Descendants of John Belt


Generation No. 1




      Children of JOHN BELT and ELIZABETH TYDINGS are:

2.                i.    JOSEPH2 BELT.

3.               ii.    BENJAMIN BELT, b. 1682, Prince George Co., MD; d. Abt. 1773, Prince George Co., MD.

                 iii.    JOHN BELT, b. 1678, Anne Arundel Co., MD; d. 1745, Anne Arundel Co., MD; m. LUCY LAWRENCE, February 10, 1701/02, All Hallow Parish, MD.

                  iv.    CHARITY BELT, b. Abt. 1686, Anne Arundel Co., MD; d. 1740, Prince George Co., MD; m. JAMES MULLIKIN, Abt. 1707, Maryland.

                   v.    SARAH BELT, b. Abt. 1690; m. THOMAS HARWOOD, September 11, 1718, All Hallow Parish, MD.

                  vi.    JEREMIAH BELT, b. 1698, Anne Arundel Co., MD; d. 1750, Prince George Co., MD; m. MARY WRIGHT.


Generation No. 2


2.  JOSEPH2 BELT (JOHN1).  He married HESTER MARGERY BEALL 1707 in Maryland, daughter of NINIAN BEALL and RUTH MOORE.

Notes for JOSEPH BELT:

Information from the intranet: Descendants of Ninian Beall:


Joseph Belt was a member of the house of Burgesses 1727-1729 (MD Arch Vol. 35, folio 57) Colonel Commanding Prince George Militia 1754-1756.  Justice of Peace  for Prince George County in 1726.


He patented land called Chevie Chase, January 12, 1721, 550 acres and later enlarged to 1,000 acres.  It lies just north of now Washington City.  The name is derived from Cheviot Hills, a line of hills which separates England from Scotland.  In 1725, Col. Belt built the Chevy Chase Manor House.  It was built of brick 2 1/2 stories tall, with a hip roof.  It was located about 400 yards SE of the now Chevy Chase Circle.  It was razed in 1907 to make way for improvements.  It was in excellent condition when it was torn down.  "Early Families of Southern Maryland"  According to MD Deponents, Joseph was 38 in 1719.  Near the entrance of All Saint's Church at Chevy Chase Circle, Washington DC is an inscription on a large stone:  Col. Joseph Belt, 1680-1761, Oatentee of Chevy Chase, Trustee of the first free school in Maryland, one of the founders of Rock Creek parish, Member of the House of Burgesses, Col. of Prince Georges County, Militia during the French and Indian Wars.


"First Familis of America"- owned 1,000 acres; keeper of the Great Seal; Gent. justice, Prince Georges County, MD., 1726-28; burges, 1725-37; commd It. col., of militia, 1728-61; member Col. George Beall's Troop of Horse, 1748; trustee for first free schools in Marylan; owned Friends Choice, Belts Discovery, Belts Hunting Quarter, Good Luck, Addition to Good Luck, Oronoko, Seneca Hills, Friendship, Arthurs Seat, Thompson's Lot, Belt's Pasture, and Chelsea; planter and surveyor.


      Children of JOSEPH BELT and HESTER BEALL are:

                   i.    JOHN3 BELT, b. May 13, 1707, Queen Ann Parish, Maryland; d. Aft. 1765; m. MARGARET QUEEN.

                  ii.    ANN BELT BELT, b. 1709, Maryland; d. 1762; m. THOMAS CLAGETT, 1727.

4.              iii.    RACHEL BELT, b. December 13, 1711, Maryland; d. 1761.

5.              iv.    JOSEPH BELT, b. December 19, 1717, Queen Ann Parish, Maryland; d. May 06, 1761.

6.               v.    TOBIAS BELT, b. August 20, 1720; d. May 17, 1785, Prince Georges Co., MD.

                  vi.    MARY BELT, b. December 24, 1722, Maryland; m. (1) EDWARD SPRIGG; m. (2) THOMAS PINDLE; m. (3) EDWARD HALL, October 10, 1738.

                 vii.    JAMES BELT, b. July 23, 1726, Maryland.

7.            viii.    JEREMIAH BELT, b. Abt. March 04, 1723/24, Prince George Co., Maryland; d. 1784-1785, Prince George Co., MD.


3.  BENJAMIN2 BELT (JOHN1) was born 1682 in Prince George Co., MD, and died Abt. 1773 in Prince George Co., MD.  He married ELIZABETH.


      Children of BENJAMIN BELT and ELIZABETH are:

                   i.    JOSEPH3 BELT, b. 1716; d. June 16, 1793.

                  ii.    MIDDLETON BELT, d. 1745.

                 iii.    BENJAMIN BELT, d. 1775.

                  iv.    SOPHIA BELT, m. BEALL.

                   v.    ESTHER BELT, m. JOHN WALKINS.

                  vi.    ANNE BELT, m. BASIL BRASHEARS.

                 vii.    ELIZABETH BELT, m. BASIL WARING.


Generation No. 3


4.  RACHEL3 BELT (JOSEPH2, JOHN1) was born December 13, 1711 in Maryland, and died 1761.  She married OSBORN SPRIGG July 11, 1727, son of THOMAS SPRIGG and MARGARET MARIARTE.


      Children of RACHEL BELT and OSBORN SPRIGG are:

                   i.    THOMAS4 SPRIGG, b. 1747, Prince George Co., Maryland; d. December 13, 1809, Washington Co., MD; m. ELIZABETH BELT, 1780, Maryland.

                  ii.    RACHEL SPRIGG, b. June 01, 1733; m. THOMAS HARWOOD.

                 iii.    PRISCILLA SPRIGG,  b. September 26, 1735; m. BARTON LUCAS, November 28, 1762, Anne  Arundel Co., MD.

                  iv.    ELIZABETH SPRIGG, b. Maryland; m. THOMAS WATKINS.

                   v.    ANN SPRIGG, b. Maryland; m. TURNER WOOTTON.


5.  JOSEPH3 BELT (JOSEPH2, JOHN1) was born December 19, 1717 in Queen Ann Parish, Maryland, and died May 06, 1761.  He married ANN SPRIGG, daughter of THOMAS SPRIGG and MARGORIE WIGHT.


      Children of JOSEPH BELT and ANN SPRIGG are:

                   i.    THOMAS4 BELT.

                  ii.    JOSEPH BELT.

                 iii.    CHARLES BELT.

                  iv.    ELIZABETH BELT.

                   v.    ANN BELT.

                  vi.    WILLIAM BELT.


6.  TOBIAS3 BELT (JOSEPH2, JOHN1) was born August 20, 1720, and died May 17, 1785 in Prince Georges Co., MD.  He married MARY GORDON HAMILTON June 1752.


      Children of TOBIAS BELT and MARY HAMILTON are:

                   i.    JERAMIAH4 BELT.

                  ii.    HORATIO BELT.

                 iii.    JOSHUA BELT.

                  iv.    LEVIN BELT.

                   v.    LLOYD BELT.

                  vi.    FORBES BELT.

                 vii.    LUCY BELT.

                viii.    DRYDEN BELT.

                  ix.    ELIZABETH BELT.


7.  JEREMIAH3 BELT (JOSEPH2, JOHN1) was born Abt. March 04, 1723/24 in Prince George Co., Maryland, and died 1784-1785 in Prince George Co., MD.  He married MARY SPRIGG June 1746, daughter of THOMAS SPRIGG and MARGERY WRIGHT.


      Children of JEREMIAH BELT and MARY SPRIGG are:

                   i.    RICHARD4 BELT.

                  ii.    EDWARD BELT.

                 iii.    JOHN SPRIGG BELT.

                  iv.    GEORGE BELT.

                   v.    THOMAS SPRIGG BELT.

                  vi.    MARY BELT.

                 vii.    FIELDING BELT.

                viii.    MARGERY BELT.

                  ix.    TOBIAS BELT.