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This site is not intended to be a transcription of all tombstones in these cemeteries. That job has been done and the results can be seen in Souls in Heaven, Names in Stone, Kent County, Delaware Cemetery Records by Raymond Walter Dill, William Martin Dill, and Elizabeth Ann Bostick Dill (Gateway Press, Inc., Baltimore, 1989). This work is truly impressive, but if you are researching a family, you still want to see the tombstone. You want to study the engraving, read the actual inscription, and see it in relation to its neighbors. These photographs are an experiment with my new digital camera and I decided to share them with other researchers.

Note that the stones are arranged loosely by order within the cemetery, not alphabetically. Names are entered as inscribed on the stones. Use your browser's Find feature or this site's FreeFind feature to locate a name. Transcriptions are included in the Comments section only when the photograph is illegible and I have a transcription available. Clicking on the photograph link will open a pop-up window. Don't forget to close that window when returning to the main page.

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