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Washington Parish Communications District 1-14-2006

Bogalusa Daily News is back online!

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Bogalusa-Washington Parish Hurricane Information & Bulletin Board

Hurricane Katrina Photos taken of Bogalusa & Washington Parish & Related Links

Washington (Parish) Humane Society

USA Freedom Corps - Connect and Volunteer!

Help rebuild Gulf Coast homes with Habitat for Humanity

Bogalusa Bulletin Board

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My recent trip to Bogalusa and Washington Parish from Largo, FL.

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UPDATE on Washington Parish, LA: They are still devastated. If you or your organization can help please do so. See contact information below.

UPDATE on my Aunt Jan HATHORNE Applewhite and the Washington Humane (Parish) Society:

FEMA came along about a month after my visit and put a blue tarp over the existing tarp (which was not professional installed) using wood strip to secure it. Her roof and cat enclosures have been "totaled" by the insurance company. She hopes to have the roof repair in a year or so because there just are not enough roofers in the area.

She has running water by way of her flow well (after it had some initial repair). It is still temporarily connected to her house with a garden hose. She has standing water in her yard from the flow well not being completely repaired. Again, a shortage of skilled workman.

The electricity and phone service is back on throughout the parish, I believe. Ironically, since cable will be out for a while to outlaying areas of the parish, she had Direct TV installed since there are no trees to block the receiver.

She was a distribution point for free cat and dog food and supplies. Donations of money, pet food, pet supplies and pet medications has been provided by (my apologies in advance, if I left someone out) the following individuals and organizations:

Reggie Simmons' daughter, ? (of Kansas)
Mrs. Mary A. Haeussler (of Lewisville, TX)
Rob Roy Nichol
Jim and Kay Grantham
Ann Harrell
Randy and Patricia Seal
Virginia .A Anthony, Attorney-at-Law (of Baton Rouge)


Alley Cat Allies
Animal Rescue Foundation, ARF (of Mobile, AL)
Best Friends Animal Sanctuary (of Kanab, Utah) and the PETCO Foundation
The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, ASPCA
The Humane Society of Louisiana
The Humane Society of the United States, HSUS

She hopes to buy the lot adjacent to her property to build a humane shelter with storage capacity but the land is tied up in some legal matters. She is working on this.

The Humane Society of Louisiana came and took about 30 cats and kittens. She still has 15 -20 cats, some still getting up into the roof. She has been feeding some dogs in the area where there where abandon on private property.

On 9/5/2005, I made a trip from Largo, FL to bring items to Bogalusa and Washington Parish and to help my Aunt Jan HATHORNE Applewhite (and the Washington Humane (Parish) Society. I was motivated by the lack of  response of national agencies and organizations, as well as knowing that the area would be low on the priority list of areas to be helped. The population of Washington Parish is around 45,000 and it is about 60 miles NE of New Orleans. It is a very poor parish.

Sorry for the delay in updating everyone but I drove to Bogalusa both ways from Largo, FL by myself and I'm still worn out! I'm also a little depressed over what I saw during my trip.

The items and cash were donated by my neighbors (and their friends and families) and my friends in the Pinellas Co. Master Gardener Program. Master Gardeners: Patsy SCHAMBER collected over $1000, as well as many donated items; and Patrick MANN donated a brand new gas-powered generator that he did not use last year (it was used by the Middlesex County Sheriff unit aiding the parish); Joanne DRAKE and her husband, Davis, as well as Ruth DAVIES, Brenda PAYNE and Grant HURST donated cash and items, too. My apologies, if I left you out of this list! I had a small list of suggested items and was surprised that cash was donated. This definitely help pay for the trip!

I also took out a $4500 credit card through Lowe's (no payment or interest if paid off in a year) and maxed it out on generators, chain saws, tarps, small window air conditioners, etc. I also paid for the van and trailer rental. I hoping to get reimbursed through FEMA since I'm not rich, but I don't know if that will be possible.

I arrived about a week after the hurricane hit the area. The devastation was beyond my wildest imagination! I did not recognize the area since so many of the landmarks have been damaged. I found out even satellite phones didn't work most of the time! The residents look shocked, but still functioning despite the heat and humidity. There was no electricity or water in most of the area. Cell phones wouldn’t work there, either.

Items donated ranged from baby formula, baby food, diapers, T. P., paper towels, food of all kinds, lots of water, a new gas-powered generator, etc. The Dodge van I brought was packed full of items.

I also brought a small trailer was filled with of gas containers full of gas, generators, 3 heavy duty chain saws, 2 small window air conditioners, tarps, etc.

I used cash donated to fuel a Dodge van, buy "Depends," "blue pads" (a.k.a, under sheets), another small 6,000 BTU window air conditioner, food for the workers helping clear my Aunt Jan's house of trees and limbs, etc. I also gave $200 to Pastor Carl for his men to be able to have a little spending money. I gave $600 to my Aunt Jan to buy a new water tank for her flow well and to pay for a plumber and electrician to re-construct her plumbing which was destroyed when all the trees blew down and to buy cat food. I also used some cash to get print outs of the photos that I took with my digital camera.

All items were delivered to my Aunt Jan who told me how to distribute the donations as I was not aware of the area. The donations went to Washington Parish Government; Pastor Carl & his men; Jan Applewhite and her neighbors, Buddy and Sherri BRELAND; and a large tarp to my half-brother, Michael McCLENDON.

The Washington Humane Society which is run from my Aunt Jan's house lost its cat enclosures in the back of her house. The roof of the house was damaged in 3 areas. She currently has 47 cats, some are in the attic hiding. She is hoping for another shelter to come and take them. The Thrift Store's roof was damaged. They are looking for a new building for the thrift store since that is their major income source.

For those who donated, my Aunt Jan gave me several donation forms for those wanting to write-off their donations on their tax returns. Please contact me directly if you’d like a form. Also, I have receipts for those of you wanting to review them.

I also delivered a 40' by 60' tarp to my half-brother, Michael via his neighbor who Michael thought would be willing to put it on his double wide trailer. I tried to convince him and his mother, Nancy, to come back to Bogalusa as I had 2 generators (with 2 5-gallon gas cans full of gas for each of them) set aside for him and his mother, as well as small 6,000 BTU window air conditioner unit since Michael's trailer had a central air system., etc. Nancy's house was virtually undamaged and Michael's trailer would be okay with a tarp over it. They chose to stay in Rayville, LA (which is near Monroe) in a motel. After checking on my step-mother's cats, I delivered the items that I was holding back for them to others who could use them. I hope they will understand that the money raised was for people trying to survive in Washington Parish (as well as gas for the van), since they have electricity, phone service, air conditioning, etc. in their Rayville, LA motel.

My Aunt Brenda HATHORNE Magee didn't need any help.

I'd like to give a special thanks to Buddy and Sherri BRELAND who have unselfishly help my Aunt Jan during this disaster!

If you have not made a trip to an area affected by Hurricane Katrina, I would recommend getting with your church, community organizations (for example: Habitat for Humanity), or friends and neighbors to find a way to help those affected by Hurricane Katrina in person. Washington Parish is still in great need! Chain saws crews are in probably in the greatest need followed by all the basic needs you can imagine. Try contacting local churches, organizations and the local government to find out what they need.

City of Bogalusa, Washington Parish, Louisiana - City Directory
Bogalusa-Washington Parish Hurricane Information
Churches in Bogalusa, LA
Churches in Franklinton, LA
Help rebuild Gulf Coast homes with Habitat for Humanity 9-29-2005
Town of Franklinton
USA Freedom Corps - Connect and Volunteer! 9-29-2005
Washington Parish Government - Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness (Phone: 985-732-5200; FAX: 985-732-5830)

M. E. “Toye” Taylor, Washington Parish President
909 Pearl Street, Franklinton, LA 70438
phone: 985-839-7825 or 985-839-6854
fax: 985-839-7827

I feel like I have made a significant contribution to the victims of Hurricane Katrina with your help! God Bless! I hope to find ways to be able to help more from my home in Largo, FL!

Pat McClendon, MSSW

Photos taken in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Sorry, but they are not all in order.

(I may add more narrative later.)

I started seeing hurricane damage about 20 - 40 miles East of Pascagoula, MS!


People waiting in line at a bank in Gulfport, MS


Gas station in Poplarville, MS. They were limiting the amount of gas you could buy.


Tree damage leaving Gulfport, MS

My Aunt Jan HATHORNE Applewhite's house, also know as the Washington Humane (Parish) Society or "Kitty City," is hosting 47 cats and kittens (please come and adopt some!) at:

57203 Louisiana Highway 439,
the Old Middle Franklinton Highway
(985) 732-2463

Sorry, photos are not in prefect order, but close.

Aunt Jan's neighbor, Buddy BRELAND, had used his chain saw to cut a path to her house so that she could get her car out. Here is is getting her new generator ready to startup. He and his wife, Sherri, both school teacher, were a huge help to my Aunt Jan before and after I and her son, Vernon APPLEWHITE, arrived!


This is where my Aunt Jan had to get water to flush the toilet since fallen trees had destroyed her water tank for her flow well, etc. This was back breaking work as I got the water several times! In fact, she said it was the worse thing about the hurricane because it hurt her back and then standing up afterwards was an ordeal in itself!


This car is for sell for $500.


Damaged back cat enclosure. Cats ended up hiding in the attic for several days. I think my Aunt Jan has them all off of the attic by now.


Large tree damaged the front right corner of Aunt Jan's roof!


Loggers came in and want all pine trees over 16 1/2 foot long and agreed to clear the debris up somewhat. Not prefect, but a big help.

Finally, we could relax a little after getting the tarp on the roof!


Vernon APPLEWHITE, Jan HATHORNE Applewhite, and Buddy & Sherri BRELAND.


Pat McCLENDON, Jan HATHORNE Applewhite, and Buddy & Sherri BRELAND.

Jan HATHORNE Applewhite and Thrift Store employee, Don


Jan's neighbors' house who live across the street from her. Buddy and Sherri.

Tree down in Aunt Brenda HATHORNE Magee's front yard on Avenue F

My Cousin Vernon APPLEWHITE and his cousin (in red blouse)

My Cousin Vernon APPLEWHITE and his cousin (in red blouse) - tree down on her property

The Humane Society Thrift Store has roof damage. The Washington Humane (Parish) Society is looking for a new location because it is their main source of income!

Washington Parish Donation Center photos:

Thomas P. Thiebaud, Director of Homeland Security for Washington Parish, LA


Bobbi Jo at desk.


Items were dropped out inside the large fire station doors.

Photos from around Bogalusa and Washington Parish:

Recovery Efforts:

Red Cross Office - No one was "home." They were probably across the street helping preparation for 4 pm meals.

Illinois Disaster Relief tent in Bogalusa.

These 3 photos were at the Plainview Baptist Church:


Zesto's. Chicken fell down on the restaurant but it is there.


Temple-Inland is just trying to start back up.


Coca-Cola Building

Allstate - Lloyd Quave

Ponemah Cemetery:

These 2 photos show that some headstones may be damaged:


My maternal grandparents' graves


My mother's grave.


Her second husband's grave.

These 5 photos were of a house that my grandfather & his family lived in. It only had minor damage -- lots of missing shingles but the tar paper was undamaged.:

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