John A. McGee Will

John A. McGee Will

John Alexander McGee David Clendenon McGee Mary Frances McGee John Alexander McGee Caroline  Hooper Martha Caroline McGee
White County, Tennessee


Tennessee, White County

I, John A. McGee being sensible of my mortality low in body but Sound in memory and of disposing mind; do make and publish this my last will and Testament hereby revoking all other wills by me at any time made ~
1st. I direct that my debts be paid first out of any moneys that may be dispossessed off, or that may first come into hands of Representatives ~
2nd I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Caroline McGee my Homestead and all the lands appertaining to the same, and as much of the property as she may think necessary for her benefit and the balance to be sold on a credit of twelve months; I also request that Carolina takes enough of the money arising from the sale to make up the amount of Five hundred dollars given to me by my grandmothers dowry for it & that put at Interest, and that principal nor interest and not to be used until the youngest child becomes of age, then It to be divide equal amongst them all., Towit, David Clendenon McGee, Mary Frances McGee, John Alexander McGee and Martha Caroline McGee ~
3rd I give Caroline McGee my wife the whole of the remainder of my effects after securing the above mentioned five hundred dollars and Interest to the four children.
4thly I do hereby nominate and appoint Josh W Glenn my administrator. In testimony whereof I have unto set my hand in the presence of us {seal}

This writen before assigned ~ I John A. McGee for therein one request that my beloved wife Caroline McGee have the whole of my estate after securing the five hundred dollars and interest for the 4 named children. To have it at her discretion during her natural life then that to be divided equally among my above named children.- Witness whereof I have set my name in the presence
Daniel Lyder                           John A. McGee {seal}
B.T. Boyer


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