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Pleasant Earl Thorp and Nancy Hicks Oldham McEwen Thorp, circa 1880.

The exact date of this photograph is unknown.  The history of the photograph is sketchy, but Barb Wilkins reports  she received the original from Lee Connaway (now deceased) who was connected to the
Caraways, one of whom married a daughter of Col. Thorp.

If anyone can add any information about this photo, or knows of others depicting either of these people or their descendents, please contact me. 

Nancy is William Jasper (Buck) McEwen's mother, and the widow of John W. McEwen. 

Nancy lost her first husband, John McEwen soon after they were married.  She traveled from Tennessee with her young son William Jasper McEwen and her Oldham family to the area of Texas now named Burleson County.  At the time she first arrived in Texas, Texas was a Republic and the area she received a Head of Family land grant was known as Milam Land District.  Her land grant was located in Washington County.

Nancy met and married Pleasant Earl Thorp in the Milam land district of Texas.   The joining of each of their land holdings into one common holding resulted in their ownership of a large area of early Texas.