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The first record of the McClintock family originated in Argyllshire Scotland near the shores of Loch Lomond about 40 miles north of Glasgow. Read more about it here

There are also a lot of us who are researching the McClintock's of County Tyrone, Ireland. Ever wonder what parts of County Tyrone look like? Have a look at these beautiful photos



African American McClintocks' in the 1870 Census

The Arizona Rangers a James Harvey McClintock Publication
Boyne Valley, Ireland

**NEW** The Brazelton Robbery a James Harvey McClintock Publication

**NEW** McClintock Cemetery Project

McClintock Census Project
1831 Ireland Census
  Coat of Arms McClintock  

**NEW** Cochise Train Robbery a James Harvey McClintock Publication
Commonwealth Soldiers
McClintock Graves and Tombstones
McClintock Genealogy Reports

**NEW**The Great Wham Robbery a James Harvey McClintock Publication
Griffith's Valuation of Ireland

House of John J. McClintock 1886-90 Paris, Kentucky
Illinois Civil War Soldiers

**NEW**Jim Parker a James Harvey McClintock Publication

**NEW**Jim Burnett a James Harvey McClintock Publication

The Origin of the McClintock Name 

**NEW**Old Globe a James Harvey McClintock Publication

**NEW**Phoenix as a "Wild West Town" a James Harvey McClintock Publication

**NEW**Peace Officers a James Harvey McClintock Publication

**NEW**Pearl Hart, A Feminine Road Agent a James Harvey McClintock Publication

**NEW**The Pleasant Valley War a James Harvey McClintock Publication
The "
Surname McClintock" in Ireland
The McClintock Tablecloth  

The McClintock Tartan

**NEW**Train Robbers a James Harvey McClintock Publication
McClintock building at Seskinore, Ireland
McClintock Burials found in Cemeteries of Ontario, Canada

A McClintock Family Article -  Laurel Messenger April 25, 1944

McClintock Homes
McClintock Marriages
McClintock Primary School, Seskinore, Ireland 

McClintock Social Security Death Index Files
McClintick/Sylvester Cemetery-Indiana
McClintock's of the Commonwealth Who Died At WW1 & WW2
McClintock Births in Ireland

**NEW**Vigilantes and Bad Men a James Harvey McClintock Publication

**NEW**The Valenzuela Gang a James Harvey McClintock Publication

**NEW**Wyatt Earp a James Harvey McClintock Publication


McClintock (and variations) Marriage Records
sorted by Christian Names

You will notice that some names have "hyperlinks"
on them.  These "links" are emails of other people who are researching this family line or different places on this website where the individual is mentioned.  If you wish to add your ancestors marriage or burial and would like to have your name or email address linked to them, so that others researching this line may contact you, please contact me.

McClintock Marriages A to C

McClintock Marriages D to F

McClintock Marriages G to I

McClintock Marriages J to L

McClintock Marriages M to O

McClintock Marriages P to R

McClintock Marriages S to U

McClintock Marriages V to Z



McClintock Social Security Death Index Files

Sorted by Christian names
Please note that some files may take 20 or more seconds to load.



McClintock Genealogy Reports
 (Family Group Records)

On each page of a genealogical report or family group record the individual who is researching this line and who generously donated his or her work is mentioned along with a means to contact him or her.  All credit for the work on each page belongs to the person mentioned therein.  If you would like to add your family group record or ancestor chart, please do not hesitate to contact me


McClintock Census Project
Possible through all the wonderful people who have donated the information through their own research.  Still working on getting the entire collection on line!




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 McClintock Social Security Death Index Files
McClintock Social Security Death Index Files