So, you want your own web site? Read on ...

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So, you want your own web site? Read on ... May 25, 2006

I would recommend setting up a free web site at Freepages (at URL: or Yahoo! GeoCities (at URL:

To have really nice web site, you need to be using Microsoft's FrontPage 2000 in conjunction with either of these two free services . See the one I did for my Aunt Jan in Bogalusa, LA at URL: 

Freepages - Unlimited Web Space Account from RootsWeb

Freepages at URL:

Request one! at URL: 

Your web site address or Universal Resource Locator, URL, will like like this except the account names will be different: for account name: mcclendon.

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Yahoo! GeoCities and Yahoo! Mail 

Build a Free Personal Web Site with Yahoo! GeoCities - Click on "Sign Up" link
Remember that the desired web site address is what you must use for the Yahoo! ID

Web site address or URL =!ID
E-mail address = Yahoo!
You must sign in within 90 days of your last sign in to keep GeoCities / Yahoo! from deleting the account.

GeoCities Control Panel

GeoCities Control Panel - Getting Started, Site Status & Activity

GeoCities Control Panel --> "Create and Update" tab
Scroll down to the File Manager to upload your files or go directly to the File Manager:

"Create & Update" --> File Manager

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Happy Hunting!

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