Miscellaneous Yorkshire/Lincolnshire Wills
Miscellaneous Yorkshire and Lincolnshire Wills

1. Borthwick Institute of Historical Research

2 May 1593  George Goodyson, late of Rotherham. Admon to Helen Goodyson, widow. [1]
10 Jul 1605  John Goodison, of Wentworth, Admon granted to Ann Goodison, widow. Inventory below £5/ [1]
14 Dec 1629  Edward Sylvester of Rotherham, Yorke, to wife Elizabeth. eldest son Richard Silvester 2 shillings, and my best lynnen sharte. To William Silvester my second son 20 shillings in full satisfacion of his childs parte and portion. to Phillip Silvester my third son 20 shillings and a little square table standing in ye hous in full portion ofhis child parte and portion. To John Silvester my fourth son 20 shillings. To Nicolas Silvester my youngest son syx [?] pence. To daughter Anne Silvester 20 shillings. To Katherine my grandchild 2 shillings. To my daughter Easter Silvester the ______ to my grandchild Grace. To William Vinnington 16 _____. Son Phillip shall have the 20 shillings before expressed paid him by my executor upon ____ the age fo 24 years or at his leaving from his apprentyshippe.  Rest of goods after my death to wife Elizabeth, whom I make my sole executirx.
15 Jan 1639/40  Thomas Kent, late of Rotherham, Admon granted to Jane Kent, widow. Inventory below £40. [1]
18 Dec 1639  Richard Silvester, late of Rotherham, Admon granted to William Stones of Wath, to sole use of Katherine and Grace Silvester, children of the deceased. Inventory above £40. [1]
21 May 1663, Roger Goodison, late of Wentworth. Admon to Mary Goodison, widow, Inventory above £40. [1]
16 Dec 1667, John Silvester, late of Rotherham. Admon granted to Ann Silvester, widow. Inventory of above £40 was exhibited. [1]
26 Oct 1702   Thomas Goodison, of Wentworth parish, of Wath.  Mother Mary Milnethorpe 20 shillings a year. Sister Mary Jenkinson, widow 5 shillings. Sister Elizabeth Kent wife of Thomas Kent of Gradgate, 5 shillings. Sister Dorothy Steare wife of Joseph Steare of Wentworth, 5 shillings. Brother[-in-law] Joseph Steare 5 shillings. nephew Peter Goodinson son of Peter Goodinson £5. Neice Mary Unwin d/o Robert Unwin of Ecclesfield £4. Niece Ann Goodinson £3. Mary wife of Edward Silvester 2 shillings 6 pence. William, Thomas, Ann, Joshua, Robert, John and Jane Kent 2 shillings 6 pence each. Godson Thomas Kent 10 shillings. George, Ann, and Rose Jenkinson 12 pence each. William, John, Mary, Ann, Martha, and Dorothy Steare, 2 shillings 6 pence each. Rest to brother Peter Goodinson and neice Elizabeth Goodinson, his daughter.   wd 26 Oct 1702.
Inventory of above by William Marshall, Jos. Halmshaw, John Taylor, and George Peverill, his purse and apparrell [in £-s-d] 3-5-0, ye range, fireshovell, tongs with all ye other goods in ye roome 0-17-0; 2 iron-pots, & a pestil, 3 pots, 2 pans, & a morter &c. 2-2-6; 1 table, 1 longsettle, foure stools, 1 dresser, &c in ye parlour 1-16-6; 1 range, 1 bed and beding, 9 chairs, 1 trunke 4-19-6; 1 ovell-table & lookeing glass 0-12-0; 1 bed and beding, 1 chest, 4 chairs and a table, 1 seeing glass in ye chamber over ye house 4-13-6; 1 timkin, 1 counter 1 box in ye kitchin 0-6-0; 1 bed & beding, 1 table, 1 close-stoole, 1 lead, 4 tubs 4-10-8; 4 barrells, 1 quarter of malt, 1 malt-arke, 2 sacks 2-12-6; Goods in ye seller 4 barrels, 1 gauntree with 6 shelves 1-15-6; all ye pewter, all ye Holland-Ware 2-13-6; Ale in ye Fatt, all ye table-linig, 1 cow 1-5-0; 1 haystack, coles, 1 sow, and 4 pigs 2-4-6; 4 holdings, half an accar or corne, 5 loads of manour, all ye huslement 2-15-4; Debts uppon bonds 107-0-0. Total of inventory £142-09-00. [1]
25 Feb 1779  John Sylvester, nailer, late of Slade Thorp, Rotherham. Admon to Ann Sylvester of Salde Thorp widow, and John Wild of Rotherham, Penike [?] maker and John Brook [signed Brok] of Kimberworth Park in parish of Rotherham, Farmer. Ann Sylvester /s/. [1]