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Lost & Found - Old Documents 
(includes military dog tags)

If you have some item (old photo, old document, military dog tag, etc.) to contribute but don't have a scanner to scan them in your computer, you can send them to me. I will NOT return them as this would increase my costs. Currently, I will charge only for postage and packing material, but may eventually charge the new owners a small fee for scanning them into the computer and posting them here if this gets to be a lot of work. Additionally, the new owner must be able to prove that they are descendents of the people in the photos.

If you do have a scanner (or can get the photos, documents, etc. scanned for you) get a free web site at Freepages and post them on a portion of your new web site.

Index of Lost & Found - Old Documents

1.) Marriage Certificate of Clinton E. ROSS and Rosa Ann RIGSBEY Ross  3-2-2001 (This is a success story!)

2.) Rachel C. Hinshaw, (September 9, 1830 in Greensboro, NC - Feb. 12, 1911) and posted a note at GenForum. Jan Hinshaw replied to this post. See her reply stating that this is Rachel C. POLK Hinshaw, wife of Quinton Hinshaw (1830-1920) and daughter of Robert Polk & Hannah Hodgin. See her link which list their children and more information about her parents.

I saw this framed document in an antique mall here in Louisville, KY. It doesn't seem to be a death certificate. It is more like a remembrance document which included the following information:

Rachel C. Hinshaw
Sept. 9, 1830
Greensboro, NC
80 yrs. 5 mos. 3 days
Feb. 12, 1911

Antique Mall & Cafe
3819 Bardstown Road
Buechel, KY (part of Louisville, KY)

Booth # D35, B272

3.) Thomas B. JORDAN's dog tag # 730896. (eBay Seller claims that he bought these dog tags in Louisville, KY.)

I don't know if this could be the man since he is from Connecticut:

Thomas Jordan 
Private, U.S. Army
367th Infantry Regiment, 92nd Infantry Division 
Entered the Service from: Connecticut
Died: December 1, 1918
Buried at: Plot C Row 20 Grave 15
St. Mihiel American Cemetery
Thiaucourt, France

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