Census Households in Dwelling Order
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Households Listed in Dwelling Number Order

I use this report frequently. In its "quick and dirty" format, it gives me a quick overview of the census neighborhood. It highlights next-door neighbors and pinpoints possibly related households omitted from my data base. In its more formal format, a spreadsheet, the report allows me to manipulate data from an entire census neighborhood and analyze the resulting patterns. When used in conjunction with land records and maps, this report is very helpful when locating dwellings on a map.

Census Tag Entry Screen

There is no way to produce a report in which all censuses are listed in dwelling number order if you have not entered that dwelling number as the first entry in a field that you include in your report.

Producing the Screen Report

Report Definition Screen

Report Filter

Report Options: General Tab

Report Options: Output Columns

This is the resulting screen report.

Producing the Spreadsheet Report

Report Definition Screen

This is the resulting Excel report. Although the original file was sorted in dwelling number order, this has been resorted by surname. As well as being more flexible, the Excel report allows more of the census memo to be visible, if the user desires.

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