseen? Germany [Germantown Baptist Church, GBC]
21 Nov 1875     Son Friedrich Wilhelm born, Koenigsberg [GBC]
18 Nov 1878     Daughter Johanna born, Koenigsberg [GBC]
17 Mar 1881     Daughter Maria born, Labiau [GBC]
30 May 1885     Wife Amalie died
13 Nov 1885     Married second wife, Marie Schwermer. Parents of 12 children, three died in infancy. [family photograph]
22 Jan 1887     Son Adoph Gustav born [GBC]
19 Dec 1888     Son Franz or Frank born; died 8 May 1892, Carrington [GBC]
23 Jun 1891     Son Ernest E. born [GBC]
31 Mar 1892     Arrived in New York on S. S. Bohemia, from Hamburg, then on to Baltimore. Took the train to North Dakota, arriving in Sykeston on 6 Apr 1892.
21 Apr 1892     Naturalization application (typed Fredrick Broschat, signed Friedrich Broschat) born Germany about 1848, emigrated to Baltimore in April 1892. [See signature.]
1 May 1892     Letter for Friedrich and Maria read in Germantown Baptist Church [GBC], they became members.
5 Nov 1892     Daughter Anna born, Germantown
13 Jan 1895     Daughter Minna born; died 29 Aug 1895 [GBC]
15 Aug 1896     Daughter Martha born [GBC]
1 Jan 1898     Son Paul born [GBC]
19 Jan 1898     Naturalization final, witnesses Christ Ruff and Robert Turnbull
23 Jul 1899     Daughter Lina born; died 14 Aug 1900 [GBC]
18 Nov 1899     Homestead final; ae 51 of Cathay; established residence about 25 Apr 1892, house 20x24; addition 10x12; barn 20x48 including granary, stable 12x32 3 wells. Value $950 family of wife and 8 children. Witnesses August Boese 30 of Cathay and Wilhelm Achterberg 56 of Fessenden.
9 Jun 1900     Wells Co., ND Census; born May 1848 md 15 years, b. Germany, parents born Germany, emigrated 1892, farmer; wife Mary b. Aug 1862, six children born, six living, born Germany parents born Germany, emigrated 1892; son Adolph b. Jan 1887 b. Germany emigrated 1892, at school; Earnest b. Jun 1891 b. Germany emig 1892; Annie b. Nov 1892 b. North Dakota; Martha b. Aug 1896 N.D.; Paul b. Jan 1898 N.D.; Lena b. July 1899 N.D. [August Junkheit b. Jul 1881 farm laborer. Living with them.]
11 Jun 1900     Homestead  [See homestead.]
5 Jan 1901      Daughter Frieda born [GBC]
14 May 1902     Daughter Esther born [GBC]
Aft 1902     Germantown Church records list children of Friedrich Broschat and Marie Broschat as: Auguste 11 May 1873 E Prussia; Fred. Wilm 21 Nov 1875 E Prussia; Johannes 18 Nov 1879 E.P.; Maria 17 Mar 1881 E.P. [these first four actually children of his first wife, Amalia Stabbart]; Adolf Gustav 22 Jan 1887 E.P.; Franz 19 Dec 1888 died 8 May 1892; Ernst 23 Jun 1891 E.P.; Anna 5 Nov 1892 Germantown N.D.; Minna or Minnie 13 Jan 1895 died 29 Aug 1895; Martha 15 Aug 1896 Germantown; Paul 1 Jan 1898 Germantown; Lina 23 Jul 1899 d. 14 Aug 1900; Frieda 5 Jan 1901 Germantown; Esther 15 May 1902 Germantown.
1905          Daughter Emma born [1910 census]
1906          Daughter Ella born [1910 census]
15 Jun 1906     Trustee of GBC, to assign lots in cemetery.
1910          Germantown, Wells Co., N.D. Census; ae 61 second marriage, md 24 years, born Germany, parents born Germany, emig, 1892, naturalized, farmer; Mary ae 48 first marriage md 24 years, 12 children born 9 living, born Germany, parents born Germany; Adolph 22 b. Germany; Ernst ae 18 b. Germany; Anna ae 11 b. ND; Martha 13 b. ND; Paul 12 b. ND; Freda 10 b. ND; Ester 7 b. ND; Emma 5 b. ND; Ella 4 b. ND.
29 Nov 1912     Wife died, Cemetery headstone b. 2 Aug 1862 died 29 Nov 1912.
22 Dec 1915     Married third wife, Elizabeth Ruff Leitner.
13 Nov 1925     Died; Germantown Baptist Church Cemetery headstone b. 13 May 1848 died 13 Nov 1925.
Descendants of Friedrich Broschat
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Johan Carl Wilhelm Broschat
26 Mar 1851     Born in Pronitten, son of Ludwig Broschat and Karoline Neumann [history]
5 Jan 1865     Baptized into Baptist Church
1866          Apprenticed as a carriage builder.
7 Nov 1872     Drafted into East Prussian Foot Artillery Regiment #1 in Koenigsberg. Discharged 1876, worked in Labiua until 1877.
4 May 1877     Married to Fridericke Demke. Settled in Gross Rudlauken
4 Aug 1878     Dau Elise Auguste born, Gross Rudlauken [history]
19 Sep 1880     Daughter Bertha Fredericke born, Gross Rudlauken [history]
14 Aug 1882     Daughter Anna Rosalie born, Gross Rudlauken [history]
20 Mar 1884     Son Fritz Carl born and died 7 Dec 1884 in Gross Rudlauken [history]
27 Jul 1885      Son Carl Ludwig born Gross Rudlauken
23 Oct 1886     Son Franz Albert or Albert Frank born Gross Rudlauken [history]
13 Mar 1892     Left Gross Rudlauken, travelled by rail to Hamburg, then boat Bohemia to Baltimore. Arrived in Sykeston, North Dakota 6 Apr 1892.
23 Apr 1892     Naturalization application, renounced Emperor of Germany, born Germany 1851, arrived at Baltimore Apr 1892.
1 May 1892     Letter for Carl read in Germantown Baptist Church [GBC], became member
31 Dec 1892     Elected Sunday School President GBC
19 Jan 1898     Naturalization final, witnesses Christ. Ruff and Robert Turnbull.
Jun 1900     Germantown, Wells Co., ND Census; Carl Broschat b. Mar 1851 md 22 years, born Germany parents born Germany emig 1892, Farmer; Fredrick[a] b. July 1848 6 children born 4 living, b. Germany emig 1892; Bertha b. Sep 1880 Germany; Carl b. Jul 1885 Germany, at school; Albert b. Oct 1886 b. Germany.
11 Jun 1900     Homestead application
9 Jan 1907     Elected deacon and given thanks for service as S.S. Superintendent GBC
2 Nov 1921   Wife Fredericke died. [Headstone]
29 Oct 1942   Died.  [headstone]
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Friedrich Ludwig Wilhelm Broschat (Broszadt)
27 Jul 1811     Born in Groß Droosten, Groß Legitten, christened 4 August; father Gottfr. Jacob Broszadt, mother Regina Paulien.  Paten: Gottfr. Rüdiger, Junggesell
11 Jul 1816     Wife Carolina Dorothea born in Pronitten, Groß Legitten, chr 14 Jul; father Joh. Fridr. Niemann, schneider; mother Charl. Soph Stagowitzin; witness Fr. Schmidtin of Pronitten.
Abt 1841     Marriage of Ludwig and Carolina
Abt 1842     Oldest son August born, died when he was 19 (about 1861), [history]
13 May 1848     Son, Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Broschat born in Moritten [history]
Bef 1851     Two other children born and died before birth of Carl
26 Mar 1851     Son Johan Carl Wilhelm Broschat born in Pronitten [history]
abt 1854     Youngest daughter died when about 1 year old (Carl carried her around, he was born 1851)
Death Dates??
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Johann Gottfried or Friedrich Niemann or Neumann

abt 1808     Married
17 Sep 1809     Daughter Carolina Wilhelmina born, chr 24 Sep in Pronitten, Groß Legitten; f. Joh. Gottfr Niemann m. Sophia Charlotta Stagowitz, w. Fr. Gotthilf Schmidt
29 Dec 1813     Twin daughters, Sophia Charlotta and Wilhelmine Emilie Amalie chr 1 Jan 1814, Pronitten; f. Friedrich Neuman, schneider, m. Soph. Charl. Stagowitzin; witnesses Schmidtin of Pronitten, Emilie Sprelman, Caroline Kleinin, fr. Naternin, Charl. Wetterichin all of Moritten.
11 Jul 1816     Daughter Carolina Dorothea born in Pronitten, Groß Legitten, chr 14 Jul; father Joh. Fried. Niemann, schneider; mother Charl. Soph Stagowitzin; witness Fr. Schmidtin of Pronitten
5 Dec 1818     Daughter Lovisa Charlotta chr 9 Dec Pronitten; f. Friedr Neumann, m. Charlotte Stagowitzin, wit Fr Stagowitzin of Schalkeit?
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Summary of Naturalization Records from State Historical Society of North Dakota
612 E Boulevard Ave; Bismarck ND 58505-0830 received 28 Oct 1999.

Friedrich Broschat, application 21 Apr 1892, renounces Emperor of Germany. Born in Germany in 1848, arrived port of Baltimore in Apr 1892. Final at Fessenden 19 Jan 1898, witnesses Christ Ruff and Robert Turnbull..

Carl Broschat, application 23 Apr 1892,renounces Emperor of Germany. Born in Germany in 1851 arrived at Baltimore Apr 1892. Final at Fessenden 19 Jan 1898, witnesses Christ Ruff and Robert Turnbull..
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Friedrich Broschat - Summary of Homestead Papers. These consist mostly of printed forms with information inserted in the blanks. This information is underlined in the following summary. These are not links. [See also plat map of 1911.]

Homestead of Northeast Quarter of Section 26, Township 148n; Homestead application #6425.

     21 Apr 1892, Fredrick Broschat of Wells Post Office, N Dak, declare that I am “the Head of a Family & Have Declared My Intention to Become a citizen of the United States & that I have never Heretofore Made a Homestead Entry. [Signed Friedrich Broschat]
     21 Apr 1892, “Friedrich Broschat personally appeared before the subscriber, the Clerk of the District Court of Wells County No. Dakota Territory being a Court of Record, and made oath that he was born in Germany on or about the year Eighteen Hundred and 48; that he emigrated to the United States and landed at the Port of Baltimore on or about the month of April in the year Eighteen Hundred and 92 that it is bona fide this intention to become a Citizen of the United States, and to renounce forever all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign Prince, Potentate, State or Sovereignty whatever, and particularly to the Emperior [sic] of Germany whereof he is subject and that he will support the Constitution and Government of the United States.
     27 Apr 1892, Received of Friedrich Broschat $14 for North East Quarter of Section 26, twp 148n, Range 69n.
     3 Oct 1899 Notice of intention for final proof; two of the following witnesses to give statements: Wilhelm Achterberg of Fessenden; August Boese, Carl Broschat, Heinrich Burbeck all of Cathay. Notice to be published in the Wells County Free Press printed at Fessenden.
     18 Nov 1899, Non-Mineral Affidavit signed. And “that the above [Friedrich Broschat] is the correct spelling of his name. Also on this day the Affidavit of Publication, including a newspaper clipping of one of the notices printed 13 Oct, 20 Oct, 27 Oct, 3 Nov, 10 Nov, and 17 Nov 1899.
     18 Nov Testimony of Claimant: Friedrick Broschat . . . correctly written Friedrich Broschat, 51 years, Cathay, N.D. Established residence on or about April 25th 1892. House 20x24 addition 10x12 Barn 20x48 including granary. Stable 12x32 3 wells fenced pasture and 125 acres breaking. Value $950. Family consists of Wife and 8 children. Land cultivated: 1892-50 [acres]. 92-90. 7 seasons. Testimony of witnesses from August Boese, 30 years, Cathay, N.D. and Wilhelm Achterberg, 56 years, Fessenden N.D.
     21 Nov 1899 Certificate as to posting of notice, first posted on 4 Oct 1899. Also on this date, certificate that “final proof papers do not bear even date with the final certificate for the reason of the necessary delay in transmitting said proof papers from the Co. Judge Fessenden, N.D. to this office. Also on this date received $4.00 and “$0.75 Testimony fee received. Number of written words, 500 Rate per 100 words 15 cents.”
     A letter dated 5 February 1914 from Wells County, North Dakota to the Bureau of Naturalization asks “Will you please look up the Naturalization Paper of Friedrick Broschat, filed with the final proof of N.E. ¼ Sec 26 Township I48 Range 69 and return them to this office.” A handwritten note on the copy says “Cannot locate 2/9/14.” A letter dated 10 February 1914 from the U.S. Dept of Labor, Bureau of Naturalization, “forwarded herewith the application for the return of the following-described naturalization paper which is alleged to be on file in your office in support of a land entry. Please transmit the naturalization paper direct to the Clerk of the District Court, Fessenden, N.D. However on the final certificate of the homestead there is a note “2-21-1914 Certificate of naturalization to Clerk District Court.”
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