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Taken at the WATSON / LINDLEY Reunion 1995

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Watson -Lindley Reunion 1995


A Watson - Lindley Reunion was held in Parkes NSW on 06-May-1995 at the CWA Hall in Currajong Street and was organized by Sue Henry (nee Watson).

On the morning of the Reunion, Sue & Tony Henry, Bill & Sue McKie and Scott & Fred McKie set up the tables and chairs and put the photo's 0n the walls and set up the urn for coffee and tea before the first lot of people arrived. Josh Lowe also assisted when he arrived back after going to pick up video camera.

There were relatives there that some people had never met, and others that had not seen each other for years. A video was made of the occasion by Bill McKie and Joshua Lowe which was later edited and combined to make one big video.

Everyone brought there own lunch and drinks with them or went down the street and bought their lunch. A very enjoyable time was had by all.

Following is a list of people that attended.

Suzanne Margaret Henry (nee Watson), Anthony Henry, Jonathan & Nicholas Henry, Joshua Lowe, Nancy Watson (nee Geer), William Francis McKie & his wife Susan Joy (nee Buerckner), Their sons William Scott & Frederick Keith, John and Maureen Best, Mary Helen McCullough (nee McKie), Margaret Ann Toms (nee McKie) and her husband Terrance Toms.

John Deeves & wife Shirley, Marion Thomas (nee Deeves) and husband Ian Thomas, Annette Margaret Tyack (Deeves) and Twin brother James Patrick Deeves and his wife Leanne and their children.

David Deeves, Kevin Deeves and his wife Pauline, Bob McCallum and his sister Brenda and her daughter Faye Collier, Julie Wallace (nee Watson) her husband Tony Wallace and children Julie Ann, Steven, Luke and David.


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Family Reunion  Everyone that attended the reunion in Parkes NSW on 6th May 1995.


John and Shirley  John Ernest Deeves, son of James Deeves and Agnes Elizabeth Edna (nee Evans) and Shirley (nee Kingston) daughter of Samuel George and Violet Murial Kingston in Ireland.


Kevin and Pauline  Kevin Edward Deeves, son of James Deeves and Edna (nee Evans) and Pauline (nee Kingsley) daughter of John and Monica Kingsley.


Marion and Ian  Marion Cecily Thomas (nee Deeves) daughter of James Deeves and Edna (nee Evans) and Ian Francis Thomas, son of Henry Norman Thomas and Marie Elizabeth (nee Fowler)


Ian Thomas


Mary McCullough  Mary Helen McCullough (nee McKie) daughter of William Parker McKie (Jock) and Rosabell Mary (nee Watson)


Group 1  L to R: Mary McCullough, Bill and Sue McKie, Robert McCallum, Sue  and Tony Henry and Brenda Collier (nee McCallum)


Group 2  L to R:  David Deeves, Brenda Collier, Mary McCullough, Margaret Toms, Sue Henry, Bill McKie, Marion Thomas, Robert McCallum and John Deeves.


Group 3  L to R: Mary McCullough, Nancy Watson, Bill and Sue McKie, Brenda Collier and her brother Robert McCallum, John Best.

Front: Terry toms, Maureen Best and Margaret Toms.


Deeves Group Photo  Rear L to R: Leanne Deeves, Annette Margaret Tyack, Marion Thomas, Pauline Deeves and Shirley Deeves.

Front L to R: James Patrick Deeves, John Deeves, Ian Thomas, Kevin Deeves and David Deeves.


Annette and Leanne  Annette Margaret Tyack (nee Deeves) daughter of Patrick James Deeves and Janice Margaret (nee Gillespie) and Leanne Deeves (nee Ambrose) wife of James Patrick Deeves.


David Deeves  David Robert Deeves son of James Deeves and Agnes Elizabeth Edna (nee Evans)


John and Maureen  John Best, son of John Jestyn Petrie and Rose Mabel (nee Watson) and his wife Maureen (nee O'Halloron)


Younger Generation  L to R: Faye Collier, Fred McKie, Joshua Lowe, Annette Margaret Tyack (nee Deeves) Scott McKie, Jon Henry and James Patrick Deeves.


Margaret and Terry   Terrance Allan Toms and Margaret Anne (nee McKie) daughter of William Parker McKie and Rosabell Mary (nee Watson)


Margaret and Terry


Bill and Sue    William Francis McKie (Bill) son of William Parker McKie and Rosabell Mary (nee Watson) and Susan Joy (nee Buerckner) daughter of Frederick (Fred) and Ivy Josephine Dilia (nee Doyle) Better known as Jo.


Sue and Bill


Scott and Fred   William Scott McKie and Frederick Keith McKie, sons of Bill and Sue McKie.


The McKie Guys   Bill, Fred and Scott


Tony, Sue and Nancy   Anthony Henry and Suzanne Margaret (nee Watson) and Nancy Margaret Watson (nee Geer)


Bobbie and Brenda  Robert Raymond Rex McCallum and Brenda Mary Collier (nee McCallum) son and Daughter of Keith Leslie McCallum and Linda May (nee Watson). Linda is daughter of Charles Barnett Watson and Lila (nee Hynes)


Robert McCallum    son of Keith Leslie McCallum and Linda May (nee Watson)


Brenda Collier   nee McCallum, daughter of Keith Leslie McCallum and Linda May (nee Watson)


David Deeves and Bill McKie


David Deeves and Nancy Watson


The Henry Family  L to R: Nicholas Henry, Nancy Watson, Joshua Lowe, Jonathan Henry, Tony and Sue Henry.


Josh and Faye   Joshua Charles Lowe, son of Paul Charles Lowe and Suzanne Margaret (nee Watson) and Faye Collier, daughter of James Collier and Brenda Mary (nee McCallum)


Group   Margaret Toms, Brenda Collier, Mary McCullough and Robert McCallum


Nancy and Mary     Nancy Watson and Mary McCullough


Nancy Watson    nee Geer, wife of George Lindley Watson.


Group    Mary McCullough (nee McKie) Bill McKie and Sue (nee Buerckner) Robert McCallum, Brenda Collier, Sue Henry (nee Watson) and Tony Henry.  Front: Margaret Toms (nee Mckie) and Terry Toms.












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