12. Jim Adkins and family.

13. Joe Francis and family.

14. Kelly  Montgomery  and wife Martha Cisco Montgomery  and family.

15. James Blankenship and wife Alice Cisco Blankenship and family.

16. Valley Adkins and family.

17.  Cain  Robinson, wife Angeline Jenkins Robinson and family.  Cain was the grandson of James Aaron Lowe.

18. Walker Williams and wife Octavia Lowe Williams.  Walker was the son of Harve and Celia  Williams.  Octavia was the daughter of Henry  Lowe and Malissia Adams Lowe and granddaughter of James and Mary Lowe.

19. Thomas McGuire and sister Margaret McGuire, two of Joel Franklin McGuire and Lucretia Nickell McGuire's children.

20. Fleming Williams and Perla Robinson Williams.

21. George Mayo and Mary  Ann Robinson Mayo.  Mary Ann was the granddaughter of James Lowe.

22. Robin Cisco and family.

23. Risner family.

24. Sarah Montgomery  and family.

25. James Aaron Lee.

The rest could not be remembered.  The train took a week to get to Oklahoma.  Its destination was Ardmore.  It was the month of March and Oklahoma was not yet a state.  In Oklahoma, all the available rent land was rented and crops were already  started.  These families could not get places to live.  They  lived 2 and 3 families to a house when they could get a house.  Some lived in tents and dug-outs, whatever they  could get.  They  worked for whatever they  could get.  Some went back to Kentucky, Joe Frances, Robin Cisco and Jim Adkins.  The Farris Howard Family  returned the next year.

It is believed that members of the McGuire and Cisco familes were already in Ardmore when this move took place.  It is also possible that otherMagoffin & Morgan County  residents were there as well.  Joel Franklin McGuire, Christian Minister, performed his first wedding ceremony  in nearby  Lebanon in 1895.  In 1905, the year of the migration, they  met for services in the Cisco School where one of the