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Marriage Record of Mathew Manning and Sarah Ernest

Land Certificate, Leon County

Mathew Manning was born in 1808 in Pitt Co., N. C., the son of Richard Manning. Mathew, whose name appears in most records with one “t”, moved with his family to Lowndes Co., Ala. prior to 1830.

Mathew was married in Lowndes County to Sarah Ernest on the 29th of March of 1832. Sarah was the daughter of George Ernest and Sarah Dennis and was probably born in Jones Co., Ga. prior to the family’s move to Lowndes.

In 1849, Mathew and Sarah sold 160 acres of land in T 12 R 14, Lowndes Co., to James Maynard. In 1850, Mathew purchased land from Sarah’s brother, William L. Ernest, in Sec. 21, T 12 R 14 near Beaver Creek.

Mathew and Sarah became part of the westward migration when they moved their young family to Leon County, Texas, in 1855.

Mathew purchased 320 acres of land in Leon County in November of 1855. But within a year he had died, leaving a family of eight children including a one-year-old son who had been born in Texas. One of the Manning descendants in Lowndes County has a record showing Mathew’s death date as September 19, 1856.

Sarah lived on the home place until her death in about 1887. She apparently never saw her parents again.

The children of Mathew and Sarah Manning were:

1. William M. Manning, born about 1833 in Lowndes, married Mary Elizabeth Roberts in Texas and died in the 1870’s

2. Catharine Jane Manning, born 23 May 1836 in Lowndes, married Matthew H. Dickey in Texas, died on the 9th of May 1915

3. Mary Elizabeth Manning, born about 1840 in Lowndes, died after 1870 in Texas

4. George Manning, born about 1843 in Lowndes, died after 1860 in Texas

5. Rebecca Manning, born 6 December 1846 in Lowndes, married John Augustus Green in Texas, died on the 17th of April 1884

6. John Monroe Manning, born about 1849 in Lowndes, first married Martha in Texas and second, Sarah E. Brooks; died on the 16th of June 1904

7. Martha Alice Manning, born 23 May 1852 in Lowndes, married William Stewart Neal in Texas and died in 1870

8. Thomas Luther Manning, born 1 July 1855 in Texas, married Corah Plunkett in Texas and died on the 28th of February 1930

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