Examining Migration Patterns
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Examining Migration Patterns with the Census

As my research on a particular family line expanded, I began to notice what appeared to be interesting migration patterns that involved members of the extended family. I wanted a census report that might help me see these patterns more clearly. This turned out to be an interesting reporting problem.

When you need two seemingly exclusive reports to produce the desired end result, maybe there is a way to use the reports sequentially. For example, run a List of People report to change a flag; then, run a second report selecting only those people with the changed flag. That wasn't going to work for this report, since the List of Events report didn't filter with flags.

The Secondary Output Tab for the List of People report has several options: Create New Project, Create New Dataset, Change Flag, and Lock and Unlock Timelines. If I selected the group of people I wanted and "split my dataset", i.e. copied that group to a new dataset, I could then run the List of Events report on the new dataset. Everyone in that dataset qualified for my final report!

Step One: Create a New Dataset

Although this is commonly called "splitting the database", that is a misnomer. What this report does is select a filtered group of people and create a new TMG dataset, complete with sources, etc., based on that selected group. The original dataset remains unchanged!

Report Definition Screen

Report Filter

Report Options: Secondary Output

Step Two: Census History Report from the New Dataset

Report Definition Screen

Report Filter

Report Options: Output Columns

The Final Report

This page is sorted first by City and then by Year. A sort by Name, ID, Year shows an individual's migration. A sort by State, County, Year shows migration into and out of a region. A sort by Year, State, County, City (the original report's sort) gives an overall picture of family migration.

Colors on this report identify the 1790 Census individuals. I would love to export TMG's accent colors with this report, but I haven't figured out a way to do it. I would also like to figure out a way to include the ancestral line with each individual, but I haven't figured that one out, either. Despite its shortcomings, this report has been very helpful in identifying migration patterns and confirming hypothesized identities.

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