Huddleston Families - John Huddleston Deed 1679 - Charleston, South Carolina Return


Deed dated 1679
Charleston, South Carolina

Warrents for Land Deeds in South Carolina 1672-1679 #96 John huddleston. Carolina/ Measure and laid out for Thomas and Jane Smith 550 acres of land for four servants namely, Henry Jones, John Huddleston, Hugh Wigglesworth, Alice Rix. Arriving on the first fleet. In some place not yet laid out. Given unto hand at Charleston, South Carolina, 12 day of April 1675. John Huddleston. Carolina/ measure and lay for John Huddleston one of ye freemen of this province 100 acres in some place not laid out or marked. Given unto hand at Charleston S.C. 31 mar 1677. (Note:This land is presently in Beaufort County S.C. Deed was on the Wappoo Creek, which drains into the Stone River, at Beaufort S.C.) Submitted by Anna Popejoy
Lord John Berkley Pallatine and the rest of the lords and absoulte propentitors of the province of Carolina do hereby grant unto John Huddleston a plantation containing 100 acres of land english measure now in the prossession of the said John Huddleston situated and being upon the waters of wapoo creek and butting and abounding as appears by a plat thereof hereunto annexed to have and to hold the said plantation to the said John Huddleston and assigns forever. Yeilding and paying yearly to the said pallatine and the rest of the lords propenitors aforsaid their heirs and assign every nine and twentieth day of sept in the year of our lord one thousand six hundred eighty and nine one penny of lawful money of england on the value thereof for every of the said acres to be holden in free and common soccage. given under the great seal appionted for that purpose at Charleston in the province of Carolina aforesaid this nineth day of August in the year of our lord one thousand six hundred and seventy nine. Will Owen, John West, John Godfrey and W. Percivals. registerd the eighth day of august, one thousand six hundred and eighty three.
Submitted by Relf Huddleston

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