William and Clara Harrison Thomas of Tangipahoa Parish, LA. An African-American Family.
Louisiana Strawberry's A Harrison Family Cash Crop.

The Harris' and Harrison's

of Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana

Map of Louisiana circa 1885. Courtesy of the Digital Map Program. Rootsweb.com.

An African-American Family


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William and Clara Harrison Thomas

William Thomas (1847-?) married Clara Harrison (1853-?)were married circa 1868, per the 1900 US Census. The couple was blessed with nine children.

  1. Lila Thomas (April 1873-?)
  2. Willie Thomas(July 1880-?)
  3. Louisa Thomas(September 1882-?)
  4. Harriet Thomas(November 1886-?)
  5. John T Thomas(October 1887-?)
  6. Joe Thomas(July 1889-?)
  7. George Thomas(August 1891-?)
  8. Herbert Thomas(June 1873-?)
  9. Mary J Thomas(November 1895-?)
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