NOTICE:  June 3, 2006 - This site is about to undergo some major changes and updating.  Hopefully before the end of June the changes will be completed.  There will be many additions made to the burial list and over 90% of those listed will have some genealogical information included.  So… STAY TUNED !


It was just a little over a year ago, February of 2001, that this page came online.  It was the beginning of the Cemeteries of Carbon Co. web site, which soon grew into the Carbon County History and Genealogy site.  I figured it was time to go back and do some updating to the original pages because of some reported problems accessing the pages, and also because new information was available for adding.  And besides all that, I’ve learned a few things about web pages in the last year, and I’ve made some changes I hope will make things work more smoothly.

Updated March 1, 2002

Changes:  Some people were having problems with the B and S surname lists, due to their large sizes.  These have been broken down into smaller, more browser digestible parts.  The A and B surname lists have also had their Genealogical Notes columns greatly expanded.  No longer just names and dates, find out who these folks were married to and their parentage. 

Although the S surname list has been broken into smaller sections, I haven’t had time yet to add a full genealogical notes column.  I will be doing this section by section, as time allows.  The M and W surname lists will also be broken down into smaller sections in the near future.






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Many thanks to those who made this possible, including The Mauch Chunk Cemetery Association, the Dimmick Library and particularly Michelle Jante and Jean and Rick Yandrick!

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