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McWhorter Lives and Times

Elizabeth McWhorter moves to Missouri

State of Missouri

County of Ray} S.S.

Be it remembered that on this 4th day of May in the year of our Lord 1840 Before me the subscriber a Justice of the peace for the said county of Ray and state aforesaid Personally appeared Elizabeth McWhorter who on her oath declares that she is the Same person who is named in a pension certificate issued from the War office of the United States dated 5th day of July 1839 that she is still the widow of John McWhorter dec’d. that her name was placed on the pension roll of the State of Kentucky agency commencing on the 4th day of March 1836 and to continue for the period of five Years from that date (unless she die or is married in the mean time). She states on her oath that she resided in Casey County in the said state of kentucky from whence she has lately removed say about the 1 day of October 1839 and that she now resided in the State of Missouri where she intends to remain and wishes her pension to be there payable in future. The following are her reasons for removing from the State of kentucky to the State of Missouri, she states she is nearly Eighty years of age and afflicted with the palsey which renders her helpless that her 2 sons and 2 daughters were about to remove to the state of Missouri and she being desirous to accompany them and reside with her children in order they might nurse her and attend to her wants as they have done for years past, she leaving no children in Kentucky that would take care of her she was anxious to have the affectionate attention of her 2 daughters more particularly with whom she now lives and from whom she receives that affectionate attention she could not otherwise expect to receive from strangers; having left no relations in Kentucky from whom she could expect that care and attention which her infirm state of health required, and moreover her 2 daughters being unwilling to leave her behind she was induced to accompany them to this state, and she has not repented of taking this step as her disease has not been increased thereby.

Sworn to and Subscribed before me on the day and Year aforesaid

Elizabeth McWhorter

Her X mark

Munford Taylor J.P.

State of Missouri

County of Ray}S.S.

I Lewis Pigg do hereby certify that I am personally acquainted with Elizabeth McWhorter who has made the foregoing affidavit and I do know she is the same person described in said affidavit and that she is still unmarried and the facts therein stated by her are true to my Knowledge and belief.

Lewis Pigg

Sworn to and subscribed before me on this 4th day of May 1840 I do further certify that the said Lewis Pigg who makes the last mentioned affidavit is a man of veracity with whom I am personally acquainted.

Munford Taylor

J. Peace

State of Missouri

County of Ray}S.S.

I John H Morehead clerk of the county court within and for the said county do hereby certify that Mumford[sic] Taylor whose name is affixed to the foregoing affidavits as having taken the same is and was at the time of taking the same a Justice of the Peace within and for said county duly commissioned and qualified to administer.

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