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The McCoy Meeting Place.

When I first decided to publish this site, I decided I wanted it to be a place to help more McCoy's than just my line. So I sat down and thought about what I look for when I go web surfing for information, and I came up with this plan. On this site in addition to information on my own McCoy (John McCoy & Martha Humphrey) line you will find, information on other lines that I've picked-up during my travels through the family tree. You will find most of the information listed by state and with information source if possible. This will always be a work in progress, so please be patient with me and check back often.

My McCoy line begins with John McCoy who married Martha Humphrey. 

To see a list of other surnames associated with this McCoy line.
       To see scanned
documents, such as probate records, marriage and death records, etc...
Just click here.
To see some McCoy pictures. Some of the people I have names for, some I do not know.
History of our McCoy name.

To see McCoy lines that were sent to me. See if anyone matches!

Here are some links to other McCoy sites.
Here is the McCoy census page.
Book Page
Go here to see excerpts from books
on the McCoy name and its
This is the McCoy Marriage
Page. Marriages of McCoy's from all over.



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