M804-1683 McGee-McGhee Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty-Land-Warrant Application Files
  1. Charles McGee S.34979 Maryland 11 Pages Private Maryland Line Date of enlistment, April 1778, 5 years service Captain Armstrong, Colonel Gunby Pension 5243 issued 7 Jan 1818 Sent to John R. Plater Esq., Leonard Town, Saint Mary's County Maryland Battles engaged in: Cumden, Cowpens, Eutaw Springs, Guilford Age on April 24, 1818 : 60 years
  2. Daniel McGee S.33389 Pennsylvania 19 Pages Bounty Land Warrent No: 10,081 for 100 acres issued January 4, 1789 Private in the artillery Pennsylvania Line Pension No: 3064 New Jersey Roll Captain McGowan Certificate of Penssion issued Sept 26 1818 sent to William P. Deave Esq, New Brusnwick, New Jersey South Amboy, Middlesex Resident of Monmouth County, NJ, Age 58 on July 25, 1820 Served in Captain William Furgason's company and in the 4th Regiment of Pennsylvania Artillery commanded by Col. Thomas Prockton. Occupation is a ship carpenter, but is infirm anc cannot pursue it. Wife Sarah age about 40, Daughter Sarah Ann aged nine years Enlisted in Philadelphia in April 1777 in the comapny commded by Captain McGowan in the 4th Pennsylvania Regiment commanded by Col William Butler and continued to serve in said regiment until January 1781 when he was discharged at Trenton in New Jersey and that he again enlisted in the fourth artillery Regiment of Pennsylvania and served until the end of the war as appears by his discharge. He was in the battles of Brandywine and at the capture of Cornwallis at YorkTown. Communications with: Law offices of Percival Magee Miss Jessie E. Magee Tulsa OK Nov, 1912
  3. David McGee R.6716 Massachusetts 15 Pages State of Michigan County of Jackson April 18, 1840 David McGee, resident of Concord aged 80 years He enlisted March 1, 1777, Town of Colvain in Hampshire County, Massachusetts Enlisted under Captain Kemp, John Stewart was Lieutenant, field officer was Col. Leonard. Volunteered together with twenty-one others form the same town: Moses Rangin, Robert Patterson, Isaac Pennell, Archibald Pennell, John Caldwell, John Call. After enlisted, marchted to Ticonderoga for at term of one month. During that time he was not ina any battle but was frequently on Gurad and on fatigue duty. On the first day of August, 17777, enlisted for term of three months under Capt. Densmore, the field officer was Col. Woodbridge that he resided at this time in the town of Colrain that he enlisted with others: John Newman, William Hodge, David Morrison. And .... Jonas McGee resides in Pembroke, County of Genesee, NY. I was born in the town of Colrain, Hampshire County (now Franklin), State of Massachusets Feb 14, 1760 In 1791 I moved to Kingsbury, Washington County, New York. In 1802 moved to Bottom Washington (now Warren) county In 1833 I mvoed to Concord, Jackson County, Michigan where I now reside I received a written discharge at Albany form the service of my last enlistment, signed by Commissary Hezekiah Smith. Thomas McGee was Justice of the Peace in county of Jackson State of New York, Genesee County March 2, 1839 Jonas McGee of the town of Pembroke said he is a native of the town of Colerain in the State of Massachusetts that David McGee is his brother.
  4. Harmon McGee or Herman McGee S.7194 Virginia 7 Pages Pension # 3555 North Carolina, Stokes County Private in compnay of Captain Powel of the Regt commanded by COl. Meriwether in the Virginia line for 10 months from 1776 September 12, 1832 Shortly after his 16th year of age which was in July 1776, he was dragfted with many others of Sussex County of Virginia. He served his first 3 month tour under Captain John Powell and Col. Meriwether that he was marched to York Va where Born on July 7th, 1760 in the county of Sussex VA and resided ther until about 32 years ago wneh he moved with his family to Rockingham County VA where he resided 2 years and moved to Guilford in which county he reside a year and then moved to stokes county where he now resides.
  5. James McGee or James Magee W.2954 Wife: Margaret McCracken Continental Delaware 76 Pages James Magee (McGee) enlisted in Delaware early in 1776 served fifteen months as a private under Captains Jonathan Rumford and Latimer in the troops called the Wilmington Greens and was in the battles of White Plains and Trenton He enlisted April 24, 1777 in Wilmington, Delaware, served as Sergeant Magor in Captains Nathaniel Mitchell's and Young's Companies, Colonels Grayson's and Gast's Continental Regiments and was in the battles of Brandywine, Paoli, Germantown, Monmouth, Stony Point, Paulus Hook Monk's Corner, and in a number of small skirmishes and was discharged April 24, 1780. In the summer of 1804 he moved From Mifflin County, Pennsylvania to Warren County, Pennsylvania. He was allowed pension on his application executed November 25, 1818, at which time he was a resident of Bronenstraw Township, Warren County, Pennsylvania. In 1821 he was 87 hears of age and was then residing in Brokenstraw Township, and at that time stated that he had no family living with him but his wife. He died in November 1823, in Warren County, Pennsylvania. The soldier married in May 1781 in Mifflin County, Pennsylvania, Miss Margaret McCracken. She was allowed pension on her application executed December 7, 1838 at which time she was seventy-six years of age and resided in Warren County, Pennsylvania. In July 1844, she was living in Deerfield Township, Warren County, Pennsylvania. She died November 3, 1844. It is stated that they had a large family of children; the only name given is that of a son, Samuel, who was aged fifty-four years on June 19, 1838. In 1838 he resided in Warren County, Pennsylvania, and was then a Justice of the Peace
  6. James McGee BLWt 10840 issued April 7, 1792 Delaware, Private
  7. James McGee W.7427 Wife: Mary Snyder Private New Jersey 27 Pages Served every year from 1776 to 1782 Captains: Benjamin Whittal, Barr or Baldwin, Longstreet, Dey, Stout, Perrine, and James Morgan Colonel: Silas Newcomb Read or Hillman Battles engaged in: Long Island & Trenton Residence at enlistment : Woodbury Gloucester Co. New Jersey Date of Application: By widow: March 10, 1837 Residence at application: South Amboy Twp, Middlesex Co. New Jersey Age at application: 78 years Married by Rev. Benj. Dubois of Duch Ch of Freehold, Dec 6, 1780 to Mary Snyder James McGee died May 30, 1812
  8. James McGee BLWt 1382 - 100 Pennsylvania Rec'd of Mr. E. Stephlens Land Warrant for James McGee son & Heir at Law of James McGee, late Soldier in the Revolutionary war. Rec'd by me this 13th day of October 1828. James McGee is the Son and only heir of James McGee who died about 1816 Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
  9. James C. McGee S.31,250 Pennsylvania 26 Pages James C. McGee was born in 1760 in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania and when about four years of age mvoed with his parents to Bedford County Pennsylvania While residing in Bedford County, Pennsylvania, he volunteered and served as 1st sergeant in Captain Samuel Moor's Pennsylvania company of Indian spies, as follows: from May, 1777, six months; from May 1778, six months, and from April 1779, six months; was in several small skirmishes with the Indians and was severely wounded in the thigh by a bullet; shortly after the termination of the last named service, he volunteered in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, and served six months as 1st sergeant in Captain Lochery's or Lougherty's Pennsylvania company of Indian spies and was discharged in the fall of 1781. All of the above service as rendered at the forts and on the frontiers protecting the inhabitants from the attacks of the Indians. After the Revolutionary War he moved to the Territory of North Carolina (Which was later East Tennessee). lived there for som years; thence to Lee County, Virginia, where he lived for a while, then to Anderson and Campbell Counties, Tennessee where he lived many years; was commissioneed captain in Anderson County, Tennessee, by John Sevier, GOvernor of Tennessee, and later commissioned major in Campbell County, Tennessee by Governor Sevier. In February, 1835, he moved from Campbell County, Tennessee, to Wayne County, Kentucky. James C. McGee was allowed pension on his application executed November 25, 1835 while a resident of Wayne County Kentucky. He died August 1, 1839.
  10. John McGee S.1230 New Jersey 23 Pages Kentucky Pension 19397 John McGee, Fayett Co. in the State of Kentucyk was a private in the compnay commanded by Captain Chambers of the regiment commanded by Col Scudder in the Jew Jersey Line for 6 mo
  11. John McGee R.6717 Virginia Esther 31 pages While residing in Rockbridge COunty, Virginia, John McGee served as a private in Captain William McKee's company and in the 12th Virginia regiment, was on Lewis' Campaign against the Shawnee Indians, was in the battle of Guilford Court House, wounded twice while in the service, and was discharged October 10, 1778, at Fort Randolph. John McGee moved after the Revolution to Tennessee. He was living in 1818 in Warren County, Tennessee. John McGee married sometime in the year 1792, in Sevier County, Tennessee, Esther Clendenning. The date and place of her birth, and names of parents were not stated. John McGee died January 24, 1820, in Warren County, Tennessee. His widow, Esther McGee, died in the month of March, 1846, in Warren County, Tennessee. She was survived by the following children: Jane, widow of James Hennessee; Polly, wife of Ezekiel McGreger or McGregor; John McGee; Sally McGee; Samuel McGee; James L. McGee. Charles M. Forrest of Warren County, Tennessee, administrator of the estate of the widow, Esther McGee, applied for pension September 6, 1842, which might have been due on account of the service of John McGee, in behalf of the above named children. The claim for pension was not allowed, as proof of marriage of John McGee and Esther Clendenning was not furnished. In 1852, Richard McGee of Henry County, Tennessee, then aged seventy-seven years, stated that he was well acquainted with the soldier, John McGee; also in 1852, one R. McGreger was clerk of the court of Warren County, Tennessee. Their relationship to the family of John McGee was not shown.
  12. Levin McGee BLWt 2130-100 Delaware 9 pages Private in the Delaware Regiment and served botn in the Northern and Southern Armies. McGee was one of the survivors of the fatal field of Camden and was attached to one of the two companies formed from the remains of the Regiment after the battle. John McGee heir at law of Levin McGee declares that Levin McGee did enter the service in 1779 and served as a private in the Delaware Regiment under the command of Col. David Hall of the Delaware Line. State of Delaware Sussex County October, 1835 Reputed heirs of Levin McGee who died without leaving a widow, children, father, or mother. William McGee John McGee Thomas McGee Thoroughgood Brittanham Ann Brittanham Elizabeth Brittanham Abigale West William McGee (son of Jesiah) Thomas McGee Archibald McGee Joseph Bonsell
  13. Neil McGee or McKee Susannah Ryon or Ryan (former widow) W.22139 BLWt. 36533-160-55 Continental (Massachusets) 65 Pages Private of Artillery Died September 2, 1825 Neil married Susannah on January 1, 1794 James Ryan died in September, 1834 On September 18, 1844, Susannah Ryan was a widow of James Ryan and formerly Neil McGee, was age 72 and a resident of Brooksville, Hancock County, Maine. Witness E. McGee
  14. Patrick McGee or Magee Zadia W.9184 BLWt. 40,003-160-55 Continental New York Agency and residence in 1818 35 Pages Patrick McGee was born November 1761 and enlisted May 1778 and served as a private in Captains Hughes and Satterlee's companies, Colonel Hazen's Continentel regiment until the close of the war. He was allowed pension on his application executed April 9, 1818, while a resident of Onondaga, New York. He died at Lysander, New York, August 19, 1820. Soldier married at Lysander, NY Novembe 18, 1814, Zadia Williams, she was allowed pension on her application executed January 30, 1856, while living in Granby, Oswego Co. NY age 76. Elizabeth Hall, sister of the widow, Zadia McGee, was fifty-eight in 1856 and living in Van Buren, Onondaga County, NY
  15. Patrick McGee Private Hazen's Regiment BLWt. 13418-100 Issued September 11, 1792 to Sarah McGee, Admx 1 page
  16. Ralph McGee or Magee S.13984 Virginia 1 page
  17. Robert McGee Private Pennsylvania line BLWt. 9954-100 Issued December 16, 179? to William Burgess, Admr 1 page
  18. Robert McGee Pennsylvania Dis. No papers 12 pages Robert McGee of Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, served as Lieutenant in a rifle battalion of Philadelphia Militia, and that while in an engagement with the British at Millatone, New Jersey, on June 20, 1777, he was wounded in the neck and right shoulder. He was pensioned on account of said wound up to September 1797.
  19. Samuel McGee Virginia S.31,249 33 Pages Samuel McGee was born March 1, 1750 (old style) in New Kent County, Virginia. While residing in Pittsylvania County, Virginia, Samuel McGee volunteered sometime in 1776, and served continuously as private in the Virginia troops (except at intervals when he was permitted to visit his family), under Captains Peter Perkins, Thomas Hutchins and Owen Reubel, Colonels Abram Penn and William Spencer. During his service he was in the battles of Guya's Island, Cowpens, Guilford Court House, Pigeon Hill in which he assisted in taking seventy-nine prisoners, and was at the surrender of Cornwallis at Yorkstown where he was discharged after having served about six years. After the Revolution, the soldier moved to Tennessee where he lived four years, then moved to South Carolina, lived there four years, thence to Kentucky where he settled in Woodford County. Samuel was allowed pension on his application executed August 9, 1832 at which time he was living in Woodford County, Kentucky. He died December 27, 1834.
  20. Thomas McGee S.4194 Georgia North Carolina Resident of Virginia at enlistment but first enlisted in Baltimore MD under Capt. Templeton & Col. Brown 22 Pages Born Randolph County, North Carolina, February 17, 1749 He was living in Pittsylvania County Virginia at the time of his entering into service, but had gone to Baltimore on business. After being dismissed from the service, he returned to Pittsylvania County and continuing a short time went into Stokes County, North Caroline where he married and continued several years. He then moved to the State of Tennessee and had been a resident for about forty years of Tennessee State, and for the last ten years a Citizen of Humphreys County. State of Tennessee Humphrey County October 28, 1833 Thomas McGee, a resident of Humphrey County aged Eighty-Four Enlisted in July 1777 and served under the following named officers: Captain Templeton in the town of Baltimore, state of Maryland, the regiment was commanded by Col Brown. That McGee was marched from Baltimroe to Savanna, Georgia and served in what was then called the 4th Georgia Battalion. Was defeated by the British at Brier Creek and was taken prisoner. After forty-eight hours, made his escape swiming the Savanna Rivar at a place called the "two sisters" and went to the State of North Carolina, Burke County, making a term of service of two years. In Burke County, he volunteered and joined the service with Drew Cade Captain and Colonel Clark with whom he returned to Augusta Georgia. At this place McGee was wounded in the hip and was conveyed on horseback to Kings Mountain where Captain Cade joined Col Campbell and was near the battleground at the time of Furgerson's defeat.
  21. Thomas McGee S.5752 New Jersey 58 Pages Thomas McGee was born March 11, 1757 in Cumberland County, New Jersey. While residing about forty-five miles from Philadelphia, Thomas McGee enlisted near Bridgetown, Cumberland County, New Jersey, in 1776, served as private in various tours, in the New Jersey troops, under Captains James Ewings, Joel Fithian, Ezekiel Foster, Ephrain Lummis, William Garrison, and Colonels David Potter and Samuel Ogden; he was in the battles of Princeton and Raritan River, and in frequent skirmishes, one on Staten Island, one near Mount Holly, and one near Salem, length of entire service ten months. After the Revolution, he moved from Cumberland County, New Jersey to Monongalia County, Virginia, and thence to Preston County VA. He was allowed pension on his application executed January 14, 1833, then living in Preston County.
  22. Thomas McGee S.5071 North Carolina 14 Pages West Tennsessee Thomas McGee of Montgomery Co, the State of Tennessee who was a private in the company commanded by Capton Dickson of the Regiment commanded by Col Dickson in the North Carolina line for twelve Months. Thomas resided in Anson Co. North Carolina when he enlisted. Was Seventy years old on October 15, 1832. He was raised from a small boy in the County of Anson in the State of North Carolina, was born in the county of Orange, was taken a prisoner by the tories in the county of Anson and taken to the State of South Carolina where he made escape. He was in the battle of Guilford Court House.
  23. Thomas McGee R.6715 Amy North Carolina 25 Pages Thomas McGee served in 1780, three months, as assistant commisary; in 1781, three months; in 1782, three months, as a lieutenant in Captain Loften's Company. All of this service was with the North Carolian Troops. The Soldier married August 7 or 11, 1789, Aamy or Emey Williams, who was aged eighteen years, June 30, 1789. The soldier died Januayr 9, 1822 and his widow, Amy died November 21, 1845. The followng names appear: Bettey or Betsey McGee, born April 12, 1790; Black hana born April 17, 1790 Blear or Blari McGee born November 23, 1791 Isaac Black, born April 13, 1792 Hugh McGee born February 21, 1793 Thomas McGee, born April 24, 1799 Lossury ?? McGee born April 19, 1801 Daniel McGee born August 29, 180?? Joab, Born ???4, 1805 and Robert McGee Sr. Born February 5, 1809 Their son Blair McGee, while residing in Gaston County, North Carolina applied June 28, 1858 for the pension that might have been due his mother. The claim was not allowed as there was no existing law that granted a pension to children of a deceased Revolutionary War soldier or of his widow, when the soldier or widow were not pensions during their life-time.
  24. Thomas McGee S.38,202 Pennsylvania 37 Pages State of Virginia Washington County Thomas McGee Jr, the son of Thomas McGee That the heirs of the said Thomas McGee believe that under existing laws of congress there is eight years pension due fromt he United States to the said Thomas McGee. THey have been so informed and if such be true, they hte children of the said Thomas McGee ask that it award to them the said Thomas McGee left at his death the following named children to wit: Thomas McGee, Hanah McGee, John McGee, Mary McGee, Elizabeth McGee, Sally McGee, and Edward McGee. The deceased pensioner resided in Washington County in the state of Virginia for the space of 40 or more years before his death. Sworn and subscribed the 19th day of March 1953.
  25. William McGee or McGhee S.34,980 BLWt 1355-100 Maryland 17 Pages Maryland Pension #8887; William McGee of St. Mary's County in the state of Maryland who was a private in the regiment commanded by Captain Armstrong of the Maryland line for a term of five years. Certificate of Pension issued 17 of March 1819 and sent to John R. Plater, judge, Leonard town, St. Mary's Co. MD I William McGhee alias Wm McGee aged sixty eight years, do, upon oath testify and declare, that, in the year one thousand seven hundred and seventy eight or nine, I enlisted for a term of "during the war," and served in the regiment No. three or fourth under the command of Colonel Williams of the Maryland line; and that I continued in the service aforesead until the close of the war, when I was regularly discharged from the same regiment, commanded by Colonel Williams.
  26. William McGee or Magee S.41,840 New Hampshire 28 Pages Ohio Pension 10,952; William McGee (Magee) of Hamilton County in the state of Ohio who was a private in the regiment commanded by Colonel Cilley of the New Hampshire line, for the term of three years. Certificate of Pension issued the 21th of May 1819 and sent to John Sharp, Marietta, State of Ohio. William Magee was 70 years on July 24, 1820 and resided in Marietta Township, Washington County, Ohio. His wife was Margaret Magee, age 60 On May 9, 1823, William Magee was 76 years old was a widower and lived with his son, Robert Magee. Also had a son, William Magee, Jr. His land was conveyed to William Magee Jr. on March 18, 1817 for $500. William McGee enlisted into the army of the United States in the beginning of January at Albany in the state of New York, A.D. 1777 that he served in Captain Waits Company in the first regiment of the New Hampshire line commanded by Col. Jos Cilley, that he continued to serve in said corps or in the service of the United States until the beginning of January 1780 making the term of three years the time for which he enlisted. I was discharged at Danbury in Connecticut by Col Cilley. Discharge certificate: Willm McGee of the First New Hampshire Regiment formerly an inhabitant of New Cambridge County of Charlotte and State of New York having honourably and faithfully served three years in the service of the United States being the term of his Inlistment is hereby Discharged from tha army and is permitted to return to the state of New York Camp Danbury January 3, 1780 Jos Cilley Colonel
  27. William McGehe S.32,399 Virginia 33 Pages Alabama Pension No 25,778; William McGehe, Jackson County in the state of Alabama was a private in the comapny commanded by Captain Shelton of the Regiment commanded by Col Perkins in the Virginia Militia. Certificate of pension issued 3rd day of January 1834. Residence at enlistment: Pittsylvania Co. VA Date of application; January 4, 1833 Residence at date of application: Jackson Co. Alabama Born in 1755 in New Kent Co. VA He died May 1, 1836 and the assign of his pension was paid to his widow's name is Direna.
  28. Thomas McGeorge S.2801 Virginia 28 Pages West Tennessee Pension #25357 Thomas McGeorge of Warren Co, in the State of Tennessee who was a private in the company commanded by Captain Ranfra of the regiment commanded by Col Preston in the Virginia line for 18 months. Certificate of Pension issued the 28 day of Dec, 1833 Thomas McGeorge was born January 23, 1758 in Hanover County, Virginia. While a resident of Botetourt County, Virginia, Thomas McGeorge enlisted in April 1778 and served six months as a private in Captain Joseph Renfro's Virginia COmpany. He enlisted n May 1779 and served six months as a priate in Captain Eason's Virginia Company. He enlisted in June 1780 and served six months as private in Captain Cummins' Company, Colonel Charles Lynon's Virginia Regiment. He enlisted, served three months as orderly sergeant in Captains Samuel Eason's and William McClenehan's Companies, Colonel Hugh Crockett's Virginia Regiment; was in the battles of Whitsall's Hills and Guilford and discharged March 19, 1781. He was afterwards appointed by Colonel William Ward to purchase provisions for the British prisoners who had been moved from Albemarle Barracks to Winchester and served three months in that capacity. In December 1816 he moved from Botetourt County, Virginia, to Knox County, Kentucky, and in August 1822 moved to Warren County, Tennessee. He also lived in Blount, Alabama, and Franklin, Tennessee for short periods. He was allowed pension on his application executed October 10,1833, at which time he was a resident of Warren County, Tennessee. Thomas McGeorge died April 27, 1834.
  29. William McGeorge S.38,201 Virginia 43 Pages Virginia Pension #15,672; William McGeorge of ?? county in the state of Virginia who was a private in the regiment commanded by COlonel Richeson of the Virginia line for the term of one year Certificate of Pension issued the 26th of Oct, 1819 William McGeorge enlisted in King William County, VIrginia, February 14, 1778, served as a private in Captain Reuben Lipscomb's Company, COlonel Holt Richardson's Virginia Regiment, was in the battle of Monmouth and was discharged February 19, 1779. He was alloed pension on his application executed June 18, 1819, at which time he was aged sixty-three years and resided in King William County, VIrginia. He died November 26, 1822 in King William COunty, Virginia. The soldier married Elizabeth who was living in King William County, Virginia in 1844. W.E. McGeorge, a childe of the soldier and his wife, Elizabeth was living in 1844.
  30. Neal McGerry or McGeary W.8276 BLWt. 320-60-55 Continental Pennsylvania Mary 71 Pages Pennsylvania Pension 6983; Neal McGerry of Beaver County in the state of Pennsylvania was a private in the regiment commanded by Colonel Hampton of the Pennsylvania line and served a term of 3 years. Pension to commence on August 6, 1818. On March 9, 1881, Mary McGerry was a widow of Neal McGerry who died on April 13, 1880. On March 14, 1881, Mary McGerry was deceased. Beaver County, State of Pennsylvania On 31 May, 1854, Mary McGerry, formerly Mary Hoover, was a resident of Moon Township in ALlegheny County, PA. She was the widow of Cornelius McGerry who was a private in the War of the Revolution. She was married to Cornelius McGerry on June, 1821 and that Cornelius died July 10, 1839 at or near Scottsville, Beaver County, PA.
  31. William McGhee or McGee S.34,980 BLWt.1355-100 Maryland 1 Page
  32. William McGhee S.33068 North Carolina 30 Pages Illinois Pension #26,143; William McGhee of McLean Co in the state of Ill was private in the compnay commanded by Captain Pond of the Regiment commanded by Col Wade in the North Carolina line. Pension to commence on March 4, 1834 William McGhee was born in 1761 or 1762 in Louisa County, Virginia. While residing in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, about twelve miles from the town of Charlotte, he enlisted in the fall of 1777 or 1778 and served on various torus at different times until 1781, about two years and three months in all, as a private under Captains Pond, Bracken, Smith, Armstrong and James Shepard, Colonels Wade, Lofton, Shepard and Lewis in the North Carolina Troops and was in the battles of Wilmington and Guilford. After the Revolution, he continued to live in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina until he was about forty five years of age, then moved to Tennessee thence to Christian County, Kentucky, where he resided eight years thence to White County, Illinois, where he lived for eleven years and thence to McLean County, Illinois. He was allowed pension on his application executed June 5, 1833, while living in McLean County, Illinois. William McGee was born in 1761 or 1762 in Louisa County, Virginia. While residing in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, about twelve miles from the town of Charlotte, he enlisted in the fall of 1777 or 1778, and served on various tours at different times until 1781, about two years and three months in all, as a private under Captains Pond, Bracken, Smith, Armstrong and James Shepard, Colonels Wade, Lofton, Shepard and Lewis in the North Carolina Troops and was in the battles of Wilmington and Guilford. After the Revolution, he continued to live in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, until he was about forty-five years of age, then moved to Tennessee, thence to Christian County, Kentucky, where he resided eight years, thence to White County, Illinois, where he lived for eleven years and thence to McLean County, Illinois. He was allowed pension on his application executed June 5, 1833, while living in McLean County, Illinois.