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McIndoo's, Relatives and All Others, WELCOME!!    

      Norman Eugene McIndoo, who is the second great grandson of John McIndoo and Charity Heady, dedicated about 27 years to tracing our ancestors.  He started in 1922 and finally in 1949 typed his manuscript.  This research involved talking to relatives, making many trips to the Library of Congress, National Archives, and traveling to places where our early ancestors actually lived.  I never met or talked to Norman but still want to give him acclaim for all that he did. 

      In 1982 Susan Zmrzel, fifth great granddaughter of John and Charity, received a copy of Norman's manuscript, and decided to bring it up to date.  All the early history was done by Norman, with Susan doing a great amount of updating and adding some interesting points.  She has done a great deal of work on this and continues to research, and for that she is sincerely thanked.  

       The webmaster of this site is Dennis McIndoo, sixth great grandson of John and Charity.   I am definitely proud of my name and ancestors.  This site was started in March of 1999 and is provided to you for information and we ask that all relatives and those with info to please assist us.  Another thing is to put in other McIndoo family trees that are not directly related to this tree.  We know we are probably missing some links out there that might connect us.  I have been in contact with McIndoo's in Canada and would like their info to see if we can find a connection.  Also, please sign the guestbook through the link above. 


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