McArthur/Crowley Genealogy


McArthur/Crowley Genealogy

HI!...and welcome to our family's genealogy page...please be patient, this is definately a work in progress. Check out the GEDCOM below...if you have any questions, e-mail us and we'll reply as soon as possible.

Most of the information we have is names and dates, although we hope to add more in the way of stories, notes, etc. in the future.

Surnames that figure prominently in our family are as follows:

Beck, Binggeli, Brauchi, Crowley, Garrison, Gordon, Griffin, Linebarger, McArthur, Moon, Nearing, Ragsdale, Sittler, Tomlinson, Wenner, White, and Yates.







Jim & Angela McArthur
4217 Fir St.
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