McCLENDON (and related surnames) at Freepages

McCLENDON (and related surnames) at Freepages


Rescuing Stray and Feral Cats and Kittens Sept. 27, 2006

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Bogalusa, Washington Parish, Louisiana
Bogalusa, Washington Parish, Louisiana was established where the
Bogue Lusa Creek flows into the Pearl River.
It was incorporated July 4, 1914.

Bogalusa Story by C. W. Goodyear

Bogalusa Story by C. W. Goodyear (copyrighted 1950)

Several formats to choose from (photo version and non-photos versions): eBook (PC computers and Pocket PC) versions, web pages, documents, and actual images of pages.

This book is about ...

  • the founding of Bogalusa, Washington Parish, Louisiana by the GOODYEARs (Frank Henry GOODYEAR and Charles Waterhouse GOODYEAR), William Henry SULLIVAN, and others who erected a sawmill on the Bogue Lusa Creek in 1906: "Magic City of the Deep South."
  • the GOODYEARs - Four generations of the Goodyear family - C.W.G.; C.W.G., II; C.W.G., III; and C.W.G., IV.
  • the Father and Mother of Bogalusa: William Henry SULLIVAN (1st Mayor of Bogalusa, 1914-1929) and his wife, Elizabeth FITZRANDOLPH Sullivan; as well as other prominent families and their industrial and civic accomplishments. Many local people, as well as those from the Buffalo, New York area, are mentioned, too.
  • the Great Southern Lumber Company Sawmill (1908-1938), Bogalusa Paper Company (1918-1937), Bogalusa Turpentine Company, Bogalusa Tung Oil, Inc. and the Bogalusa Stores, Bogue Chitto Farm, Gaylord Container Corporation (acquired by Temple-Inland Inc.), New Orleans Great Northern Railroad, papermill, pulp and paper mill, pulp and paper industry, paper manufacturing, paper making machines, Kraft paper mill, log pond, lumber yard, portable sawmill, Refuse burner, power house, band mills.
  • forestry, forests, reforestation, tree farms, tree plantations, Pine Tree Nursery, Tung oil grove, Bogue Chitto Stock Farm, Isabel Stock Farm, timber, "Bogalusa Brand" timbers, long leaf pine, yellow pine, longleaf yellow pine, slash-pine nursery, slash pine, heart pine, commercial logging, "turpentined" trees, Tung oil industry, Tung oil trees, Colonial Creosoting Company plant.
  • places like: Washington Parish Courthouse; Bogalusa Railroad Station; Colonial Hotel; Pine Tree Inn; Office building of the Great Southern Lumber Company; Bogalusa High School; Great Southern Lumber Company commissary; Y.M.C.A.; City Hall; Tammany House; Charles W. Goodyear Memorial Gateway; Lee's Creek schoolhouse; Ben's Ford; Bedroom of Preacher Ford's house where Andrew Jackson slept; Blarney Castle; Bogue Chitto River; Columbia Street; Money Hill Tung Plantation; Plantation House and General Store; and
  • Senator Huey P. Long ("Kingfish") and Louisiana politics and a lot more.

This book has been fully transcribed with all photos (88 images on 84 pages) and illustrations (1 illustration on 1 page) in the book as well as the actual images of all pages of text (123 pages). There is no index. Note: This book is still copyrighted. Thanks to David L. GOODYEAR (grandson to Charles Waterhouse GOODYEAR, the author) and his family for permission to post this wonderful book on the Web. When I'm done transcribing it, I will offer it to the Washington Parish Public Library to post on their web site. I will also "burn" several CDs for use at the library. I may convert this book to an e-Book format in the future, but again with the stipulation that it not be used for profit in any way. Transcription is copyrighted (© 2002) by me, "Pat," Patricia Darlene McClendon. It may not be reproduced in any way. Please contact me, Pat McClendon at for limited exceptions.

Lost & Found - Old Photos

Lost & Found - Old Documents
(includes military dog tags)


PROELLs (Alternate spellings: Pröll, Pral, Prall, Proall, Bröll, etc)

Prepared by Pat McClendon and note that this is my sister-in-law's (Patty KUROSAD McClendon's) family, so I don't really know anything about them. Please contact Lynn Marie PROELL Enfield, e-mail: or if you have any questions, additions, and/or clarifications. Lynn Marie PROELL Enfield and Patty KUROSAD McClendon are 1st cousins.


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Welcome! My name is "Pat", Patricia Darlene McCLENDON. I was born in News Orleans, Louisiana and I have lived in Louisville, Kentucky for about 25 years. Both of my parents, John Eugene McCLENDON, Sr. (March 14, 1929 - still alive) and  Geraldine HATHORNE (Feb. 22, 1932 - Nov.6, 1964) were from Bogalusa, Washington Parish, Louisiana. 

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Related surnames (so far): McClendon (McLendon, McClinden, McLinden, etc.), Baggett, Britt, Cooper, Craft, Grantham, Graves, Hathorne (Hathorn, Hawthorne, Hawthorn), Hay, Lott, Knight, Britt, Cooper, Page, Parker, Pounds, Powell, Keller (Kellar), Wall, and White.

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