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When Boone awoke, he learned that it was a 23 year old Simon Kenton who had come to his rescue.  Kenton, on his way  to save Boone, shot one Indian, clubbed another and clubbed the one who was starting to separate Boone from his hair.  Then he outran the rest of the Indians, carrying  Boone safely  inside.  He was a friend and companion of Gen. George Rogers Clark, serving as a spy  under his command and leading various other commands in his lifetime. John McGuire served with him in the Indian raids along the Ohio.

Simon, the son of Mark and Mary  Kenton of Bull Run and the brother of Captain William Kenton spent his life in the service of his fellow man.  The State of Ohio erected a monument in his honor in the cemetery  where he is buried and he died with the rank of Brigadier General.  He is a granduncle on the Wilson side.  His father, mother and brother are our  Great Grandp

Thomas Edward Williams

Thomas Edward Williams was a close personal friend of Daniel Boone, coming with him on his first trip to Kentucky.  He returned later to help construct Fort Boonsborough.  He served as a guide for General George Rogers Clark and like many of his contemporaries, his personal life was a mess and though given great tracts of land for his services, failed to accumulate wealth.  It is however, because of men like him that we stand tall and proud of our patriotic heritage.  Thomas Williams son Daniel was married in the Fort by Squire Boone to Violet Crouch and their son John was born in the Fort.