Descendants of Pierre Monnet


Generation No. 1


1.  PIERRE1 MONNET was born 1630 in Poitou, France, and died 1715 in London, Middlesex, England.  He married CATHERINE PILLOT, daughter of ISRAEL PILLOT and JEANNE GOUDRY.


      Children of PIERRE MONNET and CATHERINE PILLOT are:

2.                i.    ISAAC2 MONNETT, b. 1670, Poitiers, France; d. Abt. 1749, Calvery County, Maryland.

                  ii.    JAMES MONAT.

Notes for JAMES MONAT:

About 1700, probably the first immigrant who settled in Anne Arundel County, Maryland.  James Monat was probably a brother of Isaac Monnett, the first in Calvert County.

                 iii.    ROBERT MONEY MONNETT, d. 1740, Calvert Co., MD.


Generation No. 2


2.  ISAAC2 MONNETT (PIERRE1 MONNET) was born 1670 in Poitiers, France, and died Abt. 1749 in Calvery County, Maryland.  He married ELIZABETH WILLIAMS 1700, daughter of WILLIAM WILLIAMS and SARAH WILLIAMS.



Issac Monnett, naturalizedin Londay, March 25, 1688.  He is found in the original Rent Roll of Lord Baltimore and is now in the possession of the Maryland Historical Society.  Issaac Monnet was living in Calvet County, Maryland, as early as 1707, and as the Rent Roll covers a period from 1668 to 1723.  It may be assumed that Isaac Monnett had been in Calvert several years before that date.


Isaac Monnett is recorded as living in Calvert County, Maryland as the suretyship on the bond of James Beecham, given as executor under the will of George Pascall dated May 25, 1711.  Also, in 1733,  a list of Taxables in the possession of the Maryland Historical Society at Baltimore.  The list contains the names of 375 Taxables in Calvert County for 1733 including Elizabeth Monett, Isaac Monett and William Monett.


Isaac Monnett, Elizabeth, and some of their relatives are buried at Christ Church, Calvert County, Maryland.  Christ Chruch was established about 1672 near Leonardstown, Calvert County, at which date a log church was erected.  1735, Brick church costing 100,000 lbs. tobacco. Again, 1772,b repairs costing 160,000 lbs. tobacco.  1862, $1,200. 1882, more than $2,000.  Listed in recods of Christ Chruch:  "Ann Monay daughter of Isaac and Elizabeth Monay.  born April 4, 1700; William Money son of Isaac and Elizabeth Money. Born May 21, 1702; Abraham Money son of Isaac and Elizabeth Money.  Born  August 28, 1706; Elizabeth Money, Daughter of Isaac and Elizabeth Money born May 20, 1709


The population of the Maryland colony in 1660 was 12,000 and in 1671 it was 20,000.  These were distributed about equally among the original seven counties of Kent, Anne Arundel, Calvert, Charles, Baltimore and Talbot.  Calvert County was the fourth political division of Maryland.  It become such in 1654, then, as now, of practically the same geographical dimensions.  It is situated on the western shore of Maryland of the Chesapeake Bay:  bounded on the north by Anne Arundel County; on the south by St. Mary's County, and on the west by St. Charles and Prince George Counties.  It is a peninsula protruding on the Bay with its southern boundary and having for its western and southern limits the Patuxent River, which enters the Bay at the southern extremity of the County.  It has an area of about 218 square miles (21 miles long by 10 miles wide).


In the southern part of Calvert County, on the Bay shore are "The Cliffts," and within a radius of five or six miles from the Prince Fredericktown are located the churches of old "Christ's Chruch Parish" and "All Saints Parish," which were the centers of the activities of the early Monnetts.



Fact 1: 1740, May be the death date of Isaac.



Last Will and Testament of Elizabeth Monnett:  Dated January 9, 1749.

"Item I give and Bequeath to my beloved Son Aaron Monett one feather Bed and furniture one Iron pot one pewter dish one Earthen dish one Earth Bason one pewter pot one large Chest one pair of Small Stilliards and two Cows and Calves one Breeding Sow and their Increase for EWver and likewise one handmill.


"Item I give to my daughter Mary Monett one feather Bed and furniture one Iron pot one pewter dish three Earthen plates and one Chest and one Spinning Whell one Box Iron and heaters three Cows and Calves and one Breeding Sow and their Increasefor Ever."


"Item I give unto my Eldest Son WM Monnett one Shilling Sterling which is all that I intend for him by this my last Will and Testament."



3.                i.    ABRAHAM3 MONNETT, b. March 16, 1747/48, Calvert Co., MD; d. December 07, 1810, Pickaway, Ohio.

4.               ii.    WILLIAM MONNETT, b. May 21, 1702, Calvert Co., MD; d. 1776, Calvery County, Maryland.

                 iii.    AARON MONNETT.

                  iv.    MARY MONNETT.

                   v.    ANN MONNETT, b. April 04, 1700; m. WILLIAM TURNER, January 27, 1717/18, Queen Ann Parish, Prince George's, Maryland.

                  vi.    ELIZABETH MONNETT, b. May 20, 1709.

5.             vii.    ISAAC MONNETT, b. December 18, 1746.


Generation No. 3


3.  ABRAHAM3 MONNETT (ISAAC2, PIERRE1 MONNET) was born March 16, 1747/48 in Calvert Co., MD, and died December 07, 1810 in Pickaway, Ohio.  He married ANN HILLARY 1772 in Calvert Co., MD, daughter of WILLAIM HILLARY and MARGARETTE CRABB.



In 1802, left Hampshire County, Va, and settled in Pickaway County, Ohio (Ross County).


Rented 46 acres of land from Rev. Denny Fairfax located in Hampshire County on 2/27/1792.  Part of Swan Pont Tract and bounded as by a survey made by George Murray as follows:  Beginning at five white oaks on the river bank, thence with the several meanders thereof.  This deed  of lease was recorded in the Court of Hampshire County on 8/28/1792.  It was witnessed by William Logan, William Hillery and John Dixon.


The Swan Pond Tract is the homesteads of Abraham Monnett and his son, Thomas Monnett, in Virginia, in sight of Knobley Mountain and four miles from Cumberland, MD.  Abraham Monnett lived from 1792 until he left for Ohio in 1802 in Hampshire County.  His son, Thomas Monnett made his home ther for several years about 1800.


On the "Swan Pond Tract" William Hilleary was a neighbor to Abraham Monnett during the same period, and only a few miles distant, close enough to be considered as neighboring.


{see HILLEARY for additional information}


      Children of ABRAHAM MONNETT and ANN HILLARY are:

6.                i.    JEREMIAH4 MONNETT, b. September 12, 1784, Frederick County, Maryland; d. September 01, 1864.

                  ii.    ISAAC MONNETT, b. May 23, 1773, Franklin, Maryland; d. Bef. July 07, 1864, Pickaway, Ohio; m. ELIZABETH PITTENGER, Frederick County, Maryland.


The first Monnett to move to Ohio was Isaac Monnett, oldest son of Abraham of Hampshire County, Virginia, who settled in what was known as Pike Hole Prairie, in Ross County in 1798.  He had married in Frederick County, Maryland Elizabeth Pittenger Morris, widow of Rev. James Morris, a Methodist minister.  Isaac Monnett probablylived in Frederick County, as the Pittengers were a very numerous family there, as the Federal Census of 1790 shows.  A newspaper account of the death of Isaac Monnett, published at Bucyrus, Ohio, and giving the date as July 7, 1864, states that "he was born in Maryland May 23, 1773, and moved to Ohio in 1798."  Abraham Monnett, his father, left Hampshire County, Virginia, in 1802, and settled in Ross County, then in Pickaway County, Ohio.  His other son, Rev. Jeremiah Crabb Monnett, who had married Alic Slagle, remained behind for a few years longer, but in 1814 he also emigrated and settled in Pickaway County, Ohio.



Elizabeth Pittenger was the widow of Rev. James Morris, a Methodist minister in Frederick County, Maryland.  After Elizabeth married Isaac Monnett, they moved to Ohio.


                 iii.    MARGARET MONNETT, b. August 05, 1762, Frederick County, Maryland; m. UNKNOWN SLAGLE.

                  iv.    JOHN MONNETT, b. April 23, 1776, Frederick County, Maryland; d. March 1804.

                   v.    WILLIAM MONNETT, b. October 22, 1775, Frederick County, Maryland; d. March 28, 1819.

                  vi.    OSBORN MONNETT, b. 1781, Frederick County, Maryland; d. February 24, 1867.

                 vii.    JEREMIAH MONNETT.

7.            viii.    THOMAS MONNETT, b. 1780, Frederick County, Maryland.

8.              ix.    ELIZABETH MONNETT, b. 1790-1792, Hampshire County, Virginia; d. February 09, 1876.

                   x.    ANN MONNETT, b. 1778, Frederick County, Maryland; d. 1783.

                  xi.    RALPH MONNETT, b. 1792, Hampshire County, Virginia; d. 1796.


4.  WILLIAM3 MONNETT (ISAAC2, PIERRE1 MONNET) was born May 21, 1702 in Calvert Co., MD, and died 1776 in Calvery County, Maryland.  He married ELIZABETH KENT, daughter of JOHN KENT and JENNETT DALRYMPLE.


      Children of WILLIAM MONNETT and ELIZABETH KENT are:

                   i.    ISAAC4 MONNETT, b. 1726, Hampshire County, Virginia.


In 1776, Isaac Monnett, son of William Monnett obtain the grant of the "Gerer" tract of land.  He was the oldest son of William.

                  ii.    BRYAN MONNETT, b. 1735, Calvert Co., MD.

                 iii.    BRYAN SERGT MONNETT, b. 1730, Hampshire County, Virginia; d. 1786, Hampshire County, Virginia.

                  iv.    ELIZABETH MONNETT, b. 1727, Hampshire County, Virginia.

                   v.    JOSEPH MONNETT, b. 1728, Hampshire County, Virginia.

                  vi.    CATHERINE MONNETT, b. 1729, Hampshire County, Virginia.

                 vii.    ABRAHAM MONNETT, b. 1733, Hampshire County, Virginia.

                viii.    MARY MONNETT, b. 1737, Hampshire County, Virginia.

                  ix.    THOMAS MONNETT, b. 1739, Hampshire County, Virginia.

                   x.    WILLIAM MONNETT, b. 1739, Hampshire County, Virginia; d. Greene, Alabama.

                  xi.    JOHN MONNETT, b. 1741, Hampshire County, Virginia.

                 xii.    JEANNETT MONNETT, b. 1743, Hampshire County, Virginia.

                xiii.    JAMES MONNETT, b. 1745, Hampshire County, Virginia.

                xiv.    MARIANNE MONNETT, b. 1747, Hampshire County, Virginia.

                 xv.    THOMAS MONNETT, b. 1728, Calvert Co., MD; d. October 16, 1750.

                xvi.    EIZABETHL MONNETT, b. 1740, Hampshire County, Virginia.

               xvii.    CATHARINE MONNETT, b. 1742, Calvert Co., MD.

              xviii.    MARY MONNETT, b. 1745, Calvert Co., MD.

                xix.    JEANNETT MONNETT, b. 1749, Calvert Co., MD.

                 xx.    NINIAM MONNETT, b. 1751, Calvert Co., MD.


5.  ISAAC3 MONNETT (ISAAC2, PIERRE1 MONNET) was born December 18, 1746.  He married ANN HELEN February 09, 1768 in Christ Church, Calvert, MD.


      Children of ISAAC MONNETT and ANN HELEN are:

                   i.    PENELOPE4 MONETT, b. April 23, 1769.

                  ii.    ABRAHAM MONNETT, b. March 26, 1774.


Generation No. 4


6.  JEREMIAH4 MONNETT (ABRAHAM3, ISAAC2, PIERRE1 MONNET) was born September 12, 1784 in Frederick County, Maryland, and died September 01, 1864.  He married ALEY SLAGLE in Cumberland, Maryland.



At the marriage of Jeremiah Monnett with Aley Slagle at Cumberland, Maryland, a part of the bride's dower included a number of slaves.  All of these so delivered to him in bondage he freed, and he early became an abolitionist.


In 1814, accompanied by his wife and young family, he removed to Pickaway County, Ohio, and located near Kingston, and thence he moved directly north, in the year 1835 to a point five miles south of Bucyrus, Crawford County, being half way between Sandusky City and Columbus.   His interest in church-building and church-founding and education never ceased, and he filled his posterity with ambitions along these noble lines.


      Children of JEREMIAH MONNETT and ALEY SLAGLE are:

                   i.    JACOB5 MONNETT, b. March 18, 1806.

                  ii.    ISSAAC MONNETT, b. November 16, 1807; d. February 22, 1894.

                 iii.    THOMAS MONNETT, b. September 30, 1809.

                  iv.    ABRAHAM MONNETT, b. October 12, 1811; d. March 19, 1880.



Abraham carried on his father's work, stock raising, farming and banking in Marion County, and amassed an unusually large estate, leaving at his death property to about the amount of six hundred thousand dollars. 

                   v.    ELSIE MONNETT, b. October 13, 1813; d. March 22, 1863.

                  vi.    MARGARET MONNETT, b. July 11, 1816.

                 vii.    HANNAH MONNETT, b. December 13, 1817; d. April 15, 1880.

                viii.    ANN MONNETT, b. August 25, 1819.

                  ix.    JOHN MONNETT, b. January 11, 1820; d. June 01, 1888.

                   x.    JEREMIAH MONNETT, b. January 02, 1823; d. June 03, 1852.

                  xi.    MARY MONNETT, b. April 02, 1824; d. October 28, 1889.

                 xii.    THOMAS J. MONNETT, b. January 16, 1826; d. May 10, 1901.

                xiii.    MARTHA MONNETT, b. January 21, 1828; d. February 27, 1904.


7.  THOMAS4 MONNETT (ABRAHAM3, ISAAC2, PIERRE1 MONNET) was born 1780 in Frederick County, Maryland.



Abraham Monnett's son, Thomas, did not come from Maryland with the balance of the family, but remained behind until has late as 1830 or 1835, and by that time the Monnetts had left Pickaway and gone north and were living on the Sandusky Plains in Marion and Crawford Counties.  Thomas Monnett settled at Latimberville.


      Children of THOMAS MONNETT are:

                   i.    THOMAS5 MONNETT.

                  ii.    HILLIARY MONNETT.


8.  ELIZABETH4 MONNETT (ABRAHAM3, ISAAC2, PIERRE1 MONNET) was born 1790-1792 in Hampshire County, Virginia, and died February 09, 1876.


Elizabeth was the youngest of the children of Abraham Monnett and Ann Hillary.


      Child of ELIZABETH MONNETT is:

                   i.    ORRA EUGENE5 MONNETT.