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     The layout of the plots in Mauch Chunk Cemetery does not make the finding of a particular grave easy.  The best thing to go by is the section number, since the plot numbering is mostly arbitrary.  Plot 766 is not between plots 765 and 767, for example.  Plot numbers were given out as the plots were sold.  So, the best way to find a specific grave is to know where the section is, and then take a leisurely  stroll, back and forth, reading  the gravestones.  With patience, the grave will eventually be found, assuming there is a grave marker to be found.   Many of the older graves either never had grave markers, or else they have deteriorated over time. This is most common in section 1 and 2.  So, bring patience, sharp eyes and walking shoes, and good luck!
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    The Leisenring Cemetery lies at the east, or lower end of the Mauch Chunk Cemetery.  It is a separate, and private, cemetery and a stone wall separates it from the main cemetery.  The gates are kept locked at all times.

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