Stockton State Insane Asylum Cemetery

View of the This is a view of the Old Stockton State Hospital Cemetery as viewed from the East border (Rural Cemetery) side. This property was ordered to be preserved as the Asylum cemetery upon sale of the land to St. Joseph's about 1953 by the American Legion.

Stockton State Hospital & Cemetery

Formed in 1875 to accomidate the inmates & employees of The Stockton State Insane Asylum. This Cemetery has been disbanded and is now located on the grounds of St. Joseph's Medical Center, located in Stockton just north of Walnut St, between California Street & Cemetery Lane.

There were over 4,000 burials at this facility. The last burial was in 1919. The cemetery was moved to several locations, including Rural, to the northwest of this spot; San Joaquin Cemetery (Catholic cemetery); Live Oak (also no longer in existance); Park View & more.

If you have an ancestor who died in Stockton State Hospital Asylum, between 1875-1919, then this is most likely their resting place.

No records exist except for medical records available to proven family members only.

On the following pages I will be giving a bit of the history of the State Asylum and the cemetery that has been recorded over the decades. I hope this will instill a since of pride in those who may have "Kin" who were intured here.

I have no family ties in this cemetery, but I feel a great need to justify the loss of the history of this much used facility.

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From the 1874-1900 Stockton/San Joaquin County Directories:

Insane Asylum of the State of california.

The above institution, which is located (1876) in Stockton, is one of the largest and best managed institutions of the kind in the U.S. Its history being a matter of public interest we append the following from the very elaborate report of Dr. G. A. Shurtleff, Medical Superintendent, made July 1, 1876.

In 1853 the General Hospital was abolished by Act of Legislature, and the Insane Asylum of California was permanently established at Stockton. By this act the buildings and appurtenances were dedicated to the care of the insane exclusively, and the institution became solely a hospital for the insane, July 1, 1853.

In January of 1875, a new cemetery was purchased for the use of the asylum. It contained about 14 acres, and was situated west and adjoining the Stockton Rural Cemetery, and cost $2,751.

The above puts the cemetery nearer to Rural cemetery than the small behind the Medical Center, that had previously been thouht to be the remainder of this cemetery (it may have been part of an older cemetery that was moved to Rural when the new Rural was opened).

The Medical center is at the far end of the property that was to be used for the State Hospital cemetery.

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