Isabella Bell Richardson. Surnames: Richardson, Austin, Jefferson, of Tangipahoa Parish LA and MS
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Isabella "Bell" Richardson

Bell was the daughter of Jerry Richardson. She was my great-great grandmom's, Lucy Richardson, sister. Her first husband was Mr. Austin. I do not know his first name.

She married a second time to a Mr. Jefferson, sometime prior to 1900. I am not sure whom her husband was. The first possibility is Mr. Thomas Jefferson (May 1830-?), who was living next door to Bell on the 1900 census report.

The second candidate was Mr. Augustus Jefferson (April 1838-?). He was living a few houses away, and her son shared his name. I suspect that Thomas and Augustus were close relatives, perhaps brothers.

The census indicates that the Jeffersons were from Mississippi.

  • married Mr. Austin
    1. Jerry Austin (May 1878-?) married Millicent (March 1882)
      1. Miss Francis Vining (June 1898-?) (unclear if she is also Jerry's child)
      • Millicent also has a sister named Stella Warner
    2. Edward Austin (February 1882-?)

  • married second husband Mr. Jefferson.
    1. Augustus Jefferson (February 1884-?)
    2. Charlotte Jefferson (March 1887-?)
    3. Etta Jefferson (January 1891-?)
    4. Erline Jefferson (July 1895-?)

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