Individual Census Report
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Individual Census History

This is an easy report to create, but it's one I don't use very often. When constructing a report, determine the type of report, the subject, the information to be printed, and the easiest way to present that information.

The Individual Narrative Report: What I Get

Report Definition Screen

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Individual Census History

This report is fine if all I want is a quick check of census research status, age consistency, and residence patterns. If this report shows problems, additional evidence would need to be evaluated with the census data.

The Individual Detail Report: What I Get

Report Definition Screen

Options Screen: Memos
Individual Census History

The Individual Detail report is more formal and may lend itself more to in-depth analysis. I use that presentation-type for a family census history, though. Regardless of which report option you choose, if the evidence conflicts, the more formal chart format presented below would lend itself better to both the analysis and its presentation.,

What I Want

Individual Census History: Age Analysis

This chart can be made by hand in a spreadsheet. Data entry is easier if you work from the Individual Detail Report. Include additional evidence as it becomes available. The spreadsheet can be linked to the individual as an OLE Exhibit.

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