TMG Reports: Introduction

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Exploring TMG's Report Menu

TMG is more than a program in which you enter birth, marriage and death dates and print out family group sheets and pretty narratives. It's a program that may help you become a better researcher. It will help you cite your sources consistently and professionally, track all information about a person's life, identify conflicts and missing information, plan a research trip, and create thorough research notes. One of the best ways to explore TMG's power is to explore the reports it can create.

The Tri-Valley TMG Users Group's current project is an exploration of TMG's reports. As our group develops reports, we will be posting report definitions and filters that can be copied to a TMG project. There is a separate index page to these reports. Older report pages will be updated as time permits. Most are based on earlier versions of TMG, so some of the comments are outdated. The ideas and principles are still useful, however, so links to those older pages are included below. The year in which the page was written, enclosed in parentheses, follows the list entry.

When using these pages, please read the comments carefully. They include the members' comments on why they chose certain options when designing reports and filters. These comments may help you even more than the sample reports themselves. After all, we use this program in different ways. Use these samples to help you create your own Custom reports.

You may view these samples by choosing a report problem below or click to view a list by report type and topic.

Visit our blog for reviews of discussion topics arising in our meetings: Exploring Custom Reports with the TV-TMG User Group

Relatives frequently ask me for reports. I'd like to send them journal reports - with sources, of course! Help me devise a few basic reports.

With access to the SSDI being threatened, I want to find all those people in my database who might be listed there,but who I haven't found. Any suggestions?

Okay, I understand how to find SSDI candidates when I've used the SSN tag in my project - but I haven't. Is there another report that I could use?

I need a quick report available to check my editing, especially my sentences and my source citations. What's a good way to do this?

I have over 300 families recorded from the 1850 census in one county. How do I get a list of these families in dwelling number order? I'd like to see who lives next to whom.
For alternate ideas on census-related reports, please see Diana Begeman's web page, "Recording Census Data in TMG". She has created a unique way to deal with census information and reports.

I'm tracing all the descendants of my great-great-great grandfather. I'd like a report which gives me the census history of each of the descendants. This might help me see quickly which people are missing.

I want to set the accent colors differently for the descendants of five siblings. This way, I can see at a glance which sibling is a person's ancestor.

How do I find all the "original" ancestors in my data base?
Allen Mellen calls this report "Finding the Tops of Trees." Click on the button to visit his site and learn how to produce the filter for this report.

I'm going to the library and want a list of all people who might be found in the 1930 census, but haven't been.