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A website with links and information on many Maxfield lines but with special emphasis on the Maxfields of DeKalb County, Illinois (1837-1900), Crawford County, Ohio and Fairfax, Vermont (c.1760-1837). 

Surnames: Maxfield, Denmark, Crocker, Hosford-Bowlby, Jordan, Bloom/Blum, Cook, Belcher, Clough, Lawyer, Wagner

A website with information concerning many Sieben family lines from the Hesse-Darmstadt region of Germany and in the United States, but with special emphasis on the family of Michael Sieben of the Sieben Brewery Company of Chicago, Illinois and his ancestry in Ebersheim, Hesse-Darmstadt. 

Surnames: Sieben, Zimmermann, Darmstadt, Eckert, Schaeffer, Knussmann, Schmidt, Machol, Weber, Thart, Baer
Sieben's Brewery Website

A website with information covering several Henneböhle family lines which came to America from Westfalen, Germany, with special emphasis on the family and ancestors of inventor Frank Hennebohle of Chicago, Illinois, the family line of which traces back to Bochum, Rüthen and Barkhausen in Westfalen, Germany. 

Surnames: Henneböhle/Hennebohle/Henneboehle/Henneböhl/etc, Thielmann/Tillmann, Schiltges/Schildges, Schnipert, Mistelski, Münterfering, Halberschmidt, Follmann, Jürgens, Budde, Köhler, Corfes, Brüseke, Krimpelmann, Bollike

FAUSCH A website containing information on many Fausch lines which originated in the Posen area of West Prussia (Germanish Poland) and wound up in the Great Lakes region of the United States.  Special emphasis on the Friederick Fausch family and their relatives of Michigan City, Indiana which arrived from Piecewo/Petzewo and Tarnowke, Kreise Flatow/Zlotow, West Prussia/Poland. 

Surnames: Fausch, Molkentine/Molkenthien/Molkentin/etc, Rotzien/Rotzine/Rosene/Rotsine/etc, Blessing, Groehler

CAVEAT:  Just because you find information on the web (or anywhere) which purports to be correct, as secondary or tertiary information, it should be considered unreliable until you actually verify the information.  Even in cases where you find data in the very reliable LDS IGI database where it indexes an official church or state document, it is always possible that a transcription error crept into the work.  Even if you do trust what is in such an index, that database is just that, an Index and as such cannot conceivably contain all the information available by viewing the original document.

If I am online and have my Gizmo SIPphone activated (or if I have opted to forward calls to one of my other phones) I can be reached by clicking below, or you can leave a voicemail for me.

A good starting point for access to a wide range of genealogy databases.
Locality specific research sites broken down to the county level with research links and forums specific to the individual county.
Similar to the above USGenWeb, but with a worldwide scope in mind.
Cyndi's List 
Perhaps the best site for finding genealogy resources on the web.
This is the LDS (Mormon) Family History website so often heard of in the media lately.  Their online databases include information submitted by others as well as indexed data extracted from official church/state records from around the globe.  In addition, the Family History Library catalog is viewable online and indexes microform media of church and state records which you can rent for viewing at a Family History Center near you.
Mike Maxfield's Family History Websites 

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