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This section contains assorted extracts, transcriptions, and images of biographies and biographical notes pertaining to McK/McC research.

  1. Brief Biography of Hezekiah Flem Colley of Early and Clay County, Georgia [BIO 002]
  2. J. M. McKamy From: History of Tenneessee, 30 East Tenneessee Counties. Goodspeed Publishing Co., 1887 [BIO 004]
  3. Martha MCKAMIE STEELE Article by William Edwards Baxter, Frankfort, Kentucky, November 9, 1904. [BIO 005]
  4. Thomas Stockton Biography [BIO 006]
  5. Andrew Jackson's Relation to McKemie [BIO 026] Assorted information submitted here by Terry Bruner
  6. J. M. McKamy, Sr. of California Memorial and Biographical History of the Counties of Fresno, Tulare, and Kern, California. Chicago: The Lewis Publishing Company. [BIO 029]
  7. Robert McKamey of Tennessee and Arkansas From Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Northeast Arkansas [BIO 030]
  8. "Circuit Rider" James F. McKemie [BIO 046] by James McKemie
  9. Joseph Alison McKemey From: Jefferson County Iowa: Portrait and Biographical Album. Pages 243, 244, 245 [BIO 049]
  10. The Grand-Girard Book Written by Frederica G. G. Rogers and printed approximately 1923 [BIO 053]
  11. Robert Julian McCAMY "Colonel Bob" Compiled and contributed here by Barbara Haumesser. [BIO 054]
  12. Samuel Bailey McCamy Compiled and contributed here by Barbara Haumesser. [BIO 055].
  13. Biography of John MCKAMIE 1792-1862 Compiled by William M. McKemie. [BIO 056]
  14. McCamey Family From: North Mountain Shadows and London Road History by Harry E. Foreman, 1952 [BOK 147]
  15. The John Calvin McCamey Family Murray County Heritage Compiled by The Murray County History Committee, 1987 [BOK 156]
  16. MCKAMEY From File in the Hamilton County/Chattanooga Bicentennial Library in Chattanooga by Emma Middleton Wells. [DTH 163] & [LIN 163]
  17. Biography Written by Grandson of John James McKEMIE and additional notes by Marjory Watts Copy of a letter shared with Marjory Watts in the early 1980's by a Newton WILSON to a Mr. BURNS. [LTR 089]
  18. Abstracts from letter of Charles McCamy, Dalton, GA, 27 March 1986 [LTR 098]
  19. Notes of Mabel Brown of Licking, Missouri [LTR 154].
  20. Short History of the Family, and Life of J.S.M. McKamey. April 22nd, 1914, J.S.M. McKamey, Gregory, Texas. Transcribed by Michael Rhea Miller, 2003. Chapters I-XV [MEM 001]
  21. Letters and Notes of W. J. McKemie,Thornston, Georgia, circa 1902. [NOT 010].
  22. Thomas F. McKamy Notes [NOT 014]
  23. COOPER, MCKEMY, FERRELL/FARRELL, WOODDELL, GOTHARD, WILSON, & PATTON Families. By Homer C. Cooper, ca. 1969. [NOT 020].
  24. McCamey Family From: A History of the Pioneer Families of Missouri With Numerous Sketches, Anecdotes, Adventures, Etc., Relating to Early Days in Missouri. By Wm. S. Bryan and Robert Rose (1876). [BIO 025]
  25. The Life and Adventures of Robert McKimie, Alias "Little Reddy," From Texas. The Dare-devil Desperado of the Black Hills Region, Chief of the Murderous Gang of Treasure Coach Robbers. By J. W. Bridwell. (1955 reprint of 1878 booklet.)
  26. The McKamey Family. Paper written by Raymond Denny of Chattanooga, TN, ca. 1980.
  27. Ann Makemie Holden 2004 Virginia Women in History Poster. Presented by the Virginia Foundation for Women
  28. McKemie Family Notes. Compiled by James Franklin McKemie and dated December 29, 1960.
  29. Facts and Dates Selected From an Unpublished But Authentic History of the McKemie Family
  30. John McCamey and Jane Rodgers McCamey Come to America in 1835. Compiled and Contributed Here by Donna Mohney.
  31. Notes by Genevieve STOUDENMIRE on John James MCKEMIE
  32. Biography of "Squire" Robert McCamy by Malcolm E. Turner, III, 8 June 1994 [BIO 001]

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