Descendants of thomas mckie

Descendants of Thomas McKie


                Written by Bill McKie, Parkes NSW Australia





                Some changes have now been made to the McKie Family Tree after receiving copies of Birth and Death certificates for Thomas McKie from my cousin  Hazel Conway in Scotland. Hazel has done some researching and come up with some interesting facts that we were unaware of.

                It was though originally that Thomas McKie was married to Ellen Parker but now we find that they were not married at all. Ellen had a son born in 1880 and he was named Thomas McKie Parker, being named after his mother. The birth certificate has him listed as Illegitimate. The fathers name is not on the certificate and the informants signature is Ellen Parker. I had her name as Helen originally but it is Ellen on the certificate. From what we were told originally Thomas McKie died soon after the birth of Thomas McKie Parker.

                When Thomas McKie Parker married Ellen Jane McGraw he dropped Parker from his name and married as Thomas McKie which is on his marriage certificate. However some of his children had Parker for their second name. My father William Parker McKie was one of them. Sadly the name was not carried any further down the line. The Family lived in and around the Kirkcudbright, Wigtown, Wigtownshire area.

                When Thomas McKie died in 1937, his full name of Thomas McKie Parker was put on his death certificate. The informants signature on the certificate was his son Thomas McKie.

              Ellen Parker had another son in 1892 who was named Alexander Wallace Parker (Known as Sandy) who was also illegitimate. The fathers name is not on the certificate but I think it could be presumed that it was Wallace.

              My Grandfather Thomas  McKie Parker was born on 3rd October 1880. He married Ellen Jane McGraw at Lochnaw, Leswalt Scotland on the 8th September 1903 and used the name of Thomas McKie (Parker was dropped) He was 22 and  Ellen was 18 years old at the time of marriage. Ellen was born on 16th August 1885. Thomas was a ploughman and Ellen was a Domestic servant according to the information I now have, which is a transcription of their wedding. They were married in the Church of Scotland at Lochnaw, Leswalt Scotland. Their usual residence was Meikle Tarbrax, Leswalt. 

            Witnesses at Thomas Parker McKie and Ellen Jane McGraw's wedding were Alex. Clanachan and Annie McGraw who I assume was a sister to Ellen. The Minister was J. Balfour Robertson, Minister of Leswalt. Ellen had three sisters: Annie, Agnes and Sarah, and one brother, Robert. Robert migrated to Canada.

            Annie McGraw married John Muir and they had three children, Nancy, Alex and Betty. Agnes married William Holmes and when he died she remarried to Robert Ray. Their children were William. Andrew and Ella. Robert McGraw married  ??? and their children were Andrew, Robert and Laurel. Sarah McGraw married Jack McCreadie and their children were Alex, Jackie, Hannah, Tom and Sam. All the McGraw's were born in Wigtownshire. 

            Thomas and Ellen had ten children: William Parker McKie, Thomas McKie, Ella Parker McKie, Andrew McGraw McKie, Elizabeth Parker McKie, Alexander Wallace McKie, Anne McGraw McKie, Robert McGraw McKie, Agnes McKillop McKie and James McLean McKie.  

            Apart from Agnes and James, all Thomas Parker and Helen McKie's children were born at Auchneale Farm near Stranraer. Agnes and James were born at Kilintringin Farm, Port Patrick. (near Lighthouse) 

            James McKie has a middle name of McLean. He was named after the Laird of Kilintringin Estate. He received a gold watch at birth from the Laird.

           Hazel Conway also sent a copy of marriage certificate for Andrew McGraw and Agnes McKillop, Death certificates for Andrew McGraw and Agnes McGraw (Nee McKillop)

            Ellen Jane McGraw's parents were Andrew Kirk McGraw and Agnes McKillop who were married on 5th June 1885 in the Parish of Inch, County of Wigtown. Andrew was a farm labourer and Shepherd. He was born on 20th October 1851 in Milton, Inch, Wigtown, Scotland and was Christened on 15th November 1851 in Inch, Wigtown (Source IGI) Taken from the Latter Day Saints website.

             Andrew Kirk McGraw was 29 and Agnes was 19 when they were married. Agnes McKillop  was a dairy maid.

            Agnes McKillop's parents were Robert McKillop and Jane Wright. Andrews parents were Robert McGraw and Elizabeth Kirk who were married on 28th November 1840 at New Luce, Wigtown. 

            Robert McGraw and Elizabeth Kirk were born about 1821 in Larg, Inch, Wigtown, Scotland. Other children of Robert and Elizabeth McGraw were John McGraw born 1st May 1847 in Larg, Inch, Wigtown;  Robert McGraw born 20th October 1849 also in Larg; and William McKenzie McGraw born 1st July 1854 in Bloch, Inch, Wigtown.(source: IGI) 

            Andrew McGraw died on 10th December 1899 at Leswalt aged 45. Agnes McGraw (nee McKillop) died on24th August 1903, the informant was Ellen Jane McGraw. She was 38. 


Robert McGraw b. about 1821 Larg, Inch Wigtown, Scotland

Married on the 28th November 1840, in New Luce, Wigtown, Scotland

          Elizabeth Kirk b. about 1821 Larg, Inch, Wigtown, Scotland


Their son  Andrew Kirk McGraw b. 20th October 1851 in Milton, Inch, Wigtown, Scotland.

Married in 1868

                 Agnes McKillop  b. about 1865. d. 24th August 1903              Daughter of             Robert McKillop and Jane Wright

Their daughter Ellen Jane McGraw b.16 August 1885 in Beoch, Inch, Wigtown, Scotland

                                                         d. 1953 in Edinburgh, Scotland

Married on 8th September 1903 in Lachnaw, Leswalt, Wigtown, Scotland

                   Thomas McKie b. 3rd October 1880 in Glenluce, Old Luce, Wigtown, Scotland.

                                              d. 17th June 1937 in Barnbie Cottages, Kirkudbright, Scotland


            The McGraw's and McKillop's were all born in Wigtownshire, Scotland.


            I now have a link to a page with ancestors of Ellen Parker and Ellen McGraw further down on this page under the table of contents . Click on the link and you will be taken to the index page where you will be able to click on Ellen Parker or Ellen McGraw. This only shows their ancestors. 

             I would like to find out more about the McKie family and trace them back further if possible.  I would appreciate any information that anyone may have about the family. Just send an email to me with details. 

            Information on any of the families on this site would be appreciated.

            William Parker McKie (My Father) arrived in Australia on his 21st birthday ( or so I was told) which would have been 8th June 1925. I have been told that he was the only McKie from his family to come to Australia, but he might have meant his immediate family. There could have been cousins that came out and we were not aware of them. If anyone has any information that ties in with Thomas Parker McKie I would like to hear from them.

            My father William Parker McKie enlisted in the Army in 1940 and served in Borneo, and the Middle East. He served in Australia for 1098 days and outside Australia for 755 days. He was in the 2/1 Australian Pioneer Battalion ( which was a reformation of the 1st Battalion that fought in Gallipoli in the 1st world war, and in which my Great Uncle Henry Barnett Watson fought and died) His mother Ellen Jane McKie (nee McGraw) was living in Bombie, Kirkcudbright, Scotland when he enlisted. He worked as a cook in Tullamore and Narromine NSW. He started work on the NSW Railways as a fettler when he got married after the war. He was always known as "JOCK". He worked on the railway at Tottenham, Darnick and Euabalong West NSW. He became an inspector on the railway in later life. He retired from the railway about 1970/71. Him and a mate won first prize in the jackpot lottery ($24,000 at that time) after he retired. He took a trip back to Scotland to see his family with his share. He died in Tottenham Hospital from Cancer in 1988 and is buried in the Tottenham NSW Cemetery.

            Another page has been added called Who are they. This is photo's of people that I have not been able to identify. They are probably related in some way to McKie, Watson or Lindley. If you think you know who they are please email me with the details.

            I am now in touch with cousins in Scotland, England, Canada and Switzerland who are providing information about their families.  Bill Hiddleston, son of Annie Hiddleston (nee Mckie) and his wife Liz Hiddleston in North Berwick have given me a lot of information and photos and have made contact with other cousins, who in turn have made contact with me and provided their family details and photos.

            Here is a little story I was told on 30th September 2006 when Sue and I went to Albert NSW for the 'Back To Albert' weekend.

            Sue introduced me to Mick Rae who lived in Albert years ago and once owned a store there. He said " I used to know a McKie who worked on the railway". I said, "That would of been my father, Bill or 'Jock' as he was known". Mick said, "That's right, it was 'Jock', I have a story about him", he said.

            Mick said " I got a ride up to Tottenham (14 miles away or about 22 Km's) with Jack Coleman to go to a ball". "After the ball I had no way of getting back to Albert, and someone told me that Jock was doing a run from Tottenham to Tullamore that morning on the railway Trike". "I went and saw him and he told me I could get a ride with him on the Trike back to Albert, so I had my first and only ride on a Trike".

            It would have been a sight to see with Mick still dressed in his suit going home on a railway Trike.

            I don't know what year this happened but I think Dad was on the railway in Tottenham from about 1945 until about 1952 when he was transferred to Darnick on the Parkes to Broken Hill railway line.  


                                                                            Liz Hiddleston wrote this little poem after we had made contact.    


We were all very pleased and impressed when we read it. 

Thanks very much Liz from all of us in Australia.                                 This is another poem from Liz, and once again it's about family


We were so sad we had lost our Dad,                                                                Grandfather Thomas is now on the web,

But a bigger surprise awaited us,                                                                      With Grandmother Ellen and the children they had,

We found a cousin in a faraway land,                                                               The descendants are listed on page upon page,

 And a big family we never knew we had.                                                         It makes good reading looking down through the age.


The name is Bill and his wife is Sue,                                                                  In an era of stress and selfish-ness,

And his sons are Scott and Fred,                                                                       Sometimes we wonder if there's anything left,

We have to say they came on cue,                                                                     Our grandparents knew the secret of life,

To fill a void and raise hopes anew.                                                                  To have unity, contentment and never strife.


Viva McKie's we have to say,                                                                            We were all taught to stop and think about others,

For health, happiness and long life come what may,                                        This lesson came down from grandparents to mothers,

The message to all of you comes straight from the heart,                                 Now thanks to Bill and Sue we're a family again,

To cross over the miles which keep us apart.                                                    Lets all stay in touch and keep the candle a-flame.


Now Grandfather McKie would have been all so delighted,                             To Bill and Sue and Scott and Fred,

To think that this family was once more united,                                                We give you a toast with the wine of your land,

Not once in his life would he have ever have dreamt,                                       It is of course Australian Chardonnay,

That his life would be logged on a world wide web.                                          It's as good as whiskey any day.


Liz Hiddleston, Scotland. copyright ©  March 2002                                          Lets now pause a moment and ponder our future,

                                                                                                                            It's in our grandchildren whom we have to nurture,

                                                                                                                            They carry the genes of a new generation,

                                                                                                                            To take our family tree to the next combination.


                                                                                                                            Liz Hiddleston, Scotland. copyright  © March 2002




We have moved from Bundanoon to Parkes NSW

If you wish to send information or photos by mail, please email me and I will give you my postal address.


Thanks to everyone who have contributed to the McKie family tree. I hope you enjoy viewing these pages.

Bill McKie, Parkes, NSW, Australia


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