Lt. James McGuire                                                                                  Samuel  Brannon
Lt. William Givens                                                                                Hugh Cunninham 
Lt. Barnett Rogers                                                                          Ezekial Fields
Lt. Thomas Henson                                                                          Daniel Greggs
Lt. Joseph Lindsey                                                                              Andrew McConnell
                                                                                                          John Nelson
OFFICERS CAPTURED                                                                      John Price
                                                                                                                  William Smith
Capt. John Beasley                                                                        John Stevenson

Settlers of Fort Boonesborough

  In front of the main entrance to the Fort is a large grey  granite monument.  It was placed there to commemorate the early  settlers and the founding by Daniel Boone of the  second community  in the state.    The names carved on the monument are those of whom records exist, placing those people in the Fort between 1775 and 1830.  In that time, many  settlers came and went, some returning to previous homes, others were killed by the Indians or the British and some just succumbed to the hard work and lonliness.

Others of course, survived the wilderness, some prospered and some moved on to other homes in other places.

Carved on the monument at the main entrance to this state park are McGuire family  names and members we have seen at Blue Lick Springs and read about in the folk literature of the time and its history. Other grandparents and relatives are listed as well.  Here are our ancestors which lived or were at the fort during its heyday.

Lt. James McGuire-Killed 8-19-1782 at Blue Lick Springs
Margaret Black McGuire-Wife of Lt. James McGuire
Archibald McGuire-Youngest son of James & Margaret, born 6-30-1779 in the Fort
Ambrose Coffee
Joseph Davis
John Davis
Samuel Davis
Simon Kenton
Col. John Todd
Elder Daniel Williams
John T. Williams (born in Fort)
John Anderson

In addition to those listed above, who we know to be related, others by  the name of Black, Russell, Davis, and Williams are listed in the book.

Simon Kenton

Great Uncle Simon Kenton did not come to Kentucky  as a surveyor or land hunter, but as a pure backwoodsman he was almost without peer.  As a huntsman, Indian fighter, scout or spy, he was never excelled.  Even Daniel Boone owed his life to Simon Kenton.

One day, Boone decided to chase some Indians away  from the Fort who had been harrassing the settlers.  He took about 15 men with him and they set out to pursue and drive the Indians away.  No sooner than they  had travelled a hundred yards from the gate, did they  realize that there were more than 50 armed Indians between them and the gate.  Boone ordered his men to run for the gate and all fired and loaded on the run.  Boone however, took an Indian round in the ankle, which broke his leg.  He fell and momentarily  blacked out from the excruciating pain.  Just as he felt fingers grabbing his hair to scalp him alive, he felt the fingers relax and almost instantly  he was lifted into someone elses