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The Harris' and Harrison's

of Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana

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The Parker Family

Although the Harrison's are only directly related to the descendants of Lucinda Harrison and Charlie Parker, I have received additional information regarding this family via US Census reports and a family reunion document, "We've Come this Far By Faith" The Parker-Harrison Family Reunion, June 30, 1995, Hammond LA.

The Parker Family history begins with John Parker, presumably a slave from Virginia. He married Sarah Carroll while residing in Mississippi. The number of childern born to this union is unknown, however, we can begin our journey here.

  1. John Parker married Sarah Carroll
    1. Albert Parker (August 1852 to January 21, 1919) married Fannie Evans (1862-?) on August 9, 1877 in St. Greensburg Parish, LA.
      1. Horace Parker
      2. Willie Parker
      3. Robert Parker
      4. Frank Parker
      5. Arthur Parker (1877-?) married Arzella (1890-?) circa 1904
        1. Ire---d? Parker (1913-?)married Harry Tusan (1911-?)circa 1929
        2. Willie L. Parker (1916-?)
        3. Lavinia Parker (1920-?)
        4. William J Parker (1922-?)
      6. Guy Parker (1888-1937)* married Emma (1890-?)circa 1911
        1. Gussie Daniels (1918-?), grandchild.
        2. Louise Washington (1924-?), grandchild.
        3. Marie Parker (1927-?), grandchild.

        4. Information gather from 1930 Census.
      7. Eddie Parker
      8. Charlie Parker (February 9, 1891-August 25,1985) married Lucinda Harrison (1900 to April 1964) on April 12, 1912.
        1. Edna Parker(1914-?)
        2. Charlie Parker, Jr.(1915-?)
        3. Phillip Parker(1916-?)
        4. Andrew Parker(1920-?)
        5. Lucille Parker(1921-?)
        6. John L. Parker(1922-?)
        7. Gussie Bell Parker(1925-?)
        8. Betty Parker
        9. Frank Parker
        10. Bertha Mac Parker
      9. Albert Parker (1893-?)married Pearlie (1895-?) circa 1913, per 1930 census.
        1. Leona Parker (1919-?)
        2. A B (1921-?)
      10. Fred Parker
      11. Bettie Parker
      12. Mary Banks
      13. Emma Banks
      14. Moses Parker (1870-?)(nephew raised as son). On 1930 Census, listed as widower, living with brother, Guy Parker.

*Age conflict between 1930 US Census report and age stated on Guy's headstone, as transcribed from Cooper Cemetary (Black) in Tangipahoa Parish,LA. (Cemetary transcriptions can be found on, Tangipahoa Parish LA Website. Tombstone gives 1888-1937. However, census states that he was born in 1877. Will check cemetary record. I may have recorded it incorrectly.

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