Abstracts from Early Hunts Wills
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Abstracts from Early Huntingdonshire Wills

Selected wills from index on Early Hunts Wills page

Alphabetical by surname, then listed chronologically.

Anne Boone, 1625, Gt. Gidding
William Boone, 1550, Gt. Gidding
Alice Daniell, 1556, Lt. Stukeley
Harry Daniell, 1558, Lt. Stukeley
John Danyell, 1528, Lt. Stukeley

John Danyell, 1540, Lt. Stukeley
John Daniell, 1571, Lt. Stukeley
John Daniel, 1595, Alconbury
Richard Danyell, 1559, Alconbury
Richard Danyell, 1609 Alconbury
Robert Danyell, 1550, Lt. Stukeley

Robert Daniell, 1615, Lt. Stukeley
Thomas Danyell, 1548, Lt. Raveley
Thomas Danyel, 1597, Alconbury
Thomas Daniel, 1608, Alconbury
Thomas Daniel, 1609, Alconbury
William Daniell, 1559, Lt. Stukeley

John Danyell Little Stukeley, 11 Sep 1528
My baye horse to Mr? John Danyell [curate] to pray for me. A cowe and 6 sheep to Robert Danyell.My beste gown to my father. To William Danyell my brother a combe of barley. To Thomas Danyell, Robert Danyell[Ďs] sonne I bequeath my best dublette. To Nicholas Danyell my godsone 6 sheep. To Annes Danyell my dau a cow and 6 sheep. To every __ of my godchildren a busshell of barleye. To old Mother Denton and Anne Koke a quarter of barley and 2 busshells of whete. The residue of my goods to my wife Annes Danyell and to Robert Danyell and they to be sole executors. Witnesses be John Danyell, curate, William por and Robert Pell with others.  Wp 16 Sep 1528

John Danyell, Stewkley, 1540
To William Danyell my sonne my best gown. The residue of my goodes not bequeathed th.. I give unto William Danyell my sonne and I make hym my full exeutor to do for my soull as he shall think best this being witness for Richard Franklyng, William Danyell.  Wp 11 May 1540.

Thomas Danyell, Lt Ravely, 15 March 1548
I have delivered the surrender  of my ___ in to the hands of William Durkette to the behuffe of Thomas my sonne and my will is yt wife have my ___ till my sonne come to the age of 18 yeres. And if Thomas my sonne departe without issue it shall admayn to John my sonne and my wyf to ... till he come to the age of 18 yeres. To Eme my daughter . . .To Cuthbert (Catheren?) ?ashral? one cople to Thomas Silke? one copel . To the poore folke in Burye 20 pence. And to the poore folke of Westone 20 pence. To the poore folke of Ludyngton 20 pence. To the poore folke of Ravely 20 pence. To Sir John Caldell? 3 shillings 4 pence. Also I make Richard Danyells and ____ Richards?  my [supervisors]To Margett Bigleye? and Elsabeth Baylye? To Alyc my wife to bring up my children . . .  they come age sufficient to lerne to worke for their lyvyng and then Richard Daneyell to see that they be not brought up in ydeleness. Robert Daniell to take care of money for children till they come to the age of 18 yeres.  Witnesses: John Callell? John Affwad? Richard Danyell, Willm Aplby, William Darke??

Robert Danyell of Lt. St., 8 Aug 1550
To Bz?? John Danyell 10 £ 6 s 8 d to pray for me and my frends. Also to the said Bz John Danyell my geldinge and a mylche bullocke. To Thomas Danyell my sonne my house in Weston that he dwelleth in. To Agnes Danyell the youngare thre pounds 6 s 8 d in money and a bullocke and 10 sheepe. To Alice Danyell one bullock and 10 shepe. To Elene Danyell a bullock and 10 shepe. To Brigette Danyell a bullock. [The sisters] that is to saye Annes, Alice, Elyn, and Brydgette.To John Danyell my sonne 20 £ that Thomas Danyell my sonne shall have the halfe kepinge of it to the behuffe of John my sonne aforsaid untill he come to the age of 24 yeres. To Richard Danyell a bullocke. Also I bequeath to Richarde Danyell yongs childe a bullocke. To William Backestere 10 shepe. To my sistere Elen Butchere 10 sheepe. To everye on[e] of my godchildren a shepe. To everye on[e] of my kinse a shepe. The residue of all my goodes above not bequeathed I give and bequeath to Alice my wyff and to Henry Danyell my sonne. I make my fethfull executorys Thomas Danyell my eldeste sonne and John Danyell my youngest sonne. Make Robert Galande? Of Huntington and Sir John Danyell p[rie]st my supervisors. Witnessed Sir John Hughett?? Sir Robt Meryle? And William Danyell and William Steoke of Litl Stewcleye with others.
    Memoranda at the day and yere above writn at the making of this present testament the surrender of the house that Thomas Danyell of Weston the sonne of the aforesaid Robert Danyell dwellith in was allowed to stand in full strength like as it was geven up byfore in to the hands of John Fisher and Thomas Conere tents to the lord Cawkleye These wytnesses being present Sir John Danyell, priest, William Danyell, Thomas Danyell, Richard Danyell, and Richard Brooke with others.
Wp 20 Jan 1551? Thomas Daniel appeared.

William Boone, 8 Jan 1550, Much [Great] Gidding
To each of my godchildren a busshell of barleye. Also I will my howsse and my lands to Alice Bone my wiff. And after her departing to William Bone my sonne and after his departing I will it hole to Robert Bone the sonne of the said William Bone. And yf Robert Bone departe without yssue than I will it hole to Symon Bone his brother and if Symon Bone departe wtout yssue than I will it to Anye child[r]en William Bone my sonne have a lyve. And yf ther be non of Williams my sonnys children lefte a lyve Than I will it hole to Thomas Bone my sonne and to his children after hym as longe as eny be lefte a lyve. Also I will to Annes? Bone a lame [lamb?] hogge. Also I will to Margery Bone a lame [lamb?] hogge. All things belonginge to my husbandrye to William Bone my sonne. Residue of my goodes I will to Alice Bone my wiff and the sd William Bone my sonne to be my ___ to se my will fulfillede. Witness: Thomas Halyesoy?, Grace Symon gra Symon Homson Swithins Redemay?
Wp 7? Feb ____

Alice Danyell, late wife of Robert Danyell 12 Jan 1556, Little Stukeley
To Henrie Danyell my sonne. To Brigitt Danyell. To Elene Danyell the daughter of Thomas Danyell a payre of sheats Also I bequeath to Elsabeth Danyel daughter to the said Thomas a payre of sheats To every godchild that I have 4 pence. To Thomas Danyell Martyn and Richarde the three sonnes of Thomas Danyell eche one 2 sheepe. To Agnes Pasheler my best gown. To Agnes Danyell the elder 5 shillings. To Elsabeth Danyell the wife of John Danyell 5 shillings. To Elnore Danyell the wife of Herry Danyell 5 shillings. The rest to John Danyell my sonne whom I ordayn and make my sole exectuor. To Henrie Lacie a lambe. Witnesses of the present will Sir John Danyell vicare of Wynwike, Richard More, John Lambert Henrye Danyell, Thomas Danyell, Simon Yong others. wp 9 Mar [1556?]

Harry Daniell, 30 Mar [1558]
To William Danyell my naturall sonne the copse of my house with lands [incomplete]

Richard Danyell, Alconbury, 10 May 1559
To Thomas Danyel my sonne land To Robert Danyell my sonne in money 6 £ 8 s 4 d plus animals.To Richarde Danyell my sonne in money 5 £ plus other. To John Danyell my sonne in money 5 £ and other. To Elizabeth my daughter a score of sheepe and other. To every one of my godchildren 4 pence. Richard Curtesse my brother in law to be sup[er]visor of this my last will Rest of my goods to Alice my wiff whom I make my sole executrix Witness of this p[res]nt testament Richard More, Vicare, Thomas Danyell, Robert Grene? John Danyell, Richard Curtesse, with others. Wp 4 May 1560

William Daniell 2 Jan 1559, Little Stukeley
To John Giffords wyf a 2 yere old bullock and 2 sheepe. To Thomas Gymlings wyf a yerlinge and 2 sheepe. To all my godchildren a lambe. To all that youth with no plowgh half a bushel of malte. To Joone my Wyf land. so long as the said Joone do keape her widowe and John Danyell to susteyn and maynteyn the reparacons.      Page missing???

John Daniell 12 Apr 1571 Lt. Stewkley
To John Daniell my sonne 4 £ to be payd him at 21i yeres of age. To John Daniell my sayd sonne halfe the croppe through[ou]t all the fields to enter uppon at 21 yeres of age. Land in a field into the hands of John Daniell and Oliv[e]r Stodderd for the use of John Danyell my sayd sonne to enter upon at 21 yeres of age saving the tyled howse 4 acres lande in a field for the terme above specified. My wif [Alice] shall occupie all my howses & lands & have the jud[g]ment of my children tyll y my sonne doe accomplish the full age of 21 yeres. I geve unto my sonne John all plowes carts harrowes & all other Impleme[n]ts belonginge to husbandrye.To Ellin my dau items. To Agnes my dau items. To Elizabeth my daughter items to be payd her at eyghtene yeres of age. Rest of my goods to Alc my wif whome I make my full & sole executrix. Witnesses: John Danell, Olivr Stoderd, Thoms Boynton (Baynley?), Thomas Gimber, L?eogarde Clay, Edward Swindell, clerk, and others.  Wp 30 ________  

John Daniel of Aucnbury Weston 18 Mar1595
To Edward Daniell my sonne land. To Willm Daniel my sonne land. To ye said Edward Daniell and Willm Daniell my sonne 10 £ a piece when they come to the age of 21 yeres. If it happen Alice my wife to decease before my said children accomplishe & come to their said ages then my said childrens porcone herein bequeathed shal[l ]be p[re]sently after her decease deliverede to be put forthe to be used to ye benefite of my aid children by ye discretion of my said supervisors hereafter named.To Susann Daniel my goddaughter 5 shillings. My executor to paye unto John Cawtherne of Aucnbury the summe of 47 shillings and 3 shillings 4 pence to Leonrd Pearson of Buckworth I owe them. The rest of my goods to Alice my wife, whome I make my executrix. I make Robte Cawtherne of Aucnbury the younger & Robte Daniel of Stewkly pva ye elder my sup[er]visors. Witness: Richard Greene, John Larbie? Robte Cawtherne, Robte Daniel.   Proved tertio Martii ????

Thomas Danyel, Alconbury 6 May 1597
To Margrett Danyel my wyfe.To Agnes Danyel the daughter of Thomas Danyel my sonne.To Bridget Danyel Daughter also of the saide Thomas Danyel. To Robte Danyel sonne of the saide Thomas Danyel and unto Edward Danyell the sonne of Richard Danyel. I bequeath unto the three daughters of the said Richard Danyel that is to saie, Marye Danyel, Damaris Danyel, and Elizabeth Danyel. To Alice Danyel daughter of th[e]aforesaid Thomas Danyel. To Elizabeth Barnes my daughter the some of tenne shillings. To Agnes Barker in monye fyve shillings. Item I bequeath unto the three children of my sonne Robte Danyell which he had by his first wiffe one cowe, already in the possession of their father. To Andrew Hitch one calf of a yeare olde. To Agnes Danyel the afforenamed daughter of Thomas Danyel the cubberd in the hawle. To Elizabeth Danyel the wyffe of Richard Danyel my sonne the presse in the hawle. To Robte Danyell my sonne tenne shepp. To Willm Pashler one cowe and a lambe. To Agnes Marryott my daughter, the wyffe of Robte Marryott six shepp for and in full satisfaction of hir portion geven her in the late wills and testaments of hir grandfarther and grandmother. To Bridget Smyth my daughter the wife of Edmonde Smyth also six sheep for and in full satrisfaction lyke wyse of all hir portion bequeathed unto hir in the late willes testamts of her grandfather and grandmother. Rest of my goods to Thomas Danyel, Richard Danyel my sonnes whom I make sole executors.Witness hereunto Margaret Danyel and Andrewe Hitch.  Pr Nov 1597.

Thomas Daniel 19 Feb 1608, Alconbury
To Ellen my wyffe three bedsteds and more.To Alice Daniel my daughter items when she shall come to the full age of 21 yeares or day of maryages wch shall first come. To Thomas Daniell my sonne 40 £ to be paid when he shall come to the full age of 21 yeares. To Sisle Daniel my daughter items when she shall come to the full age of 18 yeares or daye of marryadge wch shall first come. To Agnes Cautherne my daughter all the goodes and things wch weare hers before wch be nowe in my howse. To Thomas Cautherne my daughters sonne 40 shillings of money when he shall come to the full age of 21 yeaares. To the other fower of my daughters children 5 £ when the[y] shall come to the full age of 21 yeares to be equallie divided. To Bridgtt Ostem? my daughter 50 shillings and to her child 40 shillings. To Thomas Barnes my systerís sonne 40 shillings when he shall come to the age of 21 yeares. To my brother Richard Danyell[s] 5 children 5 £ to be equally divided that is to say 20 shillings apece. To Thomas Danyell my cosen his 5 children 25 shillings that is to saye v shillings a piece. To Henry Flode my servant 6 s 8 p. To Eme Clerk my servant 6 s 8 d. Rest of to Robt Daniel my sonne whome I make my executor and I appoint Richard Daniell my brother and Thomas Daniell my cosen to be my sup[er]visors. Wytness theareunto John Sanford, Richard Danyell, Thomas Danyell, John Newbone.
Proved xxvii March 1609?

Richard Danyell, A.W. 25 Apr 1609
To my sonne Peter 9 £ when he come to the age of 21 yeares. To my three daughters 20 £ to be equallie divided amongst them 14 yeares hence. To my wyffe all my howshold stuff whatsoever and make Elizabeth my wyffe and Edward my sonne [e]x[e]cutors.I appoint John Whitsell th[e ]elder and Robt Danyell sup[er]visors. Witness heareunto Thomas Newman, John Danyell, John Whitsell.   Pr. 30 May 1609.

Thomas Daniel, Alconbury 1609
To Annes Danell my systr 5 £ of monye w[hi]ch is in the hands of William Joyse my father in law.To Elizabeth my syster items to be delyvered unto t[he ]hands of Richard Curties.To John Daniell my brothere all the lands that was bequeathed to me in my fatherís will. Item I geve to my brother Robte Daniell in monye 4 £. To my brother Richard Daniel 7 £ which my father in law William Joyce doth owe me for my horses wch he bought of me. Reste of my goods to Richard Curties my uncle, and to my wife Thomas [sic] Daniell the youngere whom I make my solle executrix. Witnesses hereof Richard More Vic[ar], Robte Pasheler, James Russell with others  To Richard Daniel my brother a shode coute which is in the hands of William Joyce my father in lawe. Wp 11 Apr 1620?

Robert Daniell, 27 Nov 1615 of Stewkely Pva, yeoman,
To Joane Danyell my wife land. To Daughter Jone twenty marke of lawful money of England to be payd her upon one yeare next after my decease to be equally divided betwixt the same Joane and her sister Jane Daniell.To my daughter Jane Danyell twenty markes of lawfull money to be payed unto her when she shall accomplish the age of 21 years [more bequests not listed]. To Alice Danyell my daughter twenty shillings of like lawfull money to be payd unto her at her day of marriage, [more bequests]. To Edward Danyell my sonne twenty marke of like lawfull money to be payd unto him within fouer years next after my decease [more].To Marke Danyell my sonne twenty markes of like lawfull money to be paid unto him when he shall accomplish the age of six and twenty [more] To John Danyell my sonne two bushells of wheate. Sonne Turkintonís children two quarters of barley his wife two sheepe. To my sonne Thomas Danyell s children one land of wheate and rye and land of barley wheate and one lamb. To Robt Charter my godchild one bushell of barley. All rest to son Thomas Danyell sole executor. Allso I ordayne Robt Reanalds my brother in law, my sup[er]visor. Witnesses Robt Danyell, Willm Lyalles? John Smyth, and Willm Papworth, Danyell Marriott, Thomas Turkinton, Elen out? Pryer wp 13 Dec 1615.

Anne Boone, 1625, Great Gidding
To William Boone my husbands sonne begotten of his former wife by his father items. To my daughter Elenor items including fortie shillings of money w[hi]ch is oweinge me by John Martin of Ludington.To Edy Boone my youngest daughter items which goodes I would have delivered to her by mine executor at the age of eighteene years or day of marriage wch shall come first. To Edward Boone my sonne all things not formerlie bequeathed. To John Willowes of this p[ar]ish my wastcoate that I nowe lye in. Item I give unto the widdowe Ett of this p[ar]ish my hatt. Item I give unto Joane Boone      [incomplete]

sheats a table a form? a brasse pott a ktell next the ___ but one and vi quarters of malte. Item I will that Richard my sonne have vi quarters of malte iii of them being his ___. Item I will that James my sonne have v ___ for iii yeres and at thre yeres and he to give it to his brother John and he to meyntn it at other the first of all ____ next of John Brolow? Item I will that Agnes my wyf have the rest of my goodes unbequeathed and I make her the sole executrix of this my last will and testament and I make __ William Wilson curate of Ashwell the supervisor des____ to be _ goal to go to the andm___ with my wyf to see this _____ yf any may do stoppe lest ______ for right I will he complayn to Wm? Byll whom I ___ ___ will not suffer her to be opprest __tey the xii of February
wp 26 Apr