Surname Table: Harrisons and Richardsons of Tangipahoa Parish, LA
Louisiana Strawberry's A Harrison Family Cash Crop.

The Harris' and Harrison's

of Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana

James Harrison and Claudia. Circa 1967.

An African-American Family


The Douglas Harrison Family

The Amos Harrison Family

Richardson Family

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Harrison & Richardson Family Surnames

Surname Description
Anderson Wife of James Harrison
Austin Bell Richardson's Children
Blackwell Amos Harrison's son-in-law
Harris Children of Douglas Harrison adopted name circa 1910.
Harrison J. Richardson's grandchildren
Harrison D Harrison Family
Harrison A Harrison Family
Lewis Married Caroline Harrison
Jefferson Family of Jerry Richardson
McCarter Amos Harrison's Wife
McMichael McMichael Family of Amite LA (White)
Parker The Family of Charlie Parker
Richardson Melissa Wheat married Alex Richardson. Unknow if related to J.Richardson
Richardson The Richardson Family
Robertson Robertson Family of Tangipahoa Parish (White)
Richardson Isabella Bell Richardson
Shedrick Possibly Jake Harrison's Daughter
Smith Wife of Obe Harrison
Thomas Family of William & Clara Harrison Thomas
Warren The Warren Family
Warren Descendants of Elizabeth & Maize Warren
Warner Jerry Austin's sister-in-law.
Wheat Amanda Harrison's husband.