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Head Stone Photos

In July, 2001 my wife Janet and I traveled much of Texas in search of grave markers of our McEwen ancestors.  For me, this was as much an emotional trip back in time as it was a field excursion.   The following photographs, many unfortunately of inferior quality, represent a couple thousand miles of motorcar travel across terrain that our forebearers traveled on foot, on horseback, and in covered wagons.   Everyone should walk a mile in Baylor, Stonewall, Burleson or Hood County, Texas in the blazing heat of the July sun.  Even knowing that feeling, I can't begin to imagine what it was like to recognize you must do it for days and weeks on end, caring for children, for stock, and being ever vigilant of marauding bandits, cowhands, and Indians.  When Nancy, Pleasant, William J., and all the other members of our clan settled this hostile country it was, indeed, still The Frontier.   Silent stone markers in quiet, out of the way cemeteries are testimony to the harshness of the land and times, and to the resolve and courage of the people who came to settle, and to tame The Frontier.

Nancy Hicks Oldham McEwen Thorp
Pleasant Earl Thorp
--Thorp Spring, Texas --

Sarah Elizabeth Smith McEwen
-- Aspermont, Texas --

William Jasper (Buck) McEwen
-- Aspermont, Texas --

Nancy Louise Stovall McEwen
-- Aspermont, Texas --