The McGowan-Nolan Family

Table of Contents

Research Summaries:
The McGowan Family History
A Nolan-McCormick History
The Theviot-Pickler History
Some information about the Breen branch of the family

Personal Recollections:
Born to be a Newspaper Man, A Personal History by Martin J. McGowan Jr. 
A Political Life" by Martin McGowan Jr. with stories about Minnesota Governor Elmer Benson, Eugene McCarthy and Hubert Humphrey.
A Nolan Family History
Nora Nolan’s recollections about her life in Brainerd, Minnesota
A letter from Bertha Pickler Theviot about her life

 Family Tree
The McGowan-Nolan family tree: start with the Surname List or the Index.  For photo albums, go to the Family Tree and click on the camera icon on any page.

Links to Other Family Websites:

 McGowan Family of Cranford, NJ
The Martinis columns by Martin McGowan Sr. appearing in the Appleton Press
 The Cub's Corner, a collection of columns by Martin McGowan Jr. appearing in the Appleton Press and other papers.
My daughter Sarah's White's blog.

This site brings together information on the McGowan and Nolan families, centered on the ancestors, cousins, and descendants of Marty and Betty McGowan of Minnesota. Please browse and contribute. You may email Meg McGowan with comments, contributions or corrections.