mcwhorter lives and times
  McWhorter Lives and Times  

Eleanor and James McWhorter Sell Henderson Property to
Joseph Smith, October 28, 1752


This Indenture made this twenty eight of October in the Year of our Lord Christ one thousand Seven hundred & fifty eight Between Eloner [sic.] McWhorter & James McWhorter in the Parish of St Annes & County of Albemarle in the Coloney of Virginia of the one part & Joseph Smith of the said Parish & County & Coloney afores’d Witness that the said Elinor McWhorter & James McWhorter for & in Consideration of the sum of [s]eventy Pounds of Good and Lawful money of Virginia to them in hand payed before the Ensealing & Delivering of these Presents the Receipt whereof  he doth hereby Acknowledge hath Given Granted & Confirmed & by these Presents doth Give Grant Confirm unto the said Joseph Smith two hundred & thirty seven Acres of Land lying &  being in the County of Albemarle & on the Waters of Rockfish to wit

Beginning at a red oak running North ten Deg West 194 Poles to a red Oak thence South 72 ° West 198 poles to a Hickory Saplin on the South’n side of Rockfish thence south 177 Poles to a white Oak thence North 80 Degrees E. 182 poles to Pointer then North 80 Degrees & 44 Poles to the Beginning which Said Tract of Land & part of a Greater Trackt of Land Containing 16400 Acres Granted to the [] John Chiswell by Pattent bearing sale of the 26 of March 1709 to have and to hold the Singular the 200 & thirty seven Acres of Land with all Appurtenances thereunto Belonging unto the said Joseph Smith his heirs Executors Administrators & Assigns to the Only Use & behoof of him y’ s’ Joseph Smith his heirs Exect’s Adm’rs forever Truly & Quietly without any mater of Challenge Claim or Demand of them the s’d Eloner or James McWhorter their heirs Exect’rs Adm’rs or any Person or persons Yielding & Paying wherefore Yearly the [ ] of the same & them the s’d Eloner and James McWhorter all & singular the said Land & premises with the Appurtenances to the s’d Joseph Smith his heirs Adm’rs & Assigns to the use afores’d against all People do Warrant & forever defend by these Presents & in Withess whereof the s’d Eloner & James McWhorter hath hereunto set their hands and upon this Seale the day & year above written.

Sined Sealed & Delivered
Elenor McWhorter
James McWhorter

In Presence of
 John Martin
W’m Robertson   Robert McWhorter
David Martin   Ch’s McAnally

October the 30th 1758 Receives the Consideration within Mentioned
James McWhorter

At a Court held for Albemarle County the fourteenth Day of June 1759.

This Indenture was Proved by the Oaths of John Martin & Robert McWhorter two of the Witnesses hereby & ordered to be recorded

John Nicholas Clk 

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