The Harrisons of Tangipahoa Parish LA. An African-American Family.
Louisiana Strawberry's A Harrison Family Cash Crop.

The Harris' and Harrison's

of Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana

1907 Map of Louisiana. Courtesy of Louisiana Digital Map Program.

An African-American Family


The Douglas Harrison Family

The Amos Harrison Family

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The Harrison Family

Douglas was born, presumably a slave, somewhere in Louisiana. Cousin Napoleon told me that many years ago, a female descendant of the McMichael family (who was a census taker at the time) told Dora Harrison Hines that Douglas was once owned by her family. Their plantation was near either Amite or Shiloh, LA.

On the 1880 census report, we find Douglas working on the farm of David T and Melina Robertson (Robertson page, coming soon), along with his brothers Isaac, Jacob and Joseph. He is married to Lucy Richardson and has three young children: Joseph, Effie and Douglas, Jr. Is Melina the McCarter ancestor spoken of by the census taker? The search continues...

Douglas' parents are unknown at this time. However, he had several brothers and sisters. The 1910 US Census Report indicates that Douglas' older brother, Robert, parents were born in Virginia.

During the early part of the Twentieth Century, Douglas became a landowner in Independence, LA, where the family primarily raised strawberries, along with a few other crops. Up until the late 1970's, Douglas' son, James Harrison, lived on the land, continuing the family legacy, raising strawberries.

  1. Robert Harrison (circa 1837-?) married Catherine (1868-?>
    1. Matthew
    2. Robert Harrison was the eldest of the Harrison brothers, affectionately known as Uncle Rob. Per the 1910 census, Robert married Catherine (1868). They raised one adopted son, Matthew(1899). Napoleon goes on to tell us that Uncle Rob and Aunt Catherine raised other children who were related to Catherine. At this time, we do not know Catherine's maiden name.

  2. Needler "Neely" Harrison (circa 1838-?)
  3. Uncle Neely never formally married nor did he have any children that we are aware of. Napoleon tells us that Neely and his mate died in an house fire during the early part of the twentieth century. They were buried together, in a common grave.

  4. Douglas Harrison (circa 1850-1920's) married Lucy Richardson (1860-?)
  5. Please follow the link 'Douglas Harrison' for decendants. For Lucy Richardson's ancestors, please follow 'Lucy Richardson' link.

  6. Clara Harrison (circa 1853-?) married William Thomas (1847-?) circa 1868.
  7. Please follow the link 'Clara Harrison' for decendants.

  8. Issac "Ike" Harrison (circa 1855-?)
  9. Currently, we do not have any additional information for Uncle Ike.

  10. Jacob "Jake" Harrison (circa 1860-?) married Mattie (1862-?) circa 1882.
    1. Bertha Harrison (1892-?)
    2. On the 1930 US Census, Jacob's next door neighbor is 'Bertha'Shedrick, who is married to Doflemore Shedrick. She is suspected to be Bertha Harrison. Still researching.

    3. Jacob Harrison, Jr. (1895-?) married Martha (1896-?) circa 1917
      1. Orta Harrison(1917-?)
      2. Wallis Harrison(1919-?)
      3. Theodor Harrison(1924-?)
      4. Hubert Harrison (1925-?)
      5. Hillery Harrison (November 1929-?)

  11. Joseph Harrison (circa 1861-?)
  12. Currently, we do not have any additional information for Joseph.

  13. Caroline Harrison (1870-?) married Leander Lewis (1850-?) circa 1880
    1. Stephen Lewis (1888-?)
    2. Ella Lewis (1890-?)
    3. Rosa Lewis (1891-?)
    4. Leander Lewis, Jr. (1893-?)
    5. Ruth Lewis (1894-?)
    6. William Lewis (1895-?)
    7. Lena Lewis (1899-?)
    8. Mary Lewis (1900-?)
    9. Albert Lewis (1905-?)
    10. Peggy Lewis (1907-?)
    11. Eliza Lewis (January 1910 -?)

  14. Elizabeth Harrison (1881-?)married Maize Warren) (March 15, 1855 - April 16, 1944) circa 1904 per the 1910 census report.
  15. Please follow the link 'Elizabeth Harrison' for decendants. For Warren ancestors, please follow "Maize Warren" Link.