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˜---  Henry Campbell McEwen & Family  ---

Henry C. McEwen family following the loss of Nancy Stovall McEwen.

Front row, left to right:   Preston Thomas (BATS),  Laura (Girly),  Woodson Loyal,  Joy Louise

Back Row - Left to right:   Henry C. McEwen,  Lytle Henry,  Mary Gladis

  • Henry (Campbell) McEWEN was born February, 1883, and died 1944.  He is buried in Hawley, Texas alongside his brother Carl A., his and Carl's wife Ruby Reams, and Ruby's mother.

  • Nancy Louise STOVALL was born February 2, 1887 and died June 28, 1921.  She is buried in Aspermont, Texas.

  • Henry C. and Nancy were married in Stonewall County, Texas early in 1906 by a close family friend, Rev. E.B. FEATHERSTONE.

  • Henry's family eventually grew to seven children, including one set of twins.  Only one of the twins,
      Preston Thomas, survived.


  • The Children of Henry C. and Nancy Stovall McEwen

Lytle Henry - 17 May 1907 - Apr 1979

Mary Gladys - deceased

Joy Louise - deceased

Woodson Loyal - 16 May 1915 - Mar 1981

Preston Thomas - 22 Nov 1918 - Apr 1965

Laura  Imazel -

  • Henry C. next married Ruby Reams. They had one child.
  • Henry -