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William Jasper McEWEN   &   Margaret Agnes HALL
26 Jan 1839 - 21 Jun 1922            11 Dec 1849 - 15 Nov 1878

  • William first married Margaret Agnes HALL, daughter of John M. HALL and Margaret, on 29 September, 1867, in Hood County, Texas.

Children from this marriage were:

  • Albert Harrison McEWEN - 8 August 1872 - 1959

  • John W. McEWEN - 15 July 1876 - October 1878*

  • Lucy Hicks McEWEN - 14 July 1878 - 6 May 1968**

*Carolyn McKinzie reports a family legend that In 1878 the McEWEN family, along with several others, moved by horse and wagon from Hood County, to near Round Timber in Baylor County, Texas.  During this move young John W. was lost.  It is believed he fell from a wagon, probably while sleeping.   Although a search was begun as soon as John was discovered missing, no trace of him was ever found.  Margaret lived little more than a month after little John W. was lost, then she too died.

Closer research indicates there was probably a disease affecting the Hood County area in 1878 that resulted in the deaths of both Margaret and John W. McEwen.  The family move to Baylor County occurred almost two years after John W. and his mother died.

**A mystery we would love to solve is the name HICKS.  This name is carried by Nancy HICKS Oldham and later by Lucy HICKS McEwen.   So far, we have found no record of a HICKS in the Oldham or McEwen
genealogy record.  We could sure use some help on this one, cousins!

William J. McEwen next married Sarah Elizabeth Smith in 
Hood County, Texas

The children from this marriage were:

  • Ethel L. - November, 1884 - ?

  • Joseph E. - March, 1888 - ?

  • Carl A. - January, 1890 - ?

  • Neva Leona - February, 1896 - ?

At the insistence of William's half brother, Henry Thorp, the McEwen family moved south from Baylor County in mid- year 1887 to Stonewall County.  They settled on land purchased from Henry Thorp that lay just north of the Shinery Lake community in section 148.