New to genealogy? Read on ....

New to genealogy? Read on ....

I consider genealogy a poor person's form of family therapy. Sometimes finding out about our relatives allows us to be a little easier on them, and in turn, ourselves. No one is perfect and, in regards to of relatives (and people, in general), when you get right down to it we are far more alike than different. Everyone has skeleton's in their closet, at least that is how I comfort myself as I hope that none of mine get out before I died.

This is probably more information than either of you wanted about how to use the Web to locate family members of the people in those old photos or just where to start doing your own genealogy research. Setting up a free e-mail account is the first step before starting e-mail correspondence. 

I've also included links on where to set up free Web pages, genealogy and otherwise, as well as where to get free Internet access. This is great because it means everyone who can get to a public library with computers can get online. at URL: has been offering free access to their databases until July 31, 2000, so start there first.

GenConnect ( has message boards for specific surnames at URL:

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You may want to set up a free e-mail account at Yahoo! E-mail ( for all your genealogy correspondence and never give it out at web sites, etc. ... but only to people who are interested in genealogy. Other places to set up free e-mail accounts: 

BigFoot at URL: at URL:  
HotMail at URL: 
Juno at URL:  
MailCity at URL:  

It is a good idea to set up an e-mail account for registering at various Web sites since most of them will send you a ton of junk mail. You might have to delete all the junk mail about once a month to keep it from refusing mail.

Some of the genealogy web sites are offering free Web site (because they need content) and e-mail accounts.

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Here is my free Web site at FREEPAGES (sponsored by RootsWeb) at URL: See my "Lost & Found - Old Photos" page at URL: I touched them some since they were showing some damage/age. Please be patience since they take a little while to load. 

Also, see the "Other Lost & Found" web sites, especially Rootsweb's Somebody's Links at URL: .

Freepages Unlimited Web Space Account from RootsWeb at URL: ...
Freepages at RootsWeb: Genealogy: Users' Genealogy Webpages at URL:  
Freepages Users' Pages Index at URL:  
Request one! at URL: 

Here are some good starting places for your genealogy research:

My genealogy web site,, has all (or most) of the below links and a bunch more, but I will list the most important ones for you:

RootsWeb (a.k.a. RootsWeb Genealogical Data Cooperative) at URL: 
RootsWeb's - Search the Social Security Death Index (SSDI) at URL: 

WorldConnect at URL: 
To search its database click on "Search The GEDCOM Data Currently Online" or ­at URL: Sign up for a free Web site at their Web site at URL: They also have e-mail accounts but you may have to be a member.

FamilySearch Internet Genealogy Service at URL:  

Family Tree Maker at URL: 

GenConnect (message boards) at RootsWeb at URL:
USGenWeb Archives "Building a Virtual Courthouse" ... another part of RootsWeb at URL: 

Search Files by State at URL: 
National Search Engine at URL: 

Online Census Images at URL: 

USGW Archives Census Project at URL: 
USGW Archives Pension Project at URL: 
USGW Archives Map Project at URL: 
WorldGenWeb Archives at URL:  
USGW Tombstone Project at URL:  
How to Submit Files at URL:  
Guidelines at URL:  
Kentucky Vital Records Index at URL:  

If you are looking for a living person, try these:

I have a search page it is useful at URL:  

On that page, click on "Looking for someone? Try these ..." in the TABLE of CONTENTS or click on this link:  

Yahoo! People Search - by name and location to yields address & phone number OR by name and domain to yield e-mail addresses at URL:  

BigFoot at URL:  

Netscape People Finder - includes "Reserve Lookup": Phone Number, Address, or Email Address at URL: at URL:  

To find school friends, try these:

Alumni.NET - Bringing School Friends Together (FREE) at URL: find old friends, about class reunions, etc. Full privileges are $25 per 2 years. at URL:

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Free Services (Note: Please read all service agreements carefully.): (at URL: "Get on the Internet with the highest-rated Internet service out there for FREE! It won't cost you a thing." Fortified with Yahoo! - Free e-mail, Instant Chat, Personalized "My Yahoo! Page". Local Access Lookup is at URL: The down-side: There will be a permanent ad section at the bottom of your browser, but it is free. ( "Your Free Online Place to Keep in Touch With Friends and Family" ( free email groups, mailing lists, communities, majordomo, e-mail, bounce handling, mlm software, listserv, eGroups, newsletters, announcement, email lists, list hosting. ( 100% free and anonymous Internet Service Provider (ISP). Unlimited Nationwide 56k V.90 Internet Access on the PC and Mac. Free E-Mail, Instant Messaging, Chat and 50 Mg online storage. Access numbers are at URL: ( "Sign up for an I-drive to get infinite space for any MP3, game, download or file you save from the Web along with 50 megs for your desktop files." - Gather MP3s; create Photo Albums; Share files; and more. 

NetZero ( Access numbers are at URL: 

Lycos Free Internet Service ( Kentucky access numbers are at URL:

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Some of my Web sites: "Internet help Files" at URL: 
Falls of the Ohio at URL: 
My Aunt Jan's "Kitty City"  (Compassion runs deep on my maternal side of the family.)
My Family Tree Maker Web site at URL:

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Trouble remembering your user names and passwords? 

If you use Microsoft's Internet Explorer 4 or 5, you can automatically save you user name and password, Netscape doesn't have this feature (that I know of). Additionally, it is a good idea to save your user names and passwords on 3 x 5 cards in an index card file or on a spiral version of the cards in case your computer crashes, etc. Here are two neat programs, the first one keep passwords, while the second program has a few more features: 

PassKeeper for Windows by Brad Greenlee (Free) 

Password Keeper for Windows by Gregory Braun (Free to try, $20 if you decide to keep it.) 

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Other useful free programs can be found at ZDNet's HotFiles at URL:

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"Pat", Patricia D. McClendon, MSSW, CSW at URL: at URL:  

Happy Hunting!

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