Amos Harrison and Family of Tangipahoa Parish, LA
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The Harris' and Harrison's

of Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana

1907 Map of Louisiana. Courtesy of Louisiana Digital Map Program.

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The Family of Amos Harrison

Family Overview

"Papa's people were from over there on the Stretch Road..."

Bobbie Jean Harrison Ross

Amos Harrison married Clara Harrison in the 1910's. By the 1920's, the couple had separated. Amos moved to New Orleans, where he drove the carriages. He may have began a new family there. My mother says that Grandpa Amos died while she was a little girl probably sometime in the mid-1940's.

My mother tells me that Grandpa Amos' complexion was very fair, and that he had coal black, straight hair. She said that she and her sister used to spit on the hands, then slick his hair down.

Amos stated that he was one-half Native American, but I have not been able to confirm this. Ma always said that Grandpa Amos' people were from the 'Stretch Road,' out on Highway 16, going towards Amite.

Amos' sister also married into Clara's family. Celeste married Clara's brother, Felix. Also, Clara's sister, Effie, married Alfred Harrison, but I am unsure if he Amos' brother, because the 1900 Census Report indicates that he was born in Alabama. Once we learn more about Amos' Family, we will be better able to determine any possible relationship.

Outside of this, I know little else about his family. I have yet to locate Clara and Amos on any Census Reports. I also do not know who Amos' ancestors were. This family line is definitely a work in progress.

The Harrison Family

  1. Amos Harrison (circa ?-?) married Clara Harrison(Follow Clara's hyperlink for decendants.)
  2. Obe Harrison(circa 1880-?) married Sallie L. Smith
    1. Govenor Harrison(1904-?) married Tina
    2. Mary B Harrison(1905-?)
    3. Eddie Harrison (1908-?)
    4. Darcy Harrison(?-?)
    5. Alma Harrison (?-?)m. Reverend Vernon
    6. Kevin Smith (1898-?)
    7. Lelia Smith (1900-?)
  3. Blunt Harrison (?-?)
  4. Amanda Harrison (?-?) married Mr. Wheat
    1. Melissa Wheat (?-?) married Alex Richardson
      1. Living Richardson
  5. Celeste Harrison (circa 1895-?) married Felix Harrison/Harris(Follow Felix Harrison's link for decendants)

Correspondence written by Amos indicated that he may have other siblings. He may have had a brother (or maybe a sister) by the name of S. Francis Harrison.