McCulloch, Klose and related families

McCulloch, Klose and Related Families

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Hello and welcome to my homepage!  This web site is dedicated to the memory of my ancestors, those men and women who had a part in making me who I am today.  

I have enjoyed the pursuit of my ancestors for the past twenty years.  Throughout that time, I have collected quite a bit of data on quite a few people.  Below is a list of the main branches of my family.  I have organized them into my father's side (paternal) and my mother's side (maternal).  If you want to explore one of the family names I have listed below, just click on it and you will be taken to that family's page.

As you browse through these pages, I hope you will discover that some of these people are your ancestors as well.  If you find that we have common ancestors, I would love to hear from you because YOU may just be that "lost" relative I've been looking for!

You may contact me at:

J. Kevin McCulloch


       Paternal Side                                 Maternal Side

        Bates Family                                     Crooks Family

        Bigham                                               Dyer Family

        Burgess Family                                  Fulkes Family

        Crouch                                                 Hodges

        Johnson Family                                   Holt

        McCulloch                                            Klose

        McDaniel                                              Lewis

                                                                       Self Family

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