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Oversight Hearing on

Historic Use and Current Status of Cemeteries at California State Hospitals and Developmental Centers

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The Agenda for this Hearing included Opening Statements by Senator Wesley Chesbro, Chair; Larry Fricks, Director Office of Consumer Relations Department of Menatal Health State of GA; Jim Fasset-Carmen and Gloria Steinberg, Remembering with Dignity Project State of Minnesota; John Rodriquez, Deputy Director CA Department of Mental Health; Gary Scott, Deputy Director CA Department of Developmental Services.

Client Presentations

WHO WE ARE AND WHAT WE ARE DOING  Sally Zinman, Executive Director, CA Network of Mental Health Clients; Alicia Mendoza, Office Manager, Peer and Self Advocacy Unit, Protection and Advocacy, Inc.; Marinda Reed, Coordinator, Developmentally Disabilities and Peer and Self-Advocacy, Inc.

Client Stories

Bill Compton... LOOKING FOR AN UNCLE;  Wendy Walker Davis... LOOKING FOR A GRANDMOTHER-IN-LAW; Daniel Meadows... FROM THE INSIDE.  Each of these stories reflects the true feelings of those individuals who have first hand experience or a loved one in the State Hospital system.  Very moving stories.

WHAT WE KNOW ABOUT THE CONDITION OF THE CEMETERIES Lori Shepherd, Director, Peer and Self-Advocacy Unit, Protection and Advocacy Unit.

What We Need To Know

RESEARCH NEEDS Frank Smith, Former Director, Office of Patient Rights, Protection and Advocacy, Inc.

BARRIERS TO GETTING INFORMATION Debbie Davis, Senior Peer and Self-Advocacy Coordinator, South Area.

WHAT LESISLATION WE NEED Rob Chittenden, Seniro Peer and Self-Advocate, North Area.

PUBLIC COMMENT For those wishing to be heard.